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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 170, October 2005 (14)

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Film News

Behind the scene's

Verhoeven Not Allowed To Blow Up Farm After All

Director Paul Verhoeven is not allowed to blow up a farm in the Biesbosch for his new movie “Zwartbook” (Black Book). A spokeswoman for the province Noord Brabant recently announced that the license has been revoked. Verhoeven was supposed to have different plans with the farm than the license would cover.
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Cycling in New York (2)

It’s getting easier to get around by bike in New York. Amsterdammer Gert Hekma wanted to explore Manhattan by bike and so he did. In this episode he continues his exploration of the Big Apple, and he actually doesn’t limit himself to Manhattan, but also includes other boroughs in his wanderings.

It’s a nice trip to not limit yourself to just the western side of Manhattan but to go full circle around the island. The advantage of the eastern side is that it’s deserted: no joggers or speed cyclists.
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Ambivalente kijk op pedoverhoudingen in Gregg Araki’s Mysterious Skin

Het mooiste van Mysterious Skin is ongetwijfeld de hoofdrolspeler Joseph Gordon-Levitt, een fantastische acteur en een geile jongeman. Z'n lijpe blik zal de hoofden van heel wat homoheren op hol jagen, zoals hij in de film doet als hoerenjoch bij zijn klanten. Het verhaal gaat als volgt. Een sportcoach heeft seksuele contacten met twee van zijn pupillen die dan acht jaar zijn. Voor de ene jongen, Brian, gaat het om een eenmalig contact dat hij volstrekt verdringt. Na deze gebeurtenis komt hij thuis en weet hij niet waar hij is geweest. De spoken die hem sindsdien kwellen, wijt hij aan marsmannetjes die hem voor korte tijd zouden hebben ontvoerd.
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Portfolio - The Scantily-Clad Hunks Of

Although many men visit the websites connected with Gay News, the primary concern of several people involved with this paper is the production of the printed version. This doesn’t cause problems because others are more interested in all the digital possibilities. And it doesn’t mean either that those printed matter buffs are just digital laymen, but sometimes it does lead to a one-sided bias towards books and magazines.
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Around Town -Crowded Presentation Dutch Gay Encyclopedia

On August 25 the first edition of a Dutch gay encyclopedia was introduced. The interest was overwhelming, and La Strada would never have been able to accommodate all these people. Therefore the presentation was held at Restaurant 1870 in Amsterdam’s Spuistraat. But it was still crammed. Almost everybody who has been anybody in the Dutch gay scene during the last decades had made an appearance. Undoubtedly to see immediately if they had reached eternal fame by inclusion in the encyclopedia.
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The Joys and Drawbacks of Sex Outdoors

With an extra supervisor, pruning, stinging nettles and the construction of a mountain bike track “Het Twiske” tries to put an end to the outdoor sex taking place there. Visitors are more and more often confronted with mostly men having it off in the bushes, says a spokesperson of the recreational area. Police and justice in Rotterdam are looking for victims of robbery and extortion in and around the Zuiderpark. Changing groups of around ten to twenty youngsters of around 11 to 18 years of age have been terrorizing mainly gay men for the past half year.
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Queer History - The Lovers Of Sidi Bou Saïd

In an extensive “Terminal Essay” that Sir Richard Burton wrote for his translation of “The Arabian Nights”, this English explorer developed his theory of a “Sotadic Zone.” The distinguishing characteristic of this geographic zone is that homosexuality “is popular and endemic, held at worst to be a mere peccadillo.” The boundaries are “the northern shores of the Mediterranean (N. Lat. 43o) and the southern (N. Lat. 30o).
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Renovated Cockring Even More Exciting

Who doesn’t know the Cockring club in Amsterdam? Positioned in the famous Warmoesstraat, in the center of the hot neighborhood and with the Amsterdam leather scene as its neighbors. But the Cockring has always had its own style in this old neighborhood, where sex and fun have ruled for hundreds of years already. The visitors of the Cockring consist of a mix of trendy clubbers and leather men.
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Style 2005-2006: Paris

The current image in the streets, with faded jeans, sneakers, sport’s jackets and long sleeved t-shirts dominating, is in harsh contract with what’s being shown on the catwalks in Paris. You find nothing of the kind in the collections for 2005-2006. The designers prefer formal wear to casual wear. Solid and functional clothes of good quality. Creativity is put on hold this time. Classic and familiar clothing items which are commercially viable in uncertain times of decreasing spending patterns. The frivolous character of fashion is being replaced by tough money business. Because it’s about selling stuff after all...
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Gay Consumers’ Association Presents Survey Of Amsterdam’s Sex Sports

The Amsterdam bar The Web hadn’t been that full for ages. Reason: the presentation of the Gay Consumers’ Association (HomoConsumentenbond or HoCoBo in Dutch) and their survey of “sex spots” in Amsterdam. All the (straight) press had gathered at the bar that they otherwise would steer clear from, cause it has a darkroom. Maybe that’s why they had mostly sent women reporters.
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New Homomonument Flyer In Eleven Languages

On the 5th of September the Homomonument had its eighteenth anniversary and to celebrate that event Pink Point, the homo-info kiosk at the monument, and COC Amsterdam published new flyers on the Homomonument in eleven languages. Funded by the Amsterdam City Council, the flyers were written by Thijs Bartels (author of the book “Dancing on the Homomonument” and editor of the new Dutch gay encyclopedia).
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Au Bonheur du Jour Presents Von Gloeden And Contemporaries

In 1877 Wilhelm von Gloeden, a young Prussian country squire, moved to the Sicilian town, Taormina. Inspired by a distant relative, Wilhelm (“Guglielmo”) von Plüschow, who was living in Naples at the time, he started photographing. Using local boys as models, he tried to achieve a vision of Arcadia, where nudity wasn’t taboo as it was in his own, Victorian, time.
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Katrina Fells ‘Southern Decadence,’ But Not Completely

The southern states of the United States have never been in the forefront with regard to gay emancipation and acceptance. New Orleans was an exception, since this town had been hosting “Southern Decadence” for over three decades. Last year more than 110,000 people attended the South’s biggest annual gay party.
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It’s Time To Separate The Men From The Boys!

A beautiful drawing by Nigel Kent on posters and flyers, informs leathermen that the famous “Playground Parties” are at hand. During the last weekend of October, Amsterdam will color black from leather and rubber as these parties, organized by Leather Pride Nederland, are being held on a new, secret location.
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