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Gay News issue 178, June 2006 (15)

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Film News

Behind the Scenes

Positive ‘Counter Action’ Da Vinci Code

It is obvious that there is a lot of discussion about “The Da Vinci Code” and whether it breaches religious sensitivities or not. There’s a lot of squabbling going on but not every Christian group thinks that’s a bad thing. On the contrary: right before the release of the much talked about motion picture on the 17th of May, a 10 DVD edition of the New Testament will be presented to fuel the arguments even more.
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Short Story - Helpless At The Mercy Of An Exciting Stranger

In the episodes from my sexual life I’ve described till now, the action was sometimes a bit rough, but in the end they consisted of rather straightforward vanilla sex. And it can’t be denied, being fucked thoroughly is a real joy. But over the years I’ve learned that some of the more kinky variations can also be exciting. Years ago, on my way home from a holiday in Italy I had my first experience with bondage, and some discipline. Due to circumstances the plane couldn’t depart on time. In the waiting area of the airport I met Luca and at the moment I saw him I’d forgotten all the mishaps of that evening.
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DVD News - Deep Throat & Inside Deep Throat

Pubic hair and moustaches, but mainly a lot of pubic hair! That’s what you get to see in the classic “Deep Throat” (1972). “Deep Throat” premiered on the 12th of June on Times Square New York and long cues lined up in front of the cinema. Even the famous Dr. Ruth was enthusiastic about the release. After Jackie Kennedy went to see the film it got even busier at the entrance. Until then nobody discussed sexual morality but the movie changed all that and divided society. “Deep Throat” turned porn into an industry and gay porn still profits from that.
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Portfolio - Dolphin: Young and Innocent, Vol. 5

The times that American porn actors grew out to real superstars are far behind us. The last to reach this status was Jeff Stryker, hated by some, idolized by others. His acting might have been poor: “You like it... huh? Don’t you?,” but could he fuck! We’ve moved away from the American actors since then. Also induced by the market releasing too many movies with a popular guy, milking it too much, too fast. Opening up the East European borders has changed the porn industry completely. Yugoslavia and Russia are teeming with gorgeous boys dreaming of a porn acting career.
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CD News

Marianne Weber – Lichtjes In Jouw Ogen (Lights In Your Eyes)

The fans of Dutch torch songs will have to wait no longer: Marianne Weber from Utrecht released a new album. It turns out a varied selection with popular lyrics on love, joy and sadness. Emotions that lie very close together. Love is celebrated beautifully in “Tango D’Amour,” “’t Is Gelogen” (It’s A Lie) en “Kijk Mij Eens In M’n Ogen” (Look Me In The Eye). We hear of joy in the title song “Lichtjes In Jouw Ogen” (Lights In Your Eyes) en “De Italiaan” (The Italian).
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Gay & City - I Love a Date

“It felt nice to play with your hair, while you were sleeping on my chest,” is not exactly something you say to a one-night stand on the morning after. But I did. And so we started seeing each other. I played with his hair on another night, and another. Yet he was still just a date.

But what’s the definition of dating in the gay world anyway? Usually we’ve fucked our brains out after a night out before we actually get the chance to have a proper dinner together and hear each other speak. So when I invited this one to dinner for the first time, I was quite nervous. Would we be able to communicate?
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Shopping - Art and Antique Market De Looier Back in Old Hands

De Looier, the large, permanent indoor art and antique market, has been known by many antique collectors for thirty years. On 1st March Hans Becker returned to the helm after being away for twenty years. Hans stopped all those years ago because he wanted to try his hand at something else - and that was Bridge club De Looier. Still, he itched to get back to the market and due to unforeseen circumstances got his chance again to run the business. Wiser from his experiences and naturally moving with the times, there were a few changes in the policy of the market.
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The Scene - Queen’s Day Weekend In Review

