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Monday 25 May
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Gay News issue 238, June 2011 (14)

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Fashion - Denim Jeans

Denim is an absolute classic popping up in every designer’s collection year after year. In some seasons a bit more prominent than in others but its popularity amongst customers never seems to fade. Jeans remain a must in every man’s wardrobe. This season again several designers present jeans in their collections. Miuccia Prada for example is using denim in its purest form in designs derived from nurse’s uniforms. Simple and clean, without complicated cuts or treatments.
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Reijers World - Masculine Boy With Feminine Orientation Is Looking For...

With straights things are always more straightforward. Like with sex for example: the guy fucks and the girl gets fucked. That’s why gays used to have more trouble. I remember the couples from the Zaan region to the North of Amsterdam: a sturdy laborer from the harbor with a tottering queen with a hairdressing salon. Or another couple: a butch taxi driver and a fragile looking nurse, dressed up in a petticoat and her hair in a beehive. These couples made a clear statement on the streets, but whether the situation was clear-cut in the bedroom?
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Porn DVD Review - Collin O’Neal’s Worldwide Pornographic Expeditions

The explorer and erotomaniac Richard Burton presented his idea of a “Sotadic Zone,” in which same sex flourishes, in the extensive Terminal Essay to his translation of “The Arabian Nights” in 1885. This zone would include the countries both North and South of the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and parts of the Middle East.
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Porn DVD Review - Collin O’Neal’s Worldwide Pornographic Expeditions

The explorer and erotomaniac Richard Burton presented his idea of a “Sotadic Zone,” in which same sex flourishes, in the extensive Terminal Essay to his translation of “The Arabian Nights” in 1885. This zone would include the countries both North and South of the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and parts of the Middle East.
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Leatherland - Fuxxx

Fuxxx, that’s the new Cockring. The logo was on the front of the building for a while already but the interior was under construction until the last moment. At the opening night it turned out to have been worth all the effort: a new gem for Amsterdam Gay Capital.

Upon entering it’s very clear: we’re not in the Cockring anymore, but in Fuxxx. The coat check has moved, looks bright and clear, and another novelty: a pat down at the door. I found some friends at the upper bar, amongst which I. And T., who’re organizing the infamous Fetish Flash Mobs in our city lately.
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Letter from Brussels - Forty-Three

Dear Northern Neighbors, Forty-three is the number of homophobe incidents, discrimination and violence, registered by the Belgian police force over the first nine months of 2010. A ridiculously low number.

It was the parting Minister of Interior, Annemie Turtelboom, who included this number in her answer of the Parliamentary question of Zoé Genot, a French-speaking member of Ecolo (Green). The answer also contained the numbers for the previous years: thirty-four in 2008 and fifty-six in 2009.
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Martin Ennals Award for Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera, a Ugandan woman, is the founder and Executive Director of Freedom and Roam Uganda, a main lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights organization. Kasha has had the courage to appear on national television in Uganda, she has issued press statements on behalf of the gay community, and spoke on several radio stations. Already in 2007 she was harassed at the World Social Forum in Nairobi, and on many occasions afterwards she was hackled, threatened and even attacked by people for appearing in the media.
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A Parisian Affair of 1904, Part 1 - Pastry, Champagne and Bananas

Montague Summers, born in 1880, looked back in his memoirs with nostalgia on his youth during the fin-de-siècle. Art, he wrote, was still taken seriously in those days, just as the way people dressed. It was equally unthinkable that you left the house without your trousers as without gloves. A gentleman uncovered his right hand when meeting a friend or acquaintance in the street; shook his or her hand, drew on the glove again, only to take it off after the conversation for the handshake at parting.
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‘Westernization’ no reason for asylum for LGBT children

De Tweede Kamer (the Dutch House of Representatives) supports the proposal of Minister Leers (Immigration and Asylum) to grant Afghan girls asylum if they are too ‘Westernized’.

The opposition now however, is wondering why these criteria wouldn’t be valid for boys, gays, or Christians, and thinks the Minister’s argumentation is too vague and too random. This surfaced during a debate with Minister Leers in Parliament. Girls don’t have to be sent back to Afghanistan if that meant that they’d then be exposed to high psychosocial pressures, for example because they adopted a Western lifestyle during their stay in The Netherlands.
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Terrorized gay man from Amsterdam refuses to keep quiet

Steven van Helvoort has been living on the Van Beuningenplein in Amsterdam West for a year and all this time he’s been terrorized by a group of Moroccan youths in the neighborhood. He’s tired of keeping quiet about it and told local TV-network At5 about it. Since then the COC and the neighborhood council have picked up on his story. It’s mainly name-calling, spitting and threatening Van Helvoort told At5. He thinks the situation will get completely out of hand one of these days. The police advised him not to seek publicity ‘because I then could expect escalation of the situation, well I’m done with it, bring it on!’
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Equal Rights for gay couples in Brazil

In Brazil, gay couples will have the same financial and social rights as married straight couples. The ten judges of the Brazilian High court decided unanimously.

The registered partnership arranges matters concerning pensions and succession. It’s still not possible for gay people to get married bus gay rights activists still think the move of historic proportions and a giant step towards equality for gay couples.
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Pink Weekend Groningen

This year Groningen is the pink city of the country so on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July the Pink Weekend will take place there. The theme is “Room to Meet” with an emphasis on diversity. An opportunity for city-siders and country folk to get in touch with each other. The ten-year anniversary of gay marriage will get a lot of attention too.It’s not the first time though that Groningen will blush pink. In 1985 “Roze Zaterdag” (Pink Saturday) was also held here. The mix of the pink audience with shoppers in the center of the city was a great success.
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The Rediscovery of Photographer John Palatinus

In the United States the Second World War had a huge demographic impact, as many young men, after having left their homes to fight for their country, didn’t go back to their birthplace upon return but decided to try their luck in one of the big cities. The awareness of freedom of these boys, and the increased independence from their family’s supervision, were indirectly also cause to the birth of an active gay movement. While some of them focused on joining the political and social changes, others concentrated on conquering and exploiting erotic freedom.
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La Demence - Cruise

LA DEMENCE is very proud to announce you the first European gay cruise in the Mediterranean Sea from Malaga (Spain) to Athens (Greece), from Friday, July 1st, till Friday, July 8th, 2011.

“European” because we are a European party organization, located in the capital of Europe with a European audience, and we will sail with a European ship in the Mediterranean Sea. If you have never done a cruise before, this is your chance ! If you did, you will see that there is nothing like "cruising the LA DEMENCE way"!
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