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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 239, July 2011 (12)

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Short Story - Pulled Over

“May I see your license and registration please?” “Sure, officer. Was I speeding?” “Would you mind stepping out of the car, sir?” I finally got a change to look at him. By God, I’ve been pulled over by a storm trooper, I remember thinking to myself. He was really incredible. I could smell the leather he wore as sure as if I were cleaning it with my tongue. And that wouldn’t be so bad. Wouldn’t mind it a bit, come to think of it. Officer K. Horsman was about as intimidating as they got. He towered over me and had shoulders as broad as my windshield.
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Reijers World - Joop, Hold His Legs For Me Please...

“You never guess from where I’m calling you, sis!” I called Carolien on my cell phone. “No idea,” she says. “In the dunes of Zandvoort, after so many years.” She quickly replies: “And, have you had any visitors yet?” “No,” I say laughing. “I just got here. I have little bottles of water and port with me, still have to settle in a bit. I haven’t done this for ages. First walked all the fucking way from the station to Zeezicht beach pavilion, had a cup of coffee there and then walked into the dunes behind it. It’s lovely here, but not very busy.”
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Letter from Brussels - Fewer Weddings, More Divorces

Dear Northern Neighbors, The Belgian Federal Economic Department, our “ministry” of Economic Affairs, also keeps records of the national statistics. Due to the calculations of civil servants at the National Institute for Statistics (NIS), resorting under the FOD Economy, we now have the latest figures concerning the number of gay and lesbian marriages in Belgium.
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Fashion - Tattoos - Skulls & Swimwear

A few seasons ago we saw the first tattoos on models with the international women’s collections presentations, now the trend has spread to the men’s collections as well. Chanel jumped on top of it and started selling fake tattoo stickers with the familiar double C-logo at their stores (for around 100 Euros). And it was a success! For not everyone wants to walk around with the same (permanent) tattoo for the rest of their life!
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Book Review - Rob Tielman’s Stray Articles Collected

Rob Tielman is known in our circles mainly as the author of the thesis “Homoseksualiteit in Nederland: Studie van een emancipatiebeweging” (Homosexuality in The Netherlands: Study of an Emancipation Movement) from 1982. He was, as Maurice van Lieshout at the time wrote in a review in the COC magazine “Sek,” “the first [...] to have acquired a PhD on the basis of gay studies.’
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Leatherland - Mister

Four Europeans took part in the thirty-third International Mr. Leather competition in Chicago this year. Three Germans managed to get into the top twenty but it was a Frenchman who walked away with the jackpot: a travel budget of 5000 dollar and an endless series of prizes ranging from clothes, DVDs and books. Eric Gutierrez (1967), Mr. Leather Europe 2010, was elected on Sunday 29th of May from amidst fifty-three candidates as the new International Mr. Leather 2011.
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Health - Forever Young In The Sun: The Blue Zones

“Blue Zones” are the sunny regions on earth where most vital hundred-year olds live. The chances that you’ll live in health for longer than a century are twenty times higher in these regions than in the USA. What vital people over a hundred share: they live active outdoor lives in fields or gardens so they’re drenched in sun vitamin D. High vitamin D levels boost the immune system as well as the bones and muscles. The elderly look up to forty years younger and retain their muscle tone and teeth until the end.
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A Parisian Affair of 1904, Part 2 - Pastry, Champagne and Bananas

Ernest Boulton, painter. You won’t find his name in the biographical dictionaries. There is no museum where you can admire his works. No student has chosen him as subject for his thesis. Yet he did get a lot of publicity during his lifetime, publicity he did not like in the slightest and which proved fatal to him in the literal sense of the word. This Englishman, born in London and a graduate of the University of Oxford, aged 32 when he got in the news, had settled at Paris in 1902.
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Risky behavior should be the criteria for blood donation

The COC calls upon the government and Sequin Bloedvoorziening (blood services) to adapt the criteria on blood donations. Sanquin, providing blood services in Holland, is not happy with a D66 (liberal democrats) proposal to no longer exclude gays from donating blood purely on the basis of their sexual preferences.
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Amsterdam Shouldn’t Accept Homophobe Civil Servants

COC Amsterdam is angry about the civil servants in the capital who refuse to marry same sex couples and has issued a press statement to express horror over the news that there are two of such homophobes working in Nieuw West. In 2007 the city proudly informed the COC that there was not one civil servant working in the city with principal objections against performing a same sex wedding; so the city was added on a special COC list of municipalities free of homophobe officials.
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SGP deplores government’s gay emancipation policy

The Reformatorisch Dagblad (reformed newspaper) reports that the SGP (Conservative Reformed Party) deplores the fact that the government aims to promote gay emancipation. SGP Member of Parliament Elbert Dijkgraaf does think it’s a good thing that violence and discrimination are addressed more strictly, but doesn’t think lessons on sexual diversity should be compulsory in schools. ‘The government should steer clear from measures like that,’ says Dijkgraaf. So he’s pleased that a D66 motion to that extend will not be honored by the government.
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Crazy Village: The Craziest Fetish Party in the Country

On Saturday the 9th of July Crazy Village will open the gates in Delft Zuid. Crazy Village is a new large-scale dance and fetish party for everyone. An old factory hall in Delft is turned into a cruising amusement park, with a dance floor ruled by DJs Abraxas, Ben Manson from France and Hansom from Church. Crazy Village will exist for exactly twelve hours (from 10 p.m. till 10 a.m.) and is created by GALA from Amsterdam.
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