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Monday 25 May
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Gay News issue 217, September 2009 (12)

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Pirate’s Booty

The introduction of the video recorder and later of the DVD player, as well as the scrapping of many censorship regulations over the last three to four decades, has made porn into an easily and cheaply available product. Many of us never today experienced the thrill gays must have felt once the opportunities one had to watch an explicit movie were rare. Nowadays most gays watch porn for a little while and then toss it aside as boring.
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Canal Parade 2009

Canal Pride 2009 was a great success with no less than 560.000 spectators. It’s these spectators that make Pride into what it is. Who are these people that flock from all corners of the country, and indeed the world, to watch the parade of boats? Who are all these people lining the canals for kilometers on end? Is it some kind of zoo type event, freak watch? Is the Canal Parade just plain and simple entertainment? Are they aware of the background and origin of Gay Pride? I want answers so I armed myself with paper and pen and started asking around.
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Pink Point - Burning Sensation

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

Almost September already, and the summer season at Pink Point is almost over again. Although the weather wasn’t completely stable it was still a beautiful summer with a lengthy short pants season. Outside in the streets my jaw regularly drops as I spot all those nice legs walking past.
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Gay Prostitution In Germany, 1871-1933, Part 2

During the Empire and the Weimar Republic gay prostitution flourished in Germany despite very restrictive legislation. In the first part of this article Caspar Wintermans described the social situation, and the attention prostitutes received from journalism and (popular) science. In the second part he focuses on some belletristic works.
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Jacob Israël de Haan - A Stubborn Zaankanter Lost In The Holy Land

On the 4th January 1919 the first Dutch Zionist left on a one-way trip to the holy land, went for an “aliyah” as they say. It was Jacob Israël de Haan, the infamous novelist and in the meantime also famous poet. The son of a hard-working rabbi-gazzen (the cantor in the synagogue) in the Zaanstreek (area just North of Amsterdam) spent his youth in “het huisje aan de sloot” (the little house next to the ditch), the title of an early novel by his sister Carry van Bruggen.
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Letter from Brussels - Treatment For Homosexuality

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Some weeks ago the American Psychological Association (APA) published a report with the title “Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation,” in other words, a report on the results of a psychological/ psychiatric treatment to “cure” someone’s homosexuality. A workgroup of the APA tried to make a synthesis of no less than eighty-seven American studies about the subject from the period 1960-1987.
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Style 2009-2010 Milan

The continuing economical crisis is the cause for some jet-black pages in the history of fashion. Practically every Italian fashion label is reporting losses over 2008. And the forecasts for 2009 also remain negative. As a result of the crisis about 11.5 million jobs have been lost in the textile industry since June 2008. These insecure times have created a fearful consumer, who rather saves than spends.
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Pride at the Homomonument

This Pride’s Friday it was time for the sixth edition of the hilarious Drag Queen Olympics with classic elements like the Stiletto Sprint and the Handbag Throw, and the Tug of ‘Love’, which showed up the girls’ less attractive features. New element this year was the celebration of the ‘Biggest Whore’, a prize awarded by the one and only Dutch sexpert whore Xaviera Hollander, the Happy Hooker herself.
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Sentenced for insulting gay Pole

In Poland a 44-year old woman was sentenced to pay a fine of 3.645 euro for offending her homosexual neighbor. Ryszard Giersza (25) was pummeled with bricks and tomatoes after the woman had called him a faggot in public.

In his ruling the judge said that ‘everybody has the right to a protected private life’, which is seen as an important breakthrough by Polish gay organizations. It’s the first time a gay person has fought back after being insulted like that.
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Two homosexuals nominated for Bishop of Los Angeles.

Amongst the six nominees for the job of assistant Bishop of Los Angeles two gay Episcopalian priests were selected. Both reverend John L. Kirkley from San Francisco as well as Mary Douglas Glasspool from Maryland have a relationship with someone of the same sex. The nominations come two weeks after the Anglican clerics in the United States rejected the proposal to not appoint gay priests for the next three years.
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Albania wants gay marriage

The government of Albania is going to propose to legalize gay marriage. Prime Minister Sali Berisha stated in parliament that this is an important signal in the struggle against discrimination. Albania is a secular country but also one of the very few as such with a generally Muslim community. In 1967 Albania was claimed an atheist state, until 1990 all mosques and churches were closed.
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Gloria Wekker’s Mosse Lecture On Homosexuality And Post-Colonialism

On Wednesday the 16th of September Gloria Wekker will deliver (in Dutch!) the annual Mosse Lecture in the Theater of the Word in the Public Library of Amsterdam. In her lecture with the title “Van Homo Nostalgie en Betere Tijden: Homoseksualiteit en Postkolonialiteit” (About Gay Nostalgia and Better Times: Homosexuality and Post-colonialism, she takes on a trip along a few relevant issues in the Dutch multi-cultural society, to offer an overview of the ways homosexuality and post-colonialism relate in these troubled times.
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