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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 186, February 2007 (12)

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Vintage Queer Porn Story (2) Crash in the Ocean

Bail Out!
The Second Day

This story is the second chapter of “Bail Out!,” a porn novel which was released in 1969 in the series ‘Black Knight Classics of the homosexual Underground,’ published by the Guild Press in Washington D.C. In the first chapter, Air Force captain Larry and corporal Rick are the only survivors from a plane that exploded in mid-air. Rick had for some time already the hots for the sexy captain, and his desires only grow when he finds out Larry is hung like a stallion.
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Fashion - The Men’s Skirt... Five Years Later

Exactly five years ago Gay News published its first article on the men’s skirt. It was one of the most popular fashion articles, so the topic apparently appeals to a lot of readers. In contrast to five years ago there’s now a lot of info on this unusual piece of clothing to be found on internet too. There are quite a few forums of male skirt wearers sharing their opinions and experiences. It seems that for a lot of straight men the skirt is mainly popular at home. It’s about time they came out of the closet.
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Jan Jansen, In His Shoes

Jan Jansen has been in the business for 45 years and his name will ring a bell with many people. The fact he turned 65 at the same time, offered an ideal opportunity to honor Holland’s most celebrated shoe designer. The Art and Theatre foundation and Christie’s jointly organize a unique auction at Christie’s Amsterdam on the 14th of February. “Jan Jansen, In His Shoes” will be the first shoe auction in Holland and the collection of the designer is just outstanding.
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Hot-blooded Scouts Love Exploring Each Other

As the title indicates, the DVD “Scout’s Honor” is a variation on the Boy Scout / explorer theme, and in this case quite a special one! The cast has been selected from regular boys next door, exactly as you’d expect them to be in real life. Many movies with this theme try to make the actors look younger through make up and styling than they obviously are. Not in this one though. The boys are natural and just clad in their scout’s uniform.
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Gay Studies - Socialism And Gay Marriage

One of the upsides of being in a branch of learning is that you get to visit conferences, so I happened to be in Paris in October for a conference on socialism and marriage. I had only a modest role as chairman of a panel discussion on gay marriages. Networking in between the meetings is the most important aspect at conferences. The perfect wine-soaked French lunches are ideal opportunities to get to know new colleagues and to refresh old acquaintances.
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Letter from Brussels - Still Chubby Buddies?

Dear Herman Stoker,

I hope you don’t mind addressing you with “dear”. I have the letter you sent to the editor Hans Hafkamp this Christmas in front of me. He forwarded it to me as a sort of Xmas present and it’s also published in this issue [see at the end of this page, Ed.]. You think I went too far with my column about the chubby invasion in Brussels; I would even malignantly discriminate chubbies. I hope you don’t mind me trying to explain once more what I tried to say in that column, because you obviously didn’t get it (yet). I forgive you. There are lots of people who send in letters who haven’t even bothered reading the article they protest against to the end, let alone that they are willing to face an obvious reality. Be assured, I will try to help you one final time.
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Robert Long (1943-2006), Dutch Singer And Theater Personality, Passed Away

I was shocked to read in the morning paper of Tuesday the 12th of December that Robert Long (real name Bob Leverman) was terminally ill and didn’t have much time on earth left. I had read on his website not long before that everything was going great with him and that his physicians had declared him totally recovered from a heart attack he suffered last year just by taking some rest. Who would have expected to hear only a few weeks later that he’s terminally ill and will soon probably die?
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Adios Amsterdam 2006

Gay News columnist Christos Andreas takes a look at the winners and losers in the Amsterdam gay scene this past year.

2006 got off to a rocky start with the closing in spring of the COC Amsterdam building on the Rozenstraat. In what looks like yet another sure step towards achieving its apparent goal to completely destroy itself, COC Amsterdam is now wrangled in the process of trying to buy this ghost house from COC Nederland, and transform it into some vague homo supa-center.
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The Gossip Bin

There seems to be a quarrel between TV station RTL and Unilever. Something to do with second-rate stars, applauding audiences, and man-made ice. And that for ten long weeks. Of course we hadn’t intended to devote any space to this crap, but then the showbiz television show “RTL Boulevard” announced it had sensational news, something about ice and porn. And indeed, somewhat sniggering they told about one Brad Patton.
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R.I.P. Frans Haks. Bye Bye Frans...

When was it again that I met Frans Haks for the first time? It must have been sometime in the seventies. Was I still in Theater School? Did I just finish or was I already working for Wies Smals at De Appel gallery in one of my performances? Or was it on the terrace of the Stedelijk Museum, together with Willem Sandberg, the former director, on one of those old-fashioned sunny Autumn afternoons? Or maybe it was in Riekje Swart’s gallery De Appel in Van Breestraat? At the first exhibition of Marja Samson...
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Separation Of Church From State & The 2007 Formation Of Government

As predicted, the Socialist Party (SP) and Groenlinks (Green party) have declined and the formation of a new government is now focusing on a combination of CDA (Christian Democrats), PvdA (Labor) and Christen Unie (Christian Union). Looking at the speed and the solid style of the process we can even expect a new government at the end of February, with Balkenende as prime minister and, hardly a surprise, Bos as vice prime minister. It’s rather incredible though, that so soon such an important promise from the election campaign is broken.
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Vatican Protest Denounces Papal Stand On Gay Marriage

Gay rights protestors took the fight for same-sex marriage to the Pope’s front door on Saturday, January 13. About 150 members of the Italian LGBT civil rights group Arcigay held the demonstration on the ninth anniversary of the suicide of a gay man in St Peter’s Square. Some members of the group carried Rainbow flags while other held placards condemning the stand taken by Pope Benedict on same-sex marriage. Other Arcigay protestors carried signs calling for the legalization of gay marriage in Italy.
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