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Gay News issue 293, January 2016 (11)

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Antoine and Camille, Gay sex in the Napoleonic Era - part 2

What do a barrister, an actress, the virtuous, sensitive housewife, the courtesan, the sanctimonious lady, the shop keeper, the woman farmer, and the shoe polisher have in common? A chronicler asked himself this question in 1801, when the economy in consular France revived. The answer: they read - no, they devour - novels (the sanctimonious lady in secret). The supply of novels saw a strong increase; the book trade had become a goldmine, also because of the lending libraries that were springing up everywhere. They brought the novel in reach of those with less capital, as books were expensive. Only the rich could afford them, and they had their octavos and duodecimos beautifully bound. Mr Average had to settle for a more austere edition of his easy reading.
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Eighteen Years Red & Blue

November 21, 2015 - A nation suffers the consequences of an alarming terror threat. Large events are cancelled last-minute; the otherwise so busy shopping streets are deserted. That morning in the Red&Blue venue, they often must have had mixed feelings.
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Professional Boxer Out of the Closet

The 36-year-old American professional boxer Yuasf Mack has come out of the closet completely. In an interview, he admitted being guilty of creating a web of lies, and that from now on, he only wants to be truthful. Mack was in the news before when it was revealed that he had participated in a gay porn, but denied being gay.
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Reijers World: I Just Love Those Buttocks

Leo and I had just finished drinking coffee and eating our eggs at beach tent “Zeezicht” near the end of the boulevard of Zandvoort. We were now walking along the sea towards North in the direction of the nude beach. It was quite busy, so I was walking behind Leo. I watched the moving butt in his red swimming trunks, and could just make out the beginning of his crack. I thought: “Let’s admit it. I just love those buttocks.”
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Salah, the Petty Thief (or Perhaps Not?)

Dear Neighbors to the North, The maximum terror level in Brussels most likely did not escape anyone in the Netherlands. Just as many other foreign tourists, the Dutch have delayed their end-of-year trip to Brussels indefinitely. Terror fright, it is called.
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French Go-ahead for PrEP

Last year Health Minister Marisol Touraine announced that PrEP, the preventative taking of HIV inhibitors, will become available in France. By doing so, France sets a new course in HIV prevention. COC Netherlands, Aids Fonds, and Soa Aids Netherlands have also advocated the country wide availability of PrEP.
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Minister Hopes for Complaints against Headmaster of Islamic University

Minister Bussemaker (Education, Culture and Science) urges people and organisations to file a report against the headmaster of the Islamic University in Rotterdam. He is regularly and publicly making hateful statements about Kurds, Jews and homosexuals. The Minister informed the Lower House during question time that she would prefer filing a report herself, but that this is not possible for legal reasons.
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The New Classic Men, Love and Passion in Four Realist Artists

Till Feb. 20, Gallery MooiMan has the exhibition running with the title “The New Classic Men,” with art by four artists. The underlying themes are love and passion. In a four-part series of exhibitions, Gallery MooiMan shows their vision on the male in art. This time through “The New Classic Men,” with renowned artists from the Netherlands and abroad, to know: two painters: Wim Heldens and Rob de Lange from the Netherlands; one artist from the Russian Federation who dares to come out of anonymity for the first time: Sergei Svetlakov; and one sculptor: Marcel Julius Joosen, also Dutch.
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Cameron Wants to Decriminalise Homosexuality

British Prime Minister David Cameron advocates striking homosexuality from the Criminal Law. He did so during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Malta, where all countries that are a member of the Commonwealth were present. The meeting was opened by Queen Elizabeth of Great-Britain.
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Complaints Office for Problems with Gender Registration

The Kafkabrigade founded a complaints office to map gender registration difficulties. It was founded at the request of the Ministries of Safety & Justice, and Education, Culture and Science. For its complaints office, the Kafkabrigade is looking for stories of civilians who experienced problems with gender registration. The Kafkabrigade will then map the problems and possible solutions with the persons concerned on the basis of their stories.
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The Devil is in the Details

From January through March 2016 Getto Food & Drinks in Amsterdam will show works by Russian born artist Abby Jo under the title “The Devil is in the Details.” In her artworks Abby Jo aims to explore notions of eccentricity and extravagance blended with naive playfulness. Her works fuse features of baroque excessiveness, apparent precision and almost obsessive attention to detail that show her predilection for patterns and decorative ornaments.
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