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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 286, June 2015 (10)

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Reijers World: A ‘Shower’ or a ‘Grower’?

I was working at Amsterdam City Hall at the department of Public Open Space. With working schedules in hand, I regularly had meetings with a group of men who had to do work on the streets in the city center. They used to make fun of me. “Baby doll, you forgot to wear your heels.” “Did you always speak like a little queen?” “What is it like to be a caveman?” And so on.
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The Prince on the Silver Screen, Part 5: Porn fun

In 1971 Wakefield Poole, director and former ballet dancer, talked about the casting of a film he was about to shoot with a friend. “I’ve got the perfect person for you,” his friend said. “He’s blond, six feet tall, and handsome. He’s got a nice dick, a beautiful ass, and he does everything.”
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Claude François Michéa, Born Two Hundred Years Ago

Claude François Michéa was the first doctor in modern age to propose a biological theory on homosexual preference as a congenital identity and come with an unusual term for this: “philopédie.” The word was a reversal of the term pederasty, or as we say nowadays: paedophilia (the love of boys).
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Letter from Brussels: When the Desire to Have Children Disguises Separation Anxi

Dear Neighbors to the North, Several weeks ago, the very first Belgian surrogate mother fair took place in Brussels. Here, especially North-American agencies offered their services to gay and lesbian couples. Surrogate motherhood is not regulated in Belgium, and there are quite a lot of legal issues that are in need of regulation.
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COC Zwolle Confident About the Future with 'De Garage'

With a cheer to the future, the new bar of COC Zwolle ‘De Garage’ was opened. The president of COC Netherlands Tanja Ineke and Zwolle's alderwoman Nelleke Vedelaar did so with the ‘first tap’: they were the first to tap a beer behind the new bar. The opening marks the beginning of a new era for this bar of the COC, which fights for the social acceptance of sexual and gender diversity in the Zwolle area.
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Christian 50+ Less Negative About Gay Relationships

A survey by the Nederlands Dagblad (ND) among readers revealed that Christians over the age of fifty have become milder when it comes to same-sex relationships. The results of the survey were compared with results from a similar 1990 survey.
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Gay Pride Edition of Cologne’s Cock-Pit Party

On the eve of the Christopher Street Day parade in Cologne on July 5, gay men can celebrate and dance the night away at the Cock-Pit Gay Pride Edition on July 4, 2015.
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Gay Pride 2015

Gay Pride came into being as a commemoration of the Stonewall riots. These riots took place on June 28, 1969 in Greenwich Village in New York City at the eviction of the gay bar The Stonewall Inn by the Metropolitan Police. After years of police brutality and intimidation, the gay and lesbian visitors of the bar decided to fight back. In contrast to what is traditionally claimed, it was mostly the transvestites (and not the gay men) who fought back.
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Two Weeks of Pride in Cologne

Even though there were earlier protests against the harassing raids the American police regularly held in gay bars, the riots at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street in New York on June 28, 1969 wrote history. Not only because homosexuals raised their voice and showed their fists, embarrassing the homophobic cops, but especially because the now assertive gay movement would commemorate this rebellion with demonstrations a year later; not just in New York, but also in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and other cities.
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Through the Eye of Time; Reve Photos by Eddy Posthuma de Boer

From the 1960s onwards to Gerard Reve’s death in 2006, photographer Eddy Posthuma regularly visited the popular (gay) author to portray him, sometimes on assignment from a newspaper or publisher, but also on his own initiative. Reve loved to pose, and wanted to look good on the picture.
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