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Gay News issue 294, February 2016 (17)

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Antoine and Camile, A French Novel From the Napoleonic Era, Part 3

In his “Petite bibliographie biographico-romancière” (1821) the publisher Pigoreau commented on the novels of Madame Grandmaison Van-Esbecq and noted that they were “interesting and well-written,” and that by saying so, he was free of resentment. In the past, she had treated him with little elegance. He did not give any details. We know nothing about this author, not even her first name, her date of birth and death. Her debut appeared in 1797 and showed courage.
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Remembering the 1980s

A study that was published just before the turn of the year, shows that adult Germans see the 1980s as the preferred decade to live in if they could choose from the post WW II decades. Almost a quarter (23%) preferred the 1980s in this survey by the Deutsche Presse-Agentur. The 1980s are followed by the 1970s with eighteen percent, and the 1990s and the current decade (from 2010) with the same percentage (13%).
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The Virile Attraction of Workmen through Marc Martin’s Lens

“A young God you were, yet a rascal. / A paviour from the lowest class. / Laughing out loud, you hammered small tiles // Into the street, among other tearaways.” This is how Gerrit Komrij’s poem “Endymion” starts. Throughout the centuries, this mythological figure is mostly depicted as a sleeping male beauty (and Komrij’s last stanza also refers to this eternal sleep: “Someday, the earth will slowly well up from your mouth”) but traditionally, Endymion was a hunter or shepherd - someone who had to work hard to make ends meet.
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Letter from Brussels: Everyone is (Slightly) Racist

Dear Neighbors to the North, When creating a profile, certain gay dating sites ask to enter “race” or “color.” Are you Caucasian, Arabic, “Black,” or “Asian,” etc.? No one seems to mind. But when “black” Pete is involved, especially in the Netherlands, all hell breaks loose.
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Twitter Hires Gay Activist

The social network site Twitter has hired a gay barrister to ensure that diversity and inclusivity will stay of paramount importance at Twitter. Jeffrey Siminoff, 50, has recently started working at the company as Vice-President of Diversity. Previously, he has worked in a similar position at Apple, and he is the co-founder of Out Leadership, an interest group for LGBTs in the business world.
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Compensation for Turkish Gay Referee

The Turkish national football association has to pay a former referee EUR 7,300 for discharging him because of his orientation. The association denies that he was let go because he is gay, but that his "shortcomings" were at fault here.
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Gay and Bi Men More Often Fall Victim to Cyber Bullying

Gay men (5.5%) and bisexual men (4.9%) are more often bullied online than heterosexual men (2.8%). Gays are confronted with online spreading of personal photos, clips or gossip three times as much, at 1.5%, according to a survey by Statistic Netherlands (CBS).
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Registered Partnership for Greek Same-sex Couples

With a generous majority, the Greek parliament has adopted a bill that will make registered partnership for same-sex couples possible. Of the 300 parliamentarians, 193 voted in favour of the bill. Gay marriage is still not possible in Greece, and same-sex couple are also incapable of adopting children.
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FBI Arrests Hated Business Man for Fraud

In the US, the widely hated business man Martin Shkreli has been arrested. The FBI suspects him of multiple cases of stock fraud. As the general manager of a pharmaceutical company, he is suspected of illegally selling stock to pay off hedge funds debts, where he was a funds manager.
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Kill Us, or Gives Us Gays Equal Rights

Eric Samisa, 26, made a brave but also dangerous decision. He publicly came out of the closet in the African country of Malawi, where theoretically, homosexuality is still criminalised. Mr Samisa had his coming out on national TV and said that the government urgently needed to come to a decision: "Or you kill us all, or you give us equal rights, so that we don't have to go underground and live like second rate citizens."
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China Penalises Domestic Violence

The Chinese government has passed a bill that makes domestic violence punishable. This new law, the first of its kind, protects partners in a relationship, both married and cohabiting. Children and elderly are also protected, but homosexuals and lesbians living together are not.
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Solitaries Given in the Case of the Death of Les Strijder

The court in Lelystad has convicted two former inhabitants of Lelystad to one year of solitary confinement in the cold case pertaining to the death of Les Strijder. The two brothers were convicted for battery. Strijder later died from the effects of the abuse.
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The Art of Appearances

As a kind of interesting comparison show to the exhibition about Dutch fashion designer and drag aficionado Max Heymans at the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, Berlin’s Schwules Museum currently hosts “The Art of Appearances - Drag star, Make-up artist, collector of lipsticks and charity activist: A homage at René Koch’s 70th birthday.” Koch knows them all, the (German) divas from film and television, opera, theater and politics – he offered them guidance, applied their makeup and quite often became their friend.
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Fashion: Bolas Underwear

Recently, the actor Everon Jackson (known as Bing from the Dutch soap “Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden” [Good Times, Bad Times]) set up a brand new underwear range under the name BOLAS. In Spanish this means “balls” (referring to sports). It is meant for men with balls - a tough brand that aims at unique design, optimal comfort, and affordable quality.
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Developments in Emergency Shelters LGBT Asylum Seekers

COC Netherlands sounded the alarm on the situation of LGBT asylum seekers in emergency shelter in the Netherlands on October 22, 2015. Even though COC Netherlands is of the opinion that the government is still not doing enough to improve the situation, there are now plans for separate and safe emergency shelters for LGBTs on four locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In addition to this, around 100 ‘buddies’ for LGBT asylum seekers registered with the COC. Below, and overview of recent developments.
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The Queens Head ‘Winter Queens’ is cool

Precisely one year ago, Café The Queen’s Head was taken over by John Jepma and Leon Oppers. Most things stayed the same, although secretly they are working on a new toilet area and an extension of the downstairs smoking room. The website has also been renewed. Besides the usual holidays, Gay Pride and group events, such as the bears, who have their set evening, a number of things are striking in the programming.
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The WareHouse is Closing

With pain in his heart, owner Edgar Bonte has come to the decision to close the WareHouse as of March 1, 2016. The reason for this is a long and protracted conflict with one occupant of the neighboring apartment complex.
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