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Gay News issue 242, October 2011 (14)

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Reijer's World - ‘Henry, Look... The Boys Have Plants Hanging Over Their Beds!’

In 1976, I was working at the main office of a public school society, the “Vereniging van Openbaar Onderwijs” on the Jan Luykenstraat. After the Christmas drink, I decided to go into town for a while. I was entirely dressed in black, wearing my black cowboy boots. And under my jacket, I was wearing a very shiny golden waistcoat. At the Amstel Taveerne, I met Rob, a guy from Rotterdam. We started talking. “I would like to visit the Argos bar. I heard they have a sling,” Rob said.
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Letter from Brussels - Election Campaign Take Off

Dear Neighbors to the North,

Yes, you are reading this correctly. Campaigns for the local elections, which take place autumn next year (!), have started. While at the time of publication of this article, we do not even have a federal government after almost 500 days of negotiations.
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Film News

The Coming Out Of An Elderly Father

“Beginners” is a film by director Mike Mills, known, among others, from “Thumbsucker” (2005). For the most part, the film is based on Mike’s own life at the time his 75-year-old father comes out of the closet.

The film has two story lines: the (autobiographical) father and son relationship, and Oliver and Anna’s fictitious relationship. It is the year 2003, and graphic designer Oliver (Ewan McGregor) is looking back at his life after the recent death of his father. The man has left a deep impression on him
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Menswear 2011-2012 - Paris

2009 was the year in which consumers kept a tight hand on their purse. In 2010 things improved, showing a global wealth increase of approximately eight percent to the record amount of 75,000 billion euro. And in 2011, the “shame of luxury” should become a thing of the past, with a return to normal levels of luxury goods consumption.
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Chuck Renslow, The Daddy Of Chicago’s Leather Scene

In 1977, American gay pioneer Jack Nichols (he hated the description “leader”) published the article “Butcher Than Thou: Beyond Machismo” in “Gaysweek.” In this article, he criticizes the “butch shift” he was observing in the gay world. For instance, he sees the increasing visibility of the leather scene, as his biographer J. Louis Campbell summarizes, “as a post-Stonewall reaction to drag queens designed to symbolize assertiveness, militancy, and manhood.
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Honest Biography Of Christian Boy-Love Poet Willem de Mérode

It doesn’t happen very often that the same biographer writes three biographies about a writer or poet. But now it has happened to the poet Willem de Mérode (1887-1939). His biographer, Hans Werkman, saw enough reasons to rewrite his previous biography from 1983 thoroughly. Werkman discovered new facts and understandings, which justified a third, still more complete biography. And rightly so.
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Tobacco In A Healthier Way

A healthy smoker who wants to quit, will hardly ever succeed. But by choosing a better variety of tobacco, it still is possible to enjoy smoking and nearly exclude all health risks. Half of the Swedish men choose Snus, an unprocessed raw tobacco, while only twelve percent still smokes modern cigarettes. At the moment, Swedish men will become the oldest in Europe.
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Comic Strip Creators Bellefleur And Van Der Steen In Book About Sixty Years Dutc

On September 12, publishing firm Marmer published the book “Mr. TV: Over leven in TV-land” (Mr. TV: About Life in TV Land) by Bert van der Veer. This book, which was published in honor of television’s sixtieth anniversary in The Netherlands, also includes cartoons and comic strips. Earlier this year, a request for contributions from the author and producer Endemol, led to an avalanche of submissions.
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Anco Hotel: Reliable & Renewed

For years, the Anco Hotel has been a constant in Amsterdam’s gay hospitality industry. After fourteen years, the current owners have taken over once again and haven given the hotel a thorough make-over. Modern and reliable, that is the Anco Hotel in the year 2011.

If you ask people in the city about the Anco Hotel, you hear the wildest stories. Especially the former hotel bar used to be very popular because of its late opening hours.
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Problem of ´Refusing´ Civil Servants Solved

The city council has informed COC Amsterdam that the issue concerning two refusing civil servants from the Nieuw-West district has been resolved. COC Amsterdam reacted positively on the news. “This is the solution we all have been waiting for,” President Dennis Boutkan stated. “The city of Amsterdam is sending out a very clear message, suiting the action to the word that refusing civil servants are out of the question.”
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What a Difference a Year Makes: Apple Welcomes Gay Comics Publisher

Last year, there were numerous reports of comics with gay subject matter - most without even any nudity - being rejected by Apple for inclusion in its App Store, and many had concerns that selling comics for the iPad would not be an option for independent lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender comics creators. That appears to be a thing of the past; last month, Apple approved all three full-length graphic novels from Northwest Press, an GLBT comics publisher, for sale on its iBooks store. One of them is even a steamy adaptation of a classic erotic gay novel.
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Anti-gay Crimes: Few Press Charges

A lot of violence against gays at gay meeting places is kept hidden, as many of the victims lead a double gay or straight life and do not want to get out of the closet. That is why they are afraid to press charges. "Approximately eighty percent of visitors of gay meeting places lead a straight life", Marja Lust of Roze in Blauw, the gay network of the Amsterdam police, states in newspaper Metro.
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Asking for ID: Not Without Immediate Cause

Men looking for sexual contact with other men will no longer be asked for their identity card for no reason. It is also no longer allowed to note down the registration numbers of cars owned by men who are in the vicinity of cruising area Spaarnwoude near Velsen in the province of North-Holland. These are the recommendations of the Dutch National Ombudsman Brenninkmeijer after complaints from Stichting Platform Keelbos about the behaviour of foresters in the recreation area.
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Mr Rubber Netherlands 2012 Contest

New to The Netherlands! On October 8, the first official Mr Rubber Netherlands Contest will be held in Amsterdam. At this magnificent event, the organization will look for a candidate to represent the Dutch gay rubber scene on an international level, and put Amsterdam back on the map. After all, it was in Amsterdam that the international rubber scene became increasingly popular. It is also the city where the founder of Mr International Rubber (MIR) took his first rubber steps.
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