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Gay News issue 241, September 2011 (12)

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Successful Ladz - Sportswear parties in Amsterdam

Ladz was set up three years ago by a group of Amsterdam based sportswear & sneaker freaks and is a European trendsetter for gay parties with a strict sportswear dress code.

A group of friends developed the Ladz concept in the beginning of 2008. Max, one of the lads behind Ladz: “We were all really into sportswear & sneakers but there was nothing in the gay scene to cater to our interest so we decided to set something up ourselves. GALA supported us and provided a venue so after a few brainstorm sessions and a lot of help from friends, we created Ladz.”
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Reijer's World - ‘Oh Ronnie, Stop It! I Can’t Hold Back Much Longer!’

It was my very first radio show for the VPRO: the “Homoshow.” The topic was how important it was for famous Dutch people to be open about their homosexuality, as a role model, as an example. It was 1980, I sat next to Klaas, a friend from Haarlem, and we were discussing him. “Wasn’t he gorgeous?” “Yes, he was,” Klaas said. “He was featured on a double spread in the ‘Panorama’ magazine, with only a white pair of pants on and a little golden chain. I’ve saved that issue for years.”
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Porn DVD Review - Cocky Tops And Willing Bottoms In CockyBoys’ ‘Revenge’

Christopher Isherwood wrote in his notes for a lecture in August 1962 at the University of California at Berkeley, “A Personal Statement,” which were published some years ago in “Isherwood on Writing” (Minneapolis 2007): “The only satisfactory definition of pornography is four-letter words. If you get into the question of what is sexually exciting you become lost. If you try to distinguish between pornography and art you can’t, because pornography is always fantasy at least, and fantasy is a mode of art.”
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Leatherland - Use(d)

“What’s your Gayromeo profile?” and “Are you on Recon?” are questions I regularly get when I’ve met a nice man. I always have to disappoint the masculine attention because I don’t have online dating profiles. Not just because I prefer to meet someone in person in a bar or something, but also because I simply don’t have the time to update such a profile. Whoever wants to know about me befriend me on Facebook, or check out my website. Besides, I don’t trust some of those dating sites; what do they do with all your information?
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Letter from Brussels - In the PC

Dear Northern Neighbors,

My busy work and crowded social life keep me away from the sofa and television so I don’t get to watch anything regularly. To me the arrival of the video recorder was a blessing, although it was always a hassle to get the programming right.
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Book Review - Known By A Few People

M. Vasalis (pseudonym of M. Droogleever Fortuyn-Leenmans, 1909-1998) is one of the most important traditionalist Dutch poets from the second half of the twentieth century. Her poems are often characterized by the use of personification and anthropomorphism. Frequently her poems conclude, after a series of nature impressions, with introspection.
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Menswear 2011-2012 - Milan

For many Italian fashion labels the aftermath of the global crisis is finally almost over. Many already booked huge profits over 2010. Relieved, they start looking at the future and at the emerging markets of India, Russia and China.

The Italian luxury industry expects to reach the levels of the time before the global crisis again at the end of this year; 2007 as well as the beginning of 2008 were the best ever. The demand for luxury products has been going up and they expect a turnover increase of eight percent to a total value of 164 billion pounds.
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Remeber their names - Interactive Launched

NAMES Project Netherlands Provides Forum For Part Of Our Cultural Heritage

When we think of Keith Haring, religion is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, the last work of the artist, completed just weeks before his death of AIDS in 1990 is a triptych, “The Life of Christ.” Made out of bronze and gold, it constitutes the altarpiece of the Interfaith AIDS Memorial Chapel at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral.
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You Are What You Eat!

Hippocrates (460-350 BC), the father of Western medicine, already said: “Let our food be our medicine.” Hippocrates didn’t think illness was brought on by angry gods or simple bad luck. He thought ailments were natural and mainly caused by a wrong diet and a lack of exercise. Hippocrates gained eternal fame by clearing Athens from the plague at 430 BC. He himself remained healthy till the end and died when he was ninety years old.
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Polish man convicted for homophobe violence – prosecution will appeal

A thirty-year old man from Poland, who beat up two men in the Amsterdam Rembrandt park on the 11th of June because they’re gay, has been sentenced by the court’s magistrate to two months in prison, one of which on probation. The public prosecutor had asked for five months and will appeal the ruling. COC Amsterdam is happy with the swift court case, the fact that the sanction has been aggravated and that the prosecution will appeal.
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Obama ends the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy

President Barack Obama has ended the ‘Don't ask, don't tell’ policy that forced gays and lesbians in the military to keep their sexuality hidden. They were allowed to work in the army on one condition: that they would keep their sexual orientation hidden for their fellow military soldiers and officers (‘don’t tell’)
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MP in Surinam: ‘Exterminate gays’

An illness. An aberration we should exterminate completely.’ That was, in short, Member of the Surinam Parliament Ronny Asabina’s vision on homosexuality he expressed during the budgetary meeting of the National Assembly. The ‘Surinam Men United’ foundation is shocked. Asabina debited his remarkable view during the speech of Alice Amafo (ABOP), Minister of Social Affairs and Public Housing.
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