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Monday 25 May
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Gay News issue 236, April 2011 (10)

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Porn DVD Review - ‘Slick Dogs’ Celebrates Hot Sex in Colorful Latex

In a “GA-Magazine” interview with Amsterdam leather king Rob Meijer, founder of Rob’s Leather, he confessed that he very reluctantly started selling rubber as “it [always] cracks [...], always breaks. I don’t feel like it. I always inform people that I have a quality business, and I want things to be of high-quality. Someone buys rubber pants and returns them two days later because of cracks. That frustrates me, as I do not know what to do with them.
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Leather Land - Boven (Upstairs)

There was an opening of an exhibition at “Boven” (Upstairs) in the Warmoesstraat. On the wall were drawings of muscled, hairy men. These men all turned out to have something with cats. Why, I don’t know. I didn’t ask the artist either; I was too busy to watch my Prosecco and my drinking tempo. For I’d only been there five minutes when a bearded man asked me if I had fully recovered. At first I didn’t know what he was talking about.
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VPRO Radio Show for Gays and Lesbians ‘Ook zo – Mooi zo’ Thirty Years Ago

In 1980, for the first time in Dutch history, gay men and women got their own radio show, the “VPRO’s Homo Nacht Show.” This radio night, the night before the annual Pink Saturday, was all about queers and lesbians. It was provocative, assertive radio. The present day “manifestations” on Pink Saturday in those days were announced as “demonstrations” and many political parties still had a specific and very active gay group. People were still fighting for the Homomonument on Westermarkt.
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Ciruit Festival 2011: Bigger And Better Than Ever!

We have good news for you, because this year your favorite gay festival will be bigger and better than ever. From August the 4th till the 14th, the biggest European gay and lesbian festival will come back to rock Barcelona (and Europe, and the whole gay scene) by offering twenty astonishing parties, plenty of daytime activities and, best of it all, the fourth edition of the – almost legendary - biggest gay & lesbian day at a water park.
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Letter from Brussels - Fatal Hypocrisy

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Some days ago, pedestrians discovered the floating body of Marc Gesquière in the river de Leie, near Waregem. The police formally states that Marc Gesquière took his own life. On the day of his disappearance, Sunday February 20, three witnesses saw him walking along the Leie in Kortrijk. The current had transported the body to Waregem.
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Men’s Wear 2011: Paris

China will increasingly leave its mark on luxury goods sales. At the moment, this country is good for approximately fifteen percent of worldwide sales. And expectations are that this percentage will increase to forty-four percent in 2020. With the made-in-France label, French luxury brands hold great attraction for the myriad of Chinese millionaires.
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Foucault, the Leather Scene, and Sexual Liberation

Last year spring, the Le Keller bar in Paris closed. This probably doesn’t mean much to you, and even locally, this simple fact didn’t attract the attention of the press either. Yet, I want to draw attention to it, as it is not without meaning. A search on the internet hardly gives any information on the closure of this world-famous gay leather bar, the oldest of its kind in Paris.
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Back in the Closet

The Dutch Working Association Catholic Gay Pastors, WKHP, has recently launched a new website, No news, one would say, in a time in which homosexuality has gained general acceptance? Unfortunately, the reality within the Roman catholic church is different. According to Theo Koster, student pastor at Nijmegen and Dominican, for gays the social situation is “even worse than thirty years ago.”
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Last Taboo in Sports Subject of Discussion: Homophobia and Sports

Within the world of sports, homosexuality still isn’t a matter of course. At sports clubs, many homosexuals are not open about their sexuality. On February 19, 2011, the International Day Against Homophobia in Soccer, the website went online, providing clear and transparent information on how to make the world of sports more gay-friendly. Here, everyone from sportsmen and women to policy advisors can find tips and examples.
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Thomas von der Dunk Delivers Willem Arondéus Lecture

Cultural historian and author Thomas von der Dunk will deliver the Willem Arondéus Lecture 2011 on Tuesday April 26, 2011 in the provincial government building in Haarlem. The talk will be given in Dutch.

Thomas von der Dunk writes regular columns for the national daily paper “de Volkskrant,” the weekly magazine “HP/DeTijd” and the daily “De Gelderlander.”
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