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Gay News issue 173, January 2006 (14)

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Phuket, One Year After The Tsunami

I went on a trip to Phuket to see and experience for myself what the situation is like one year after the Tsunami, but first I spent a couple of days in Bangkok. This city, with its temples and beautiful people, is of course a big city with lots of cars and motorcycles, eight-track highways and lots of pollution. A lot of people walk around with face masks against the exhaust fumes.
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Film News

Behind the scenes

Production Of Pirate Movies Halted

The shooting of two sequels to “Pirates of the Caribbean” has come to a halt because of thieves. So many things got stolen that they decided they could not continue shooting the movies. The robberies got so out of control that two members of the cast decided to leave because they didn’t feel safe anymore. One source reports that members of the cast have been robbed at least four times in the last month.
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Jewelry - D/K MAN by Dyrberg/Kern

D/K MAN is the latest crown jewel of the designer duo Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern. After having designed jewelry for women for over twenty years, they finally focus on men. For the first time in the history of Dyrberg/Kern they’ve turned towards the guys with robust and masculine jewelry and cool accessories. D/K MAN shows a new aspect of Dyrberg/Kern: masculine, refined and strong. Whether they are minimalist, modern or cool, you can wear D/K MAN everywhere.
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Portfolio - Glamourous Pictures of Chi Chi LaRue’s Porn Stars

Correctly or not, many people see the porn industry aa a rather sleazy business, where the actors are treated as just pieces of meat. This is of course the result of the rather sniggering atmosphere which still surrounds all aspects of sex. A beautiful example of this was given by Johnny Hazzard in an interview with “Blue” magazine. During the New York Fashion Week Boy George asked the attractive porn star to make an appearance during the presentation of his B Rude fashion line. To get press attention Boy George wanted to send Johnny Hazzard down the runway naked.
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Queer Down Under - They Shoot Homos Don’t They?

Ask any random, reasonably cultured queen what they associate with Australia... and chances are that they will immediately come up with the young but majestic and inaccessible Mel Gibson from the film “Mad Max.” Mel was still quite timid at the time, but very cold blooded Australian and straight as hell, which made him all the more attractive to faggots all over the world. Thanks to heartthrob Mel, Down Under became a gay concept to reckon with: photo books with young muscular beach guards saving a skimpily dressed would-be drowning person sold by the thousands. Boxing kangaroos could apparently knock off their homosexual urges; Crocodile Dundee with that hard-boiled stranger; Elton John celebrated his coke sniffing heyday over there; another pop star strangled himself on a doorknob [singer INXS, editor] and they had the Gay Games there too.
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Fashion - Schiesser’s High Quality Underwear

Schiesser mainly wants people to feel good and especially in their underwear. That’s why Schiesser pioneers in high quality men’s underwear. Aimed at the non-conforming man who likes first class comfort and modern styling. Premium quality materials and the latest fashion trends dominate the Autumn/Winter collection. The general fashion trends show a dressed-up image influenced by the “upper-class.”
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The Possible Risks Of Libidfit

A question we’ve probably all asked ourselves at one point: What exactly is an erection? With an erection we mean the process of blood filling up the pockets in the penis so that it becomes stiff and it becomes possible to have intercourse. This is achieved by closing off the vein that transports blood out of the penis. The word erection literally means straightening or pointing upwards. When a man can’t get an erection, or not a full one, so the penis doesn’t become stiff enough to penetrate successfully, we call that impotence.
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The Twenty-One Kisses Of Val Kilmer And Robert Downey Junior

In American culture private eyes have always been paragons of manfulness. Since they are usually not married, no attractive woman is safe for their come-ons. But generally these private investigators are also men’s men, who need a sexual affair from time to time, but like to spend quality time with other men, drinking or fighting. It’s this side of their personality, which makes them susceptible to a homo-erotic adaptation. And the nucleus for this is already present in the early history of detective fiction.
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The Scene - “What Is Your Recipe For A Perfect Party?”

These days choosing where to go out in Amsterdam or neighbouring cities can be a daunting decision. While the choice of special events has doubled in numbers in the last year, the guarantee of a good time is questionable at the very best. Whatever your “scene” is, whether you prefer a leather party, a circuit party, an alternative party or a sex party, we all have a certain level of expectations as we are getting ready on that evening to go out. The pressure is on the organisations to deliver.
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South African Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Permissible

The liberation from an authoritarian regime can have very different consequences. The disappearance op communism in Poland seems only to have strengthened the influence of the Catholic Church, with all the obvious drawbacks for gay people. In South Africa on the other hand, the demise of the right-wing Apartheid regime has resulted in a lot of positive developments. If there’s one country in the world where gay emancipation has made a giant leap forward during the last decade, it’s South Africa.
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US Condemns United Arab Emirates Arrest of Homosexual Couples

Although gay marriage is still a hotly debated issue in the United States itself, on November 28 the American State Department condemned the recent arrest of a dozen same-sex couples in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) at what is described as a group wedding ceremony. The police also took into custody an Indian disc jockey and the man who was to perform the ceremony.
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Gay Prisoners In Argentina Win Conjugal Visits

A judge in Argentina has ordered prison authorities in central Argentine province of Córdoba to allow conjugal visits between gay prisoners and their partners. The ruling came in a case involving a gay prisoner who was sent to solitary confinement for an unspecified period of time after being caught on two occasions having sex with his partner who was visiting him.
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Pierre Seel Dies at Age 82

Pierre Seel, A Key Figure in the Public Recognition of the Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals, Dies at Age 82

The Mémorial de la Déportation Homosexuelle (MDH), the French national association that works to commemorate the homosexual victims of the Nazi regime, has announced the death of Pierre Seel on November 25, 2005, at age 82 in Toulouse, France. Of some two hundred men from the annexed French region of Alsace-Lorraine deported to Nazi concentration camps as homosexuals, Mr. Seel was the sole survivor who had spoken out publicly about his experience.
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License for Sex

With the elections for Amsterdam City (Gemeente Amsterdam) and local councils (Stadsdelen) slated for March 2006, the battle is heating up for the gay vote. In particular in the inner-city council (Stadsdeel Centrum), where it is estimated that twenty percent of the voters are gay, the pressure is on for the parties to show their support for the gay community. But this hardly means that the political parties are in agreement on gay policy. The main issue dividing them at the moment is the definition of “sex venue.” At a tumultuous council meeting on the 24th of November, the definition was furiously debated. More than thirty gay activists attended the meeting to observe the proceedings.
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