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Gay News issue 297, May 2016 (19)

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In the New Issue of Gay News 344 April/ May/ June 2020

Obscura: underground fetish concept

A dimension in which ecliptic conflicting atmospheres unite into an all-embracing concept wherein senses are being put to the test. The authenticity and profanity of the underground culture converging with the extroversion of the (art) fetish scene. A continuous stream of excitement brought together in a unique setting.
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Just 1 in 10 Amsterdam LGBTs Report Unsafe Situation

Of the respondents in the LGBT AmsterdamPinkPanel, 25% has had to deal with an unsafe situation in 2014. It mostly concerned verbal abuse and / or experiencing a hostile atmosphere. Only one in ten LGBTs actually reported the incident to the police. This is the result of the annual neighbourhood survey 2015 of COC Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) by the AmsterdamPinkPanel (APP).
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Four Openly Gay Party Leaders in Scotland

Kezia Dugdale, 34, and party leader of the Scottish Labour Party, has come out of the closet. She is the fourth party leader to come out in Scottish politics.
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Public Coming Out of Bi-cultural gays

Social workers and volunteers who try to help bi-cultural LGBTs should not want to steer them too quickly in the direction of a ‘Dutch’ coming out. Bi-cultural LGBTs often develop so-called subtle strategies to be themselves and make their own choices when it comes to love and sexuality.
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Mississippi Introduces Anti-Gay Law

The state of Mississippi soon will be known as the most homophobic state in the US. We can thank the approval of a bill by the Republican majority for this. The Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act goes a lot further than other anti-gay laws in other states.
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More HIV and AIDS because of Homophobia in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

In spite of the Russian anti-propaganda law, the Aids Fonds in Moscow is still present with information and an exhibition on HIV and homosexuality. In Moscow, the Eastern European and Central Asian Aids Conference took place, co-organised by UNAIDS. The conference was attended by participants from 50 different countries, including scientists, politicians, health professionals, and activists.
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No Separate Shelter for LGBT Asylum Seekers

Gay interest group COC Netherlands is extremely disappointed that the Dutch cabinet will not provide separate and safe shelter for LGBT asylum seekers in distress, as the Dutch Lower House requested. This is the response of COC Netherlands in a letter to State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff.
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EuroPride Flag Campaign: A Rainbow Flag on Every Place of Worship!

This year, EuroPride is organised in Amsterdam, from July 23 to August 7. Reason for the Protestant Church Amsterdam and the organisers of the annual Gay Pride Service and Pink Christmas Service to welcome the visitors to the city on behalf of the churches.
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Successful Boycott Threat against Anti-Gay Law

The boycott threat of many big American movie theatres, film directors, businesses, and others against the approval of an anti-gay law has worked in the US state of Georgia. The Republican governor Nathan Deal stated that he would use his veto right to stop the bill.
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Letter from Brussels: Gay Lobby or Lodge - There Is Still A Lot Of Work To De Do

Dear Neighbors to the North, The French investigative journalist Sophie Coignard knows how to set about her work. Few investigative journalist dig so deep in an attempt to discover the truth. Fascinated by various (state) secrets and the dark powers that be, she published her most successful book “Un état dans l’état” (A State within the State) in 2009.
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Be Who You Want To Be, And Love Who You Chose To Love

The Amsterdam Gay Pride is not only unique because of the canal parade, but also because of its street parties. Where in the world is the entire city center celebrating all weekend and is the GLBT community showing the way?
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Menswear Paris 2016

The current practice of catwalk presentations that take place over six months prior to the season seems to be on its way out. The men’s collections for the summer of 2016 were shown as early as June/July 2015. The popularity of social media has made the consumer impatient. After the presentation of the collections, they now want to buy the garments immediately. Many brands capitalize on this by putting their garments for sale on the web immediately after presentation.
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GLBTQ Refugees: Being Ugandan, Muslim and Lesbian in the Dutch Asylum Chain

The position of GLBTQs in the asylum chain is the topic of heated public discussion in The Netherlands. Several GLBTQ organizations are sounding the alarm bell: they receive reports of GLBTQs who do not feel safe in Dutch refugee camps.
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Amsterdam Fetish Pride 2016

What started as a small initiative has now become a fetish community event. The Fetish Pride, organized in Amsterdam from Thursday May 12 till Sunday May 15, 2016, wants to promote collaboration in the scene and this collaboration has resulted in a full program. A highlight is the “Underground Fetish Party” on Friday.
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May 21: LGBTI Sports Day Amsterdam

More than a thousand Amsterdammers regularly exercise at one of the city's LGBTI sports clubs, and these clubs have now come together to organize Amsterdam’s first joint LGBTI Sports Day. During this public event, members will share what they enjoy about being part of these clubs, which cater to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community. Anyone who is curious, be they LGBTI or straight, is more than welcome to come by on Saturday, May 21 in Amsterdam-Oost.
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Brussels Pride 2016

In spite of all the ghastly terrorist attacks in March, life in Belgium is slowly turning back to normal. It now looks likely that Pride in Brussels, the manifestation that celebrates the Belgian GLBT community, can take place as planned.
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Fourteenth EuroSongTravestival: Ultimate Hilarity

It is nearly that time of the year again. Half of Europe is under the spell of the Eurovision Song Contest, in Stockholm this time and starting on May 10. Will our Dutch Douwe Bob make it to the final with “Slow Down” or will Europe prefer a song in the “speed-up” category? Meanwhile, Song Contest loving Amsterdam is getting ready for its very own version of this battle. The “EuroSongTravestival” will be held on May 8 in the Winston Kingdom for the fourteenth consecutive year.
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May 4: Rememberance day

Amsterdam, May 4, 2016. This year again, the Second World War (1940-1945) will be commemorated after two minutes silence at 20:00 on and around our Pride Monument, the Homomonument. During the German occupation of the Netherlands, men and women were transported to concentration camps. They were locked up because they were either Jewish, a gypsy or homosexual. The Nazis had created a marking system to make the prisoners identifiable.
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New issue Amsterdam Gay Map is out!

Before the flood of 2016 tourists will wash over Amsterdam, the new up-to-date Gay Map has been distributed all over the city.
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