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Gay News issue 291, November 2015 (15)

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Look At Me!

A Conversation with Jaap de Jonge. What state is the social emancipation of gay men in the Netherlands in? This is the opening question of the blurb of photographer Jaap de Jonge’s book Kijk mij eens! (Look at Me!), recently published by Gallery MooiMan in Groningen.
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Reijers World: The Big Apple

I was twenty-eight-years-old and treated myself to eight days in New York. I was so nervous when I boarded the plane that I had earned a scotch. In front of me was a nice girl. Violet from Rotterdam. “First, I am going to New York for four days, and then I’m flying to Los Angeles to visit a friend,” she said. We felt a connection and kept talking, when all of a sudden my neighbor said: “Shall I change seats with her?,” which he did. Violet sat next to me.
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Frans Kellendonk: Catholic and Gay

Perhaps Frans Kellendonk (1951-1990) has somewhat passed into oblivion, but in the 1980s he was thought to be the most promising Dutch writer of his generation. He was the author of collections of short stories such as “Bouwval” (1977) and “Namen en gezichten” (1983), the essay collections “De veren van de zwaan” (1987) and “De halve wereld” (1989), the novella “De nietsnut” (1979), and the ghost story “Letter en Geest” (1982).
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La Demence Cruise 2016: Viva Espana!

After Malta, Greece, Israel and Italy in the past five years, the sixth edition of “The Cruise” will be completely Spanish.
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Letter from Brussels: Ignore that Holy Man

Dear Neighbors to the North, Pope Francis was struggling during and after his media-crazed trip to the United States. Even though he did not mention gay marriage during his speech for the General Assembly of the United Nations, an AFP journalist noticed a subtle hint about his disapproval of it in the text of the speech.
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Brokeback Mountain on London's West End

It started out as a short story, became an Oscar-winning film, then an opera, and now Brokeback Mountain will be rewritten for the stage. Producer Tom O’Connell secured the rights of Annie Proulx' short story about two farmer boys. The play is expected to open in London in 2016.
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Apologies for Interview with Gay Couple ‘truly sad’

“It is a truly sad thing that the editorial staff of magazine the Eilanden-Nieuws apologised for something that is so right - showing that there are lesbian, homosexual and transgender boys and girls in Christian orthodox circles.”
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Gender Law Adopted in Thailand

In Thailand, the Gender Equality Act passed. With this, the country is taking a large step in the direction of equal treatment on the grounds of gender identity and gender expression. Thailand is the first country in South-East Asia to introduce such a law.
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UN Organisations Back LGBT Human Rights

In an unprecedented joint statement in no uncertain terms, 12 UN organisations* have spoken out for ending violence against and discrimination of lesbian women, homosexual men, bisexuals transgenders, and people with an intersex condition (LGBTIs).
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Rex Drawings for The Mineshaft on T-shirts

The artist working under the name Rex is one of the most legendary contemporary gay artists, and is known for his laborious monochrome ink dot technique and his very explicit depictions of excesses in the SM and fetish scene. His work is considered so “perverse” that it was not included in the recently published Bruno Gmünder coffee table book “Stroke: From Under the Mattress to Out in the Open,” even though this is dedicated to erotic and pornographic gay artists from the second half of the twentieth century, taking their works from the hidden into the public domain.
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Remarkable Documentaries on Sexual Diversity at IDFA

The twenty-eighth edition of the IDFA will take place at the end of November. This edition promises to become an inspiring one with touching, intriguing, revealing, incredible and bizarre real life stories that show there is more than one reality. From 18 November on, the IDFA is for those who look beyond their own neighborhood, want to know more than what is on the news and want to go beyond what is easy.
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Red & Blue celebrating its 18th birthday

When Manfred Langer died in 1994, the gays in the Low Countries lost an icon. Manfred Langer was the driving force behind the legendary iT disco in Amsterdam. Talks between the owner of the iT and bar managers Rein Huis in ’t Veld and Ludo Smits (of Antwerp’s Hessenhuis, 1993-1998) died a quiet death. Yet Ludo Smith kept dreaming of a majestic gay club, and finally in 1997 a unique opportunity presented itself.
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SWOA First Organisation with Pink Passkey

SWOA will be the first public welfare organisation in the Netherlands that has been granted the Pink Passkey. SWOA is also the first organisation in Arnhem to receive this quality mark. The Pink Passkey (Roze Loper) is a quality mark for LGBT-friendly organizations for seniors. I
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Final Stop of Meeting Place COC Zwolle

COC Zwolle will stop running its bar De Garage. The bar on the Kamperstraat in the centre of Zwolle was renovated 6 months ago and enthusiastically reopened, but suffered too much loss. The bar closed down on October 1.
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New Fetish Parties in Club Church

Club Church is expanding its repertoire of theme parties with the launch this year of two new fetish events spanning the scale from the most extreme to the more playful - “Meat Market” and “Amsterdam Jacks.” “Meat Market,” as the name implies, is a no-holds-barred “fuck fest,” while “Amsterdam Jacks,” in contrast, is a pure jack-off party, old school style but with a 2015 twist. According to Church, both parties fill a niche in the fetish scene.
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