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Sunday 31 May
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Gay News issue 194, October 2007 (11)

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DVD News - Johan: Gay Life In The 1970s

The gay scene of Paris in the middle of the seventies. Black and white images are contrasted with color. Film maker Philippe Vallois decides to make a film about a beautiful boy named Johan. Just before filming however, Johan is arrested and it seems he’s going to be in jail for a while. The Film maker interviews people who know the boy (including his landlady) to make some sort of portrait anyway, and looks around the gay scene for someone who can replace him.
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5 Minutes

In “5 minutes” we take a closer look at a random visitor of the gay scene in five minutes, asking all sorts of questions.

Name: Robin D ;-)
Age: 36 years
City: The Hague
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Letter from Brussels - Gays And The Community Question

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Are you following the political events in Belgium, now that Leterme has not been able to get the parties that won the last elections around the table to form a new government and that we could head for an independent Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels?
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DVD News - Un Amour à Taire

“Un Amour à Taire” (A Love to Hide) is an impressive war drama, taking place in Paris 1942. Jean (Jérémie Renier - known from “Criminal Lovers”) and Paul (Bruno Todeschini - known from “Son frère”) have a secret relationship. Secret indeed, because aside from the Jews and political opponents of the Nazi regime, also gypsies, gays and anyone not considered Aryan risked deportation. There have been many movies made about the Second World War, but “Un Amour à Taire” focuses on the often forgotten history of the pink triangle.
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Fashion - Style 2007-2008: Paris

Fashion labels turn more and more into multinational companies and the transfers of designers remind us of those of top soccer players. Just like in the sporting world the best performers are bought by competing clubs or simply fired from their position. There’s no room for inflated egos. A well-known name (like Tom Ford for example) is no guarantee for a permanent position with a fashion label (like Gucci). The fashion world can be tough and merciless.
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The report from La Demence mentions the fact that the trip back especially can be quite a downer after a night of partying. But there are good solutions to that problem. Turn a night of dancing into a nice trip of two to three days. No rushing around but a laid back stroll through town and after the party within half an hour in a comfortable hotel room with or without a newfound lover. Parties ought to be relaxing, not hard work. So let’s look at the possibilities of Brussels. Brussels has about a million inhabitants so there ought to be quite a few gays, lesbians and bisexuals around.
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Tougher and more structural approach against homophobe violence

Last weekend it all went wrong again. Of all times during our own Gay Pride, something that ought to be the highlight of emancipation. On Saturday night a local of Spanish descent was attacked with a blunt weapon. One night before that and one street further in the Kinkerstraat 3 Americans were insulted, beaten, kicked and assaulted with pepper spray. Two new cases of anti-gay violence and that makes the score for this year of 14 incidents already, while last year came to a grand total of 15. It seems it’s a free for all when it comes to gays in the capital.
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Report from La Demence

If you ask the average party tiger in our quaint little city where they usually go out, they will often say they go to a club or party in Cologne, Paris, Antwerp or…Brussels. These party poopers claim Amsterdam is very yesterday’s news. It’s nice enough to live and work in but for a good party one needs to cross the border. I received a lot of pitying looks when I recently admitted that I had never been to La Demence. My good friend Donny decided then and there that I had to promise him to join them next time. As if my soul and social status depended on it.
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America wants to know sexual preferences of passengers

The government has kept the fact secret that the United States also wants to have the possibility to claim information on the sexual preference of passengers. Socialist Party member Jan de Wit claims this in the Gay Krant. The Americans would have their own discretion whether they think it relevant or not. The United States and the European Union have signed an exchange of passengers’ information treaty on July 31st. In special cases the Americans can also access information like political views, ethnic heritage and religion.
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Restraining order for gay bashers

The cabinet has accepted a proposal of Minister of the Interior Guusje ter Horst (Social Democrats) and Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Christian Democrats) to give mayors the authority to issue area restraining orders for three months. Justice can ask to ban someone up to a year from a certain area, said Ter Horst after the meeting. When caught trespassing one can be jailed or fined. The legislation is mainly aimed at soccer hooligans but it can also be used against gay bashers.
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LeatherPride 2007

On Thursday night, the 1st of November, the kick-off starts with a GUMMI pride Rubber Only Party organised by Leatherpride Nederland in Club Lexion. After a reconstruction there we were able to make full-fledged, exciting Wetroom, which makes it into a perfect location for rubber parties. Entrance fees are 15.00 presale and 20.00 at the door. There is a shuttle-service that departs every 30 minutes from the Central Station.
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