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Monday 25 May
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Gay News issue 197, January 2008 (11)

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Pink Point - Minding the Homomonument

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

The Homomonument has been well-known for years, both nationally as well as internationally. Since last year there’s also of course the new signboard with information on the symbolism and background of the monument in various languages.
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In Memoriam - Riek Stienstra (1942-2007), Pioneer Of The Gay And Lesbian Movemen

Riek Stienstra, who passed away on the 20th of November 2007, had been director of the Schorer Foundation for over twenty-five years. Under her direction the organization developed into what it is today. She started in 1974 as coordinator of the so-called “Consultation Bureau for Homophiles” and became director of the “Jonkheer mr. J.A. Schorerstichting” a few years later.
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Portfolio - Australian Footballers Naked For A Cause

Anyone who takes a look at the men’s calendars in the local (gay) bookstore, will notice that “men” are hard to find. Of course, there are the traditional walking bundles of muscle from Colt Studios and some other exceptions, but for a gay publisher as Bruno Gmünder for example, apropos of calendars “men” seems to be synonymous with “twinks” and other smooth, beardless kids.
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Letter from Brussels - Statistics Lessons

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Did your Ministry of Health also pour out the annual alarming HIV statistics on World AIDS Day? In Belgium Sensoa, some sort of STD expert center, always has the honor. It must be said, in the past years it was always Sensoa that took prevention initiatives. Must be such an ungrateful job: repeat time after time the same messages of prevention; there are nicer things in life. The power of repetition is based on a good dose of naivety.
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Toyota claims Greek name Lexus for car brand

The Japanese carmaker Toyota doesn’t want a porn star to use the name Lexus and even sent a threatening letter to Eboy’s Studios in Switzerland. Porn actors almost always take on a fake name and one Eboy actor had chosen the name Lexus, from Greek mythology. Eboy’s director points out that this name is of a Greek god and does not refer to a car because that would be ridiculous.
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Travel - Sevilla... Si!

According to Greek mythology Heracles (Hercules) founded the city of Seville when he visited the seven nymphs. Of course he fell in love with it, because the home of the Spanish flamenco goes straight to your heart. That’s how beautiful it is. It looks like an open-air museum with all its cathedrals, parks and museums displaying centuries old cultures.
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Museum Gouda will exhibit photos of Iranian artist Sooreh Hera

The Gouda Museum has held talks with the artist during the past few day; the talks led to a positive result, according to director Ranti Tjan on Thursday. Hera’s project ‘Adam and Ewald’ led to controversy when the Museum of The Hague refused a number of works for an exhibition. “Some groups in society find these images offensive,” said director Van Krimpen.
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Report reveals regulations for HIV+ travellers

The European AIDS Treatment Group has published the 2007 Quick reference: travel and residence regulations for people living with HIV and AIDS. The publication, at its sixth edition, updates the information about all the requirements and regulations in every country for travellers living with AIDS. It is designed to help people working in AIDS organisations and contains some of the most recent requirements adopted in several countries.
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The inner city government tackles atmosphere. Turn off that light.

At the suggestion of Groen Links (Greens) the inner city council has passed a motion to focus on the lighting of the city centre. The greens think that lighting public buildings at night, and commercial lights slurps up too much energy and produces too much greenhouse gasses. So they’re going to research whether lights can be turned off from midnight till 6am during weekdays, and 2am till 6am in the weekends. It should not affect security and safety, or tourist attraction value.
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The Tijgertje Foundation supports projects that answer to its aims: improving the position of gays and lesbians by improving their physical condition. Even after 25 years we keep fighting for the same ideals. So Tijgertje also awards annually a person or organization that has been instrumental for the emancipation of gays and lesbians in sports. John Blankenstein received the first award in 2002. Now that Tijgertje is celebrating its 25th anniversary we thought it was the right occasion to issue another one.
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Iran Keeps on Murdering

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) has learned today that despite an order by the Iranian Chief Justice to nullify his death sentence, Mr. Makvan Mouloodzadeh was executed in Kermanshah Central Prison at 5 a.m. this morning, Iranian time. Neither Mr. Mouloodzadeh's family or his lawyer were told about the execution until after it occurred. IGLHRC is still investigating the facts in this case. "This is a shameful and outrageous travesty of justice and international human rights law," said Paula Ettelbrick, IGLHRC's executive director.
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