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Tuesday 17 Jul
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It has now become clear that the old and outmoded advice to stay out of the sun and continuously apply sun lotion has led to millions of deaths. Living in the shadow goes hand in hand with cancer, heart problems, obesity, viral infections, and depression. But also for those who are young, and have no interest in the problems the future might bring, vitamin D has everything to offer: Strength, Potency, and a Six-pack.

May 2012       
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A healthy smoker who wants to quit, will hardly ever succeed. But by choosing a better variety of tobacco, it still is possible to enjoy smoking and nearly exclude all health risks. Half of the Swedish men choose Snus, an unprocessed raw tobacco, while only twelve percent still smokes modern cigarettes. At the moment, Swedish men will become the oldest in Europe.

Nov 2011       
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Hippocrates (460-350 BC), the father of Western medicine, already said: “Let our food be our medicine.” Hippocrates didn’t think illness was brought on by angry gods or simple bad luck. He thought ailments were natural and mainly caused by a wrong diet and a lack of exercise. Hippocrates gained eternal fame by clearing Athens from the plague at 430 BC. He himself remained healthy till the end and died when he was ninety years old.

Oct 2011       
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“Blue Zones” are the sunny regions on earth where most vital hundred-year olds live. The chances that you’ll live in health for longer than a century are twenty times higher in these regions than in the USA. What vital people over a hundred share: they live active outdoor lives in fields or gardens so they’re drenched in sun vitamin D. High vitamin D levels boost the immune system as well as the bones and muscles. The elderly look up to forty years younger and retain their muscle tone and teeth until the end.

Aug 2011       
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A full tuft of hair thanks to Propecia your whole life

Ever lasting youth you get from the pharmacy! The modern man can look back with laughter on the frustrating infirmity of old age from the last century: decreasing potency and a bald(ing) head! Both infirmities belong to the past thanks to new drugs. The blue pill (Viagra) will help if required almost every aging man to produce a rock hard erection. For the unlucky twenty percent who seem to be resistant to Viagra there is a chance of ninety-five percent that the new erection pill Levitra is effective, so no potency worries for the maturing man. And for a full tuft of hair you swallow Propecia.

Sep 2004       
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Melatonin is a hormone made by a part of your brain called the pineal gland. Melatonin is produced at night to help our body regulate our sleep-wake cycles. The older you get, the less amount of melatonin your body produces. In 1989 the benefits as an all-natural sleeping aid for humans was proven. In the early 90's clinical trials on mice proved an outlive fo their (mouse)life espectancies by a third, an increased sexdrive, curing cancer,etc. In 1995 Melatonin became a popular supplement, when Newsweek published an article about the antiaging hormon.

Aug 2004       
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KPN (the Dutch phone company) has wrecked many shareholders financially. The so-called customer friendly company KPN unfortunately has found out more ways to earn dirty cash: by the ignorant holidaymaker. We're not sure how foreign companies work, but the following might also apply to them and therefore we've translated this look at the world of telephone capitalism.

Jun 2004       
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Eating fruit or drinking fruit juice seems to be healthy, though with grapefruit you have to be very careful. Grapefruit contains a substance which can react quite strong on your medicine or other devices, sometimes with lethal effects. Grapefruit is not only found in grapefruit juice, but also in other drinks and some diet pills. That’s why a lot of people don’t know they’re engulfing grapefruit!

Jun 2004       
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'I consider my crocodiles and boa constrictors to be my friends'

Not all gays are occupied as hair dresser, nurse, flight attendant or model. Also in the typical men’s world you’ll meet gays, who will tell their story in this column.

Ferry Torrez is a strong, big, tough, 35-year-old artist, who’s internationally performing under the name Les Torrez, it’s a show with his huge boa constrictors (pythons), crocodiles and bird spiders.

May 2004       
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Aloys, Miele Salesman: “Braces of a bra are causing the most faults!”

Not all gays are occupied as hair dresser, nurse, flight attendant or model. Also in the typical men’s world you’ll meet gays, who will tell their story in this new column.

Apr 2004       
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In our last issue we published an article about erection pills and we also tested the different remedies. During the production process of this issue we discovered the Gay Krant published a real erection special edition. Editor-in-chief Henk Krol apologises in this issue for the inaccurate coverage around a naughty priest he had published in an earlier issue. He had to rectify by order of the judge.

Feb 2004       
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The famous blue pill versus the new competitor Cialis; an erection pill which last whole weekend!

Manufacturer Pfizer lost its monopoly for a guaranteed hard penis. The Pharmaceutics Industry developed new drugs; we already know Uprima and Cialis. Now manufacturer Lilly seems to have invented the most sensational drug: Cialis is an erection-device which works for a period of minimal twenty-four hours; that?s why it?s called the ?Weekend-Viagra?.

Jan 2004       
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Been in Sitges? Done New York? Bored of gay sex holidays? Then you might wanna try a vacation at the Maldive Islands, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives constist of some two thousand islands, spread across 100.000 square kilometres. Only thirty-three of these islands are bigger than one square kilometre. Two hundred islands are inhabited and seventy have been trasformed into holiday resorts.

Jan 2004       
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Dangerous trendy diet pills for sale at the fitness centres

The firm ‘M Double You’ seems to be the Royal Warrant holder of supplements for the renowned fitness centres. Especially ‘Stack 2’ seems to be very popular; according to the brochure, it’s supposed to be the ‘Most popular Dutch Diet pill’ considering the stimulants it contains, the name ‘Most popular Dutch pill to get a heart attack’ is more appropriate. The Stacker will give you a power boost and helps you loosing weight. The most important ingredient is five hundred milligrams of Ephedra a capsule. An extreme high dose, swallowing this amount will surely help you (if you don’t die of heart attack) to loose weight…

Dec 2003       
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