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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 299, July 2016 (13)

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In the New Issue of Gay News 344 April/ May/ June 2020

Works by Tom of Finland and Bob Mizer as Fashion Print

The cover of the “Spring 1957” issue of the American magazine “Physique Pictorial” was adorned with a drawing of a handsome bare-chested muscular young man, balancing on a tree trunk in a river. “Physique Pictorial,” published since 1951 by Bob Mizer, was dedicated to the beauty of the athletic, as scantily dressed as possible male body.
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Reijers World: Henry, Look... The Boys Have Plants Hanging Over Their Beds!

In 1976, I was working at the main office of a public school society, the “Vereniging van Openbaar Onderwijs” on the Jan Luykenstraat. After the Christmas drink, I decided to go into town for a while. I was entirely dressed in black, wearing my black cowboy boots. And under my jacket, I was wearing a very shiny golden waistcoat. At the Amstel Taveerne, I met Rob, a guy from Rotterdam.
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Letter from Brussels: As Was Said

Dear Neighbors to the North, The first six months of 2016 are behind us now. As is customary, a short overview of some quotes by famous and less famous Belgians in the Flemish media over the last semester. Have a great summer everyone!
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The Naked Eye and the Nude Male

In the theme exhibition “My Naked Eye,” gallery MooiMan presents seven artists showing the naked man in photography, video, and installations. The nude male still is a controversial subject. In the turn of history, nudity in art, but also in public space, has always triggered extreme emotions - admiration, desire, passion, jealousy, contempt, discrimination, and hatred...
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Aids Fonds Shocked by Increasing Number of HIV Infections

The Global AIDS Update Report 2016 that was presented on May 31 indicates that 2015 saw 2.1 million new HIV infections. In 2014 UNAIDS reported 2.0 million new infections.
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Expressions of Gay Aversion Increasingly Extreme

Gays and lesbians seem increasingly accepted in Western society. Especially since legal restrictions have been abolished over the last decades, and same-sex marriage has become possible in ever more countries. However, not everyone is willing to accept these developments.
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Antwerpen Pride in Red & Blue

During Antwerp Pride, Red & Blue guarantees great events on Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13. When you think of Antwerp, you think of Red & Blue. Early 2016, the club management drastically changed their notorious “men only” policy.
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There was a boy, The jukebox of my youth

After 26 years of performing as Dolly Bellefleur cabaret artist Ruud Douma makes his debut. In his first one man show he will go back to his musical roots. As a child he felt already an outcast.
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On the way to Europride: The Final Countdown!

After three years of preparations, the countdown has finally begun. What only existed on paper, now comes to life in a beautiful and tangible whole. Not only have we been working on this for years, we have functioned as the hub and the oil that kept the motor running. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of people have been working for a long time, and it is wonderful to see that all these initiatives are now unfolding themselves.
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EuroPride: Pink Saturday 2016 returning to Amsterdam

Pink Saturday (Roze Zaterdag) returns to Amsterdam! This year about one month later than the traditional last Saturday in June, on July 23. The reason being that this annual gay event has become the start of fifteen days of EuroPride.
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Coos Huijsen - Gay in Politics

Not that long ago, a gay man in politics would be unthinkable. In the time he grew up, the 1950s, homosexuality was considered an abnormality. In his book “Homo Politicus,” Coos Huijsen gives a detailed account of his childhood, with a keen eye for even the smallest details.
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Marlene Dietrich EuroPride Gala

On Friday, July 29 the Blond & Blauw Theatre and Pathé Cinema present a homage to the Grand Diva in the hall of the Theatre Tuschinski in Amsterdam. At the “Marlene Dietrich EuroPride Theatre Gala,” a large number of performers literally follow in the footsteps of Marlene Dietrich, who performed on the large podium of Theatre Tuschinski. At the time, the concert aired live on Dutch radio.
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Gay Sports Clubs Offer Sociability And Serious Competition

Approximately thirty sports aficionado’s gathered around the pond in Oosterpark. Here, long-legged Marleen of sports club DGLA (Dutch Gay and Lesbian Athletics) coaches a one-hour running training. She does so in a relaxed and positive way, making sure even this reporter, who hates running, is having a good time.
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