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Gay News issue 181, September 2006 (14)

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Book Review - The Secret Love Affair Of Two Beautiful Teenagers

“Wicked Angels” is an astonishing novel - romantic and violent. Beautifully written and very erotic, the book first appeared in 1955 (or was it 1956, like it says in my recent French edition?), when books were still being banned in France, which happened also to this novel by Eric Jourdan, who was just seventeen at the time. It took until 1985 for the book to finally appear uncensored. Jourdan was a brilliant young talent who was not heard of for long after.
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Short Story - A Severe Lesson In Discipline

Some months ago I wrote about my first night with Robert, a hunk from my native village who showed me in practice that a hot fantasy can intensify even a good fuck. That summer I spend a lot of time with Robert and I could write a porn novel about everything we did. Maybe I’ll put some of our escapades to paper at a later date, now I’m thinking about something else. Although Robert certainly didn’t deflower me, he was the first man with whom I had a somewhat longer and very horny affair.
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Letter from Brussels - Ghent's Loetjes

Dear Northern Neighbors,

You are genuine party animals indeed! At most festivities the Dutch streets just turn orange and all the people dress up in the same color. There’s no limit to the orange craze, in contrary, the more the better seems to be the motto. But the competition is fierce, very fierce. The Belgians are good at it too, with or without the help of some beer. Our streets may not change into an orange ocean but we go for it alright. Like at the Gentse Feesten in July: a ten day drinking and partying fest in the historical center of Ghent.
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Pink Point - Express Yourself

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

In beautiful summer weather our Homomonument is not just a resting point for heated elderly tourists, doing Amsterdam by touring car in two days and unable to skip the Anne Frank House of course. “Mind you, she’s not home.” After queuing for two hours outside they scuffle through the turning cupboard and off they go; one hour left for Marken.
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Porn DVD Review - Sommerhitze

In a little over ten years the German company Cazzo has become known for the high quality of their porn productions and has grown out to one of the most prominent German porn producers. Cazzo surprises again and again with unusual ideas and locations but first and foremost by the natural style of the actors, because all of their movies show them being really horny and having lots of pleasure. For a while now Cazzo breathes new energy into the porn industry and sets new international standards other producers are jealous of.
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Travel - How Gay Is Istanbul?... Oh, So Gay!...

After my visit to Bodrum and Antalya, about which I reported in the previous issue of Gay News, it was time to travel onwards to Istanbul with its rich history. Istanbul has twelve million inhabitants and is truly a city that never sleeps; live goes on twenty-four hours a day. Istanbul is a large city with many lively neighborhoods. A good map and the use of taxis or public transport are essential. The restaurants have no fixed closing times and there are plenty of outside tables to have a drink or a bite to eat.
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Erotic Art - Roger’s Graphic Paradise With Virile And Hairy Hunks

A couple of years ago Terry Sanderson published “The Gay Man’s Kama Sutra.” This beautifully produced book contains a lot of historic illustrations but also a large number of drawings by the British artist Roger Payne, both in color and in black and white. If they hadn’t put his name so small in the credits a lot more gays would have been familiar with him. Now, he’s only popular with the readers of “Handjobs Magazine,” to which he is an avid contributor, using just his first name.
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Gay & the City - Rank

Rank is British slang for ugly, low and disgusting. Or according to the dictionary “very offensive in smell or taste” and “conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible.” Rank is how I felt in one of the cubicles of that forsaken darkroom in Antwerp where I somehow happened to be, facing a somewhat rough-looking guy whom I could hardly see and who’d just come prematurely. It was my turn to culminate so while I was working labouriously, he was producing pathetic panting and groaning sounds.
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Kinky Party - The Trash Parties Are Back!

When the Trash parties stopped a couple of years ago a tsunami of disbelief and astonishment washed over gay Europe. How was it possible that a party so popular and loved with thousands and thousands of fans in Europe and elsewhere simply ceased to exist? The organizers admitted it had been a terribly difficult decision but that there were simply no suitable venues left in Amsterdam.
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Style 2006-2007 - Milan

Pure luxury leaks through the Milan men’s collections like sweet honey. Perfectly cut suits and coats that will last for several seasons easily. A man can nowadays spend quite some money on his clothes. And to cater to this apparent fact Giorgio Armani launches his “made to measure” label specifically aimed at men. Handmade clothes indeed, bordering on couture. So here’s the introduction of the artistic branch of fashion for men. Gianfranco Ferré even opened his show of luxury clothes for men with t-shirts saying: “Men’s Couture.” “I am convinced that we have to use style as a way of expression nowadays,” says Ferré, who dedicated the show to himself, because he’s an “elegant man”.
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Author And Activist Eric Rofes Dies At 51

Eric Rofes died Monday, June 27, in Provincetown, Mass. The cause of death was a heart attack. Rofes, 51, is survived by his longtime partner, Crispin Hollings. An educator by profession, Rofes became involved in the emerging gay movement in the 1970s, first as editor of “Gay Community News” in Boston, the only gay newsweekly at the time. A friend thinks these journalistic years “were formative for him, because from that time he always thought of himself as an activist, whether he was writing or teaching, even at a time when school teachers wore bags over their heads in gay parades.”
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Royal Indian Family Disowns Son For Being Openly Gay

An openly gay prince in India, Manvendra Singh Gohil of Rajpipla, who comes from one of the richest families in India, has been stripped of his title and inheritance rights by relatives who accuse him of disobedience and bringing dishonor on them. These actions were made public through an announcement his mother placed in a local newspaper. This statement said: “Hence, he ceases to have rights as a son over the family property and the power of attorney issued to him also stands canceled. Henceforth, no one must refer to my name as mother of Manvendra. If any individual or organization dares to do so, it will invite contempt proceedings against him.”
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Clinton en Gates bespreken prioriteiten tijdens aids-conferentie in Toronto

De gebeurtenis was omschreven als een “double-Bill,” wat meestal betekent dat een programma twee hoofdnummers heeft, maar in dit geval letterlijk kon worden genomen omdat de voormalige Amerikaanse president Bill Clinton en de oprichter van Microsoft Bill Gates op maandag 14 augustus samen op het podium verschenen tijdens de internationale aids-conferentie in Toronto. Gezamenlijk riepen ze de wereld op van de strijd tegen aids een prioriteit te maken.
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Fun, Frolic and Fetish Ignite San Francisco’s Up Your Alley Fair

At the end of September San Francisco, or at least Folsom Street in the South of Market district, will brim again during Leather Pride Week. This is an eight day abundance of intense activity. Many bars, clubs and organizations have parties and events alle during Leather Pride Week, with the Folsom Street Fair being the crowning finale to a festive time.
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