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Gay News issue 223, March 2010 (13)

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Introducing... Shia LaBeouf

With always a roving eye for handsome hunks, we couldn’t help but notice Harrison Ford’s sidekick, actually his son, in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” played by Shia LaBeouf. Shia Saide LaBeouf was born on June 11, 1986 in Los Angeles, an only child. His mother, Shayna, is a dancer and ballerina turned visual artist and clothing/jewelry designer; before she met LaBeouf’s father, she ran a head shop in Brooklyn.
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Style 2010 - Milan

The continuing crisis is changing the fashion experience from a visible sign of style and luxury, to a way to escape the harsh reality. Several designers highlight the positivism of their collections.

To the Italian fashion industry 2009 will go down in history as the worst in the past twenty years. The global financial crisis caused Italian Men’s wear sales to drop with ten percent to 8.3 billion euro.
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Short Story - In the Night Sauna

Recently AristoScorpio published Louis de Blot’s “Verdwenen brieven” (Vanished Letters). The main character of this 318-page novel is called Orlandino, who undertakes a discovery tour from his hometown The Hague through a varied spectrum of gay relations and activities. Most of these together with Muslim Mediterranean guys, for whom he feels a natural attraction but who are also elusive because of their connection to their families, their group loyalties and the demands of their religion.
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Comics - Maltreated, but Forever Young

The Adventures of Alix and Enak (Part I)

A cat has got nine lives, Alix Gracchus at least a hundred. In the story in which the comic hero makes his debut he escapes death exactly eighteen times. His enemies (and their name is legion) go for him with pointed weapons and sticks, a collapsing building threatens to pulverize him, wolves and crocodiles wish to devour him and ferocious mountaineers try to blind him using a red-hot poker.
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Porn DVD Review - Dripping Wet, And Horny As Bitches In Heat

Falcon Studios has been at the top of the porn industry for about forty years by now and it owes much of its success to the men appearing in front of the Falcon cameras. Founder Chuck Holmes declared in an interview in 1996 that he admired “clean-cut men”: “We try to show someone who is universally accepted - nice body, nice face, nice teeth and, hopefully, nice everything else.” It’s obvious that a reasonably big dick also belongs to the “everything else.”
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Teachers Struggle With Lessons On Homosexuality

Teachers find it difficult to talk about homosexuality in tumultuous classrooms. It would be useful if the teacher-training colleges pay more attention to how these issues can be addressed. This is one of the findings of a recently published report “Een kwestie van persoonlijkheid? Aandacht voor homoseksualiteit in het voortgezet onderwijs” (A Matter Of Personality? Attention For Homosexuality In Secondary Education).
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Blue - New Weekly Jeans Dance Party in Church

Church is yet again launching a new theme party - this time a theme that pretty much everyone can stick to: jeans. Blue will become a new weekly event, to be held every Thursday night from 9 p.m. onwards. According to Church: “We want to have a party that is accessible to everyone, it’s really not difficult to comply with this theme. Torn, bleached, skinny, buttoned, zipped, tight, wide, small, or XXXL - they’re all welcome.
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City council of Amsterdam supports COC protest against ‘gay healings’

The municipality of Amsterdam is backing the COC in its protests against the so-called ‘gay healings’ several religious organizations have on offer in the city. The mayor and the aldermen have attributed 50.000 euro to organize gatherings with the three large religious groups in Amsterdam South-East: evangelists, Hindu and Muslim communities.
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Dusty Springfield - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

- Show about the legendary singer in the theater -

This spring the show Dusty Springfield - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me will tour the country. A moving musical show by Harry Kies Theaterprodukties about the legendary British singer. Director Dick van den Heuvel wrote the script. Main actors will be Audrey Bolder, Janke Dekker and Casper Gimbrere. The opening night is on Tuesday the 9th of March in the Leidse Schouwburg. She is the idol of Duffy, Adele and Amy Winehouse.
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Groningen invests 100.000 euro in gay emancipation

Groningen is investing 100.000 euro to promote social acceptance of homosexuality in the city. The municipality aims to spend the money on the development of educational material and brochures, setting up exhibitions and information activities, as well as events. The funds will go to the Groningen Platform for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenders in Groningen (LGBT) that’s going to execute the plans.
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Military Film Star Moonlights in Gay Porn

At the end of last year “The Advocate” reported that a top military magazine had unwittingly shone the spotlight on a young corporal who supposedly moonlighted as a gay-porn actor. “Leatherneck,” the “magazine of the Marines,” covered the production of a movie set to premiere in December at the National Museum of the Marines. The film is a military production, and the actors are military too. “For most of them,” the article says, “this is the first time they have ever acted.”
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Top US military wants end to 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy

The highest ranking US military admiral Mike Mullen wants to abolish the policy that prohibits gays to be openly gay in the army. This was announced on several American news broadcasters.

‘To speak for myself, and myself only, it is my personal conviction that allowing openly gay and lesbian people into the army is the right decision,’ said Mullen, the chairman of chiefs of staff of the US military.
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Roze Filmdagen (Gay and Lesbian Film Festival)

The festival is based around a diverse selection of high quality films (motion pictures, documentaries and many short films. With over 100 titles from 30 countries in 80 sessions the festival offers a great overview of what’s happening in gay cinema all over the world. The Roze Filmdagen presents many premiers of the best recent gay productions; popular as well as small-scale alternative work. The program is as divers as our community, every taste will be catered to.
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