Well, I hope all you Queens enjoyed YOUR weekend! Another Queen’s Day has come and gone and while the city seemed less busy then years gone by, many gay party people found their way to Amsterdam for another FULL on party weekend! And a FULL on party weekend it was! Or rather, too many parties for one weekend! I have never seen so many parties offered in one weekend for gay people and it was not even Gay Pride! While many of you found your way to “the” hot places to be, some tourists found themselves confused, frustrated and disappointed, finding themselves ultimately in the wrong parties!
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Letter from Brussels - Eurosong Gays

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Are you also happy we’ve left the Eurosong craze behind us? Or not? I am! While I’m writing this down the countdown to the Big Finale is still going. Some countries still have the pre-rounds to go, like Belgium. And according to the papers everyone in Belgium is looking forward to the finale in Athens on the 20th of May. It has transpired by now that many gays in Belgium get a hard-on when you mention the Eurosong Festival.
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Beauty - Skincare

Men have become aware of the fact that they don’t have to be ashamed anymore that they take care of their looks. It is even “not done” anymore to look too nonchalant. Men and their skincare products are getting used to each other. In 2003 Europeans alone spent 27 billion euros on beauty products and it is expected this figure will be 33 billion in 2006. There has been an increase in turnover of men’s beauty products of 40% since 2002. Beauty for men has become big business. The chicken with the golden eggs and every label tries to hatch these.
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Beauty - Skincare

Mannen zijn zich ervan bewust geworden dat ze zich niet meer hoeven te schamen om zichzelf te verzorgen. Het is zelfs zo dat het in de huidige maatschappij “not done” is om jezelf te verwaarlozen. Mannen en huidverzorgingsproducten raken steeds meer met elkaar vertrouwd. In 2003 gaven Europeanen alleen al 27 miljard euro uit aan verzorgingsproducten en in 2006 zal dat bedrag stijgen tot ruim 33 miljard euro. Sinds 2002 is er een stijging van veertig procent qua huidverzorgingsproducten voor mannen. Schoonheid voor mannen is big business. Mannen als lucratieve goudhaantjes waar ieder merk wel een graantje van wil meepikken.
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Getto: Ten Years Of Food, Fun & Pleasure

To my astonishment somebody told me that restaurant Getto in the Warmoesstraat has been there for ten years already. Oh my God, ten years, time sure flies! This is of course a fact to celebrate. And there’s a lot to celebrate indeed. The boys and girls from the Getto succeed in offering more than just a meal and a drink. Over and over they find ways to entertain and pamper their customers: great music, performances and, of course, good food for a good price.
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Internet Tribute To Gay Members Of The Resistance In WW2

The fact that many gays and lesbians have risked their lives in the resistance during the Second World War is not often recognized and sometimes even covered up. The literature only mentions a couple of names, often from artistic circles. In addition to the exhibition “Wie kan ik nog vertrouwen?” (Who can I still trust? - Gays in Nazi Germany and occupied Holland) by Klaus Müller and Judith Schuyf at Westerbork, and later also in the Verzetsmuseum (Resistance Museum) of Amsterdam, the website has added information recently in the Dutch section on twenty gay men and women who were active members of the Resistance Movement.
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Authorities St. Maarten Join Forces With French in Search for Attackers

In last month’s Gay News we reported about the vicious homophobic attack on two American gay tourists, Richard Jefferson and his friend Ryan Smith. Initially the investigation was hindered by the peculiar situation on the small Antillean island: it’s one of the smallest islands of the world, but divided into two sections - St. Maarten which is Dutch and St. Martin which is French. This makes it a paradise for criminals - commit a crime in one area and escape to the other.
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NaviGAYtion 2006: An Event Of European Proportion

NaviGAYtion is back on the 1st of July 2006. Last year over 11,000 partying gays created a unique atmosphere on and around the river Schelde. NaviGAYtion became a huge success again, so the fourth edition is now in the making. Because of the arrival of the Tall Ship Race in Antwerp the organization decided to move the date a month forward to the 1st of July. The ideal start of a hot Antwerp summer!
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