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Gay News issue 176, April 2006 (12)

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Porn dvd Portfolio - Gay Boy Gang Bang

This is a film from the Euroboy Hard series. It is filmed in Grand Canaria, and that means beautiful weather and of course sex outside. On the DVD, which is of good quality, are five scenes, three of which are group sex, two duo’s and a group orgy with at least seven guys. The guys seem very natural, which is to say no or little make-up or sharp polished filming. Everything is fairly natural. The actors aren’t “over-directed,” and that comes across with the spontaneous sex. They have the sex which they find horny and the camera just records it without getting in the way. The guys are around 25 years old or a little younger.
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Film News

Behind the scenes

Don’t mess with Michael Douglas

Actor Michael Douglas is prosecuting two American media businesses. The two companies, Family Television Studios and Paradigm Media Group, used his name and image for commercial purposes without permission. The “Basic Instinct” actor had agreed to present a non-commercial educational program. His agreement was then used by the companies to raise money for the series, which was never shown. The actor is asking for both the companies to cease using his image.
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Queer Life - Gay and the City - Those are the dreams ...

We planned a glamorous one-night trip to London. John, Jo and myself. The occasion (as if we needed one!) was the official premiere of Miss Nickie Nicole’s single “Magic and Miracles” at Salvation London. The plan came into being as soon as BasiqAir’s Monday-night special offer crashed into my inbox. We were going to fly from Rotterdam at 20.00, go straight to Salvation and all possible parties and after-hours following it, then catch the plane back to Amsterdam at 14.00 the next day. No hotel, no luggage, no nonsense! To further glamorize the trip, we’d ordered a limo to bring us from the airport to the club (the actual reason being that the price of the limo equaled the price of our train tickets from Stanstead to the City).
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DVD News


Marco Kruezpainter (1977), a young German director, made his first full length feature “Ganz und Gar” in 2003. A year later his second, more autobiographical film “Summerstorm” was released, which was also well received in Holland. Toby and Achim are members of a rowing team and have been close friends for years. Under their leadership the team managed to win a pile of trophies and they look forward to the approaching summer camp where another competition will be held. When Achim gets a girlfriend, Sandra, and has less and less time for his friend, a split slowly develops between the boys.
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A Boarding School Romance In The Nineteenth Century

In a recent gay encyclopedia of The Netherlands (2005) the authors Thijs Bartels and Jos Versteegen claim that Jacob Israel de Haan’s Pijpelijntjes (1904) is the first Dutch gay novel. Unfortunately they don’t explain how they came to this conclusion, although there are other books which might be thus named. On a global level there are many more contestants for the honor of being the first gay novel: “The Picture of Dorian Gray” from 1890 by Oscar Wilde, “Moby-Dick” from 1851 by Herman Melville or “Phaeton,” an obscure collection of letters from 1823 by the German author Friedrich Wilhelm Waiblinger, which was recently republished.
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Art - Rembrandt And Caravaggio, Masters Of Light And Realism

Rembrandt and Caravaggio are the two great geniuses of the art of baroque painting, meeting at a great exhibition in Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum. Both masters are famed for their powerful images of emotion, their dramatic light and amazing realism. It is the first time that these revolutionary artists come together in one show. Several masterpieces from international collections have been brought together for “Rembrandt-Caravaggio.” Since 1952 no works by Caravaggio have been on show in Holland. This exhibition boasts no less then thirty-five of his paintings, amongst which “Amor Vincit Omnia” from Berlin, one of his true masterpieces.
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The Scene - GHB* Chic? Or NOT! (*Also known as: “G,” Gamma-hydroxybutyrate)

GHB - also known as liquid ecstasy, G, Georgia Home Boy, and perhaps most tellingly, “Grievous Bodily Harm” - belongs to a class of drugs typically found these days at dance clubs and “circuit parties” and seems to be the drug of choice for many gay party goers. GHB is a powerful and fast-acting central nervous system depressant. In a club environment, GHB in liquid form is most commonly mixed with water and sipped throughout the evening producing its euphoric high. GHB frequently provokes spontaneous hard-ons, only adding to its desirability in gay party-going circles.
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Fashion - Style 2006 - Parijs

In the present climate of falling revenues no one – not even top fashion labels - can afford to make a fashion faux pas. Every potential risk must be factored and minimised. No matter the designer, receiving a bad review can jeopardise his position. Such is the story of top designer John Ray. Just three days after the presentation of his 2006-2007 Gucci collection this January, he announced his departure due to “personal reasons.” It’s been suggested, however, that the real reason was the harsh criticism his lack lustre collection received. There’s clearly no room for experimentation anymore. According to Paul Smith it’s important to design what people actually want to buy.
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Gay Capital - Amsterdam and Gay Tourism

Early this year the results were published of an inquiry into Amsterdam as a gay tourist destination in the 21st century, which was conducted by the department of Leisure Management of InHolland College. The researchers wanted to know if Amsterdam will stay an inviting holiday city for gay people. However, they stress the fact that this inquiry has more far-reaching implications. With the present changes in world economy, many production facilities are transferred to low-wage countries and regions. But for the creative and innovative tasks personal contacts remain very important, and these will be increasingly concentrated in so-called “creative cities.”
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Verdonk Prefers To Give Iran Benefit Of Doubt At The Expense Of Gay Human Rights

The national branch of the Dutch emancipation organization COC is shocked about the decision of minister Verdonk to resume sending back gay asylum seekers to Iran. September last year the government initiated a moratorium on sending back gay asylum seekers from Iran because of the execution of the two adolescents, Asgari and Marhoni. Frank van Dalen, chair of COC Nederland: “The minister prefers to give a criminal regime the benefit of the doubt.” It was COC Nederland together with the international gay movement that addressed the grave violation of human rights in Iran one year ago.
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Short News

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade 2006 On Saturday, March 4, the 28th Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade featured 120 floats, 6000 marchers and was watched enthusiastically by more than 390,000 people along Oxford Street. The parade was organized for the first time in 1978 and was at that time a real civil rights demonstration. Over the years, the tone of the parade has changed considerably however, and the parade has been turned into one of the world’s largest night-time costume parades. The glitzy parade is now part of a vibrant festival week celebrating all aspects op gay culture and including several extravagant parties.
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Take part in the Drag Queen Olympics

Join Sixteen Danish Drag Queens at the Homomonument

On Queen’s Night, this year on Friday 28th of April, the third Drag Queen Olympics will be held at the Homomonument. Amongst the Olympic competitions will be all-time favorites such as the Handbag Throw and the 500m Sashay around the Westerkerk. Watch an entire gaggle of high-heeled gals throw hissy fits while elbowing their way through the Stiletto Dash or try to outshine each other in the Play Back knock-out.
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