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Gay News issue 192, August 2007 (13)

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Five minutes

In “5 minutes” we take a closer look at a random visitor of the gay scene in five minutes, asking all sorts of questions. Our second victim is: Jeroen Groeneveld (21) from Amsterdam. We found Jeroen behind the Soho bar on a Monday night at around 10pm.
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Travel - Go South Italie


Cave paintings from the Val Camonica region of Italy depict sex between men dating back over eight thousand years. And - we can say - since then, Italy has always been a perfect spot for gay tourists from all over the world. In ancient times, Homosexual relationships were common among Roman citizens, particularly between masters and slaves or teachers and pupils, just like in Greek culture. Then, in the Renaissance, some very important gay people have drawn public attention on the homosexual behaviour: we can remember Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da Vinci, Pontormo, Caravaggio, and other immortal artists who were definitely in love with other men.
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DVD News - Noah's Arc

Noah’s Arc – Black Gay Drama For The Black And Latin Lover!

Don’t be mislead by the title “Noah’s Arc,” no... this is no religious TV show or safe haven, but an American TV series on a group of gay friends with a certain Noah as its main character. Pay attention because there are several DVDs on the market with the same title!! They started off with a pilot show that was so enthusiastically received at festivals, the gay American television station Logo took interest in a series.
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Letter from Brussels - The Final Taboo

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Did you ever ask yourself what’s the biggest taboo in regard to homosexuality in contemporary society, where tolerance has increased during the last decade but where there’s still a lot of work to be done? Yours truly was asked this question during an informal chat with some friends. “Gays in sports,” I replied immediately. And everyone seemed to concur with me.
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Fashion - Eyewear & Aquawear

Eyewear By Dryberg/Kern

Divine inspiration connects Dryberg/Kern’s eyewear collection with their Spring/Summer jewelry for 2007 (Gay News 185, January 2007). The sunglasses are glamorous and fashionable. The man is not forgotten: Dryberg/Kern introduces “Eyewear for Him.” A collection of fashionable sunwear with masculine designs and innovative fit.
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The spirit of enterprise of…

In the new section “The spirit of enterprise of…” we get to know a gay entrepreneur on the scene. This time we picked hairdresser and top-stylist Mazhinno de Hernandez of Mazhinno’s Hair in the Kerkstraat.

As I was in desperate need of a new hairdo I decided to combine the interview with a total hair makeover.
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De ondernemersgeest van...

In de rubriek “ De ondernemersgeest van... “ maken we nader kennis met een onderneming in de gayscene en de man/vrouw achter deze onderneming. Deze keer is de beurt aan kapper en top stylist Mazhinno de Hernandez van kapsalon Mazhinnos hair in de Kerkstraat.

Aangezien mijn kapsel hoognodig toe is aan een nieuwe onderhoud beurt besluit ik het interview te combineren met een grondige knipbeurt.
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Gossip .....

We’ve had quite a month again. Paris Hilton is from now an ex-convict; Amsterdam craps in it’s pants at the thought of Hooligans and decides to protect the gays by cutting off their parties while the army’s generals are parading with the gays in Bergen op zoom. Cutting or bashing gays has apparently become fashionable in the capital anyway. Two more of our brothers were beaten up recently and there has been a serious call for a demonstration during Pride. Shouldn’t be so hard when there are so many queers in town.
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Gay youth shun gay bars

Young gays mainly frequent straight or regular bars and clubs. Almost half (45%) claims only to go to regular nightspots. These are the finds of a research by magazine Expreszo. A mere 17% say they regularly visit gay bars, 12% say they don’t go out at all. 25% go to both gay and regular businesses. Almost half (48%) visits one to two special gay and lesbian events per year; like the Roze Zaterdag or Gay Pride. 36% of the youngsters say they never go to a gay event.
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Cleaning Darkroom not suitable as punitive community service

Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin doesn’t think work in darkrooms is suitable for punitive community service for gay bashers of Moroccan heritage. Members of parliament Geert Wilders and Hero Brinkman (Extreme Right) had suggested this after an assault of a gay man in Amsterdam. The media reported he had been thrown in the canal by three Moroccan / Dutch boys. He was reportedly forced to swim around for hours while the boys threw sticks and branches at him.
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Archdiocese seeks a settlement as 500 sex abuse cases head for trial The payout could go as high as half a billion dollars, the largest in the country. 'The day of reckoning is near,' says a lawyer for plaintiffs.After more than four years of negotiation, pressure is mounting fast to settle some 500 claims that the Los Angeles Archdiocese failed to protect children from clergy abuse, before the first trial begins this month. "We know it's soon. We know it's inevitable.
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Judicial position of lesbian co-mother arranged

Both partners of a lesbian couple with children will soon have equal rights. Parliament accepted a proposal on the third of July that strengthens the position of the co-mother. Gay and lesbian couples will also attain the right to adopt a foreign child. The COC is very happy that the issue of co-parents has been resolved after four long years of lobby work. “The blind spot for equal rights within a gay family has been finally repaired, which will also improve the judicial position of their children.”
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Gaypride 2007

Gay Pride is not just a pink Queen’s Day. Gay Pride is about the possibility to be who you are. In Poland, the Baltic States, in Moscow, the Balkan and in many other countries Gay Pride means violence, riot police, mass arrests, repression and exclusion. In Amsterdam Gay Pride is about visibility. An important event for The Netherlands as tolerance and social acceptance of gay men and women, bisexuals and transgenders seems to be under pressure. Visibility is an important tool to gain this social acceptance and tolerance.
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