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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 225, May 2010 (12)

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Pink Point - Change of Name

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

I attended my first lesbian wedding. I’ve experienced a wedding of two men before, saw it from very close-up you could say, but after two years it ran out of steam so my advice to these two brides was: “A divorce within twenty-four hours is free of charge girls.” I talked to a sister of one of the brides and she admitted that she was envious of the newly weds.
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Porn Review - The CockyBoys Are ‘Born to Fuck’

Some people claim that the porn industry is in trouble because everyone is said to download porn nowadays instead of buying it. I can’t assess whether that’s true or not. I’d think it more pleasurable to watch a porn movie from a comfortable sofa or in bed on a television instead of at your desk, so downloaders would have to burn the films onto DVDs as well.
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Short News

New Amsterdam Gay Map is out!

Before the flood of 2010 tourists will wash over Amsterdam, the new up-to-date Amsterdam Gay Map has been distributed all over the city. This completely updated 15th edition of the Amsterdam Gay Map – 100.000 of them are printed and distributed every year – lists all Amsterdam gay venues and contains handy tips for visitors.
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Ricky Martin Says ‘I Am A Fortunate Homosexual Man’ At Last

When in the first months of 2007 the at the time 23-year-old Mexican star Christian Chavez no longer denied his homosexuality, this produced many reactions, both positive and negative. The coming out of this popular singer-actor was seen as very important, especially since homosexuality is generally rather taboo in Mexico and other Latin American countries.
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Porn News - ‘Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita’ Vindicated in Court

Early April Lucas Entertainment was thrilled to announce that it had won a court battle started by the purported owner of Federico Fellini’s film “La Dolce Vita.” In February 2007, International Media Films (IMF) filed a lawsuit against Lucas Entertainment, Inc., alleging that Lucas Entertainment’s pornographic film “Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita” violated IMF’s claimed copyright in Fellini’s movie and associated trademarks.
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Letter from Brussels - Thousand and One Nights

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Perhaps you’ve never heard the name Layla Hachichi. The 18-year old Moroccan-Belgian girl died in Antwerp in October 2009 after having been tortured. The investigation found that her death was probably the result of a derailed ritual aimed at “saving her from her psychological suffering.” It seems like she was tortured to death to save her from being a lesbian.
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Masculine Beauty 2010

Lab Series Skincare for Men

The innovative team of Lab Series has outdone itself in developing the ultimate anti-aging product for men and now presents the Max LS Age-Less Face Cream, which triggers skin cells to live longer and even repair damage. The hydrating and non-greasy formula of Max LS Age-Less Face Cream feels nourishing, it’s as if the skin drinks in the anti-aging technology.
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The Gay Games

The biggest sports and cultural festival in the world will take place in Cologne from July 31 to August 7, 2010. Some 12,000 participants from more than 70 countries will converge for the Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010 and celebrate the principles of participation, inclusion and personal best.

The motto is “Be part of it!” And the invitation is open to everyone – regardless whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, male, female, transgender or transsexual, and regardless of religion, nationality, ethnic heritage, political convictions, athletic skills, physical capabilities, age or physical condition.
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Kooistra loses court-cases, April and Exit need to close

Tycoon Kooistra is also forced to close cafés Dante, Three Sisters and Luxembourg in Amsterdam. On top of that Kooistra and a few associated businesses, like the Gouden Kooi BV, Kropa Exploitatie BV and umbrella company Plassania are ordered to pay back logged rent to Heineken by Amsterdam court order. Per café he owes Heineken up to hundreds of thousands of euros in rent. If he doesn’t cough up Heineken can close and claim the businesses one by one. Company Gouden Kooi BV was also sentenced to pay for all court costs.
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Extended opening hours for bars in city centre possible

Cafés and bars in the centre of Amsterdam can extend their opening hours if an agreement is possible with the people who live in the vicinity. The probable coalition of GroenLinks (Greens), D66 (Liberal Democrats) and PvdA (Social Democrats) in the centre aims to give the businesses as well as the residents in the area more responsibilities when it comes to deciding on opening hours of bars and cafés, says Jeanine van Pinxteren, (GroenLinks) who will most likely become the inner-city mayor. “Instead of deciding for the people, we think that businesses an people living in the immediate vicinity can work out what’s possible.”
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Breakthrough in hiv research at the AMC

Hiv, the virus that causes aids, uses an immune response of the first cells it encounters in the body to multiply itself. This immune response, which usually prevents infection in a person, helps hiv to spread out. Researchers of the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam published their discovery in the scientific magazine Nature Immunology today. The team, under management of professor Teuynis Geijtenbeek, labels the discovery as unexpected. It was a known fact that the aids virus first encounters so-called dendrite cells.
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Five Years Of XXXLeather

The Amsterdam leather party XXXLeather celebrates its five-year anniversary on the 14th of May. For this occasion the legendary event will return to its roots in the COC building for a one-off edition.

At the moment XXXLeather is the eldest leather party in Amsterdam. They started as the very popular leather parties in the COC building; the very first event took place in September 1994.
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