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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 165, May 2005 (14)

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Fashion - Marc O’Polo

While the world seems to be in a rather pessimistic mood Marc O’Polo presents a collection that exudes a remarkable positive energy. Happy clothing with a high “feel good” character. Or, as the French would say: joie de vivre. Basic colors such as white, dark blue and beige are lightened by summery hues like sunny yellow, lime and evening red. Complemented by a rainbow of pastel colors. Marc O’Polo stands for an unconventional and innovating style, especially through his casual wear for men.
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Karol Wojtyla’s Unlamented Rule

Pope John Paul II has passed away. After 26 years an end has come to the unparalleled conservative Polish pontificate. This pope has contributed very little to a world in desperate need of a change of attitude towards the growth of population, the fight against AIDS, and child abuse. He has not been able to distance himself from a dark history, although he knew that the 2000 year Roman rule was the cause of a lot of misery. We have not forgotten that this pope forgot to mention homosexuality when during the jubilee year 2000, he pronounced the “mea culpa” for all the crimes of the Roman Catholic church in the past.
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Film News - Behind the Scenes

Eddy Terstall Calls For Boycott Of Canada

Director Eddy Terstall (‘Simon’) has asked the Dutch movie industry to install a cultural boycott of Canada because of the massacre on young seals. Terstall suggests that distributors shouldn’t buy or program any Canadian movies for cinemas or festivals anymore. He also says we shouldn’t rent any Canadian videos.
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Portfolio - Eye-Catching Beauties From New York

The adorable, smiling guy who graces the cover of the recently published eighth edition of the ‘Gay Map Amsterdam’ was photographed by Adam Raphael. Some photographers are already drawn to the camera at a very early age, while others discover the fascinating world of photography much later. Adam Raphael fits into the second category. He started photographing six years ago, at the age of 39, after a successful but dull job in the construction business. He made his first photographs of young men while visiting Fort Lauderdale on winter weekends.
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DVD News - The Long Career of Robert Long

The introduction of the possibility for gay couples to marry can be seen as one of the last accomplishments in a long battle for equality. For many young people it’s hard to imagine that there has been a time, not so long ago, when most gay men were living in the closet, even if they didn’t really have to. A striking example is the Dutch singer/actor Wim Sonneveld. When you see his shows from the sixties now, you can’t escape the queerness of his performance; his gay jokes, his queer voice and mannerisms, they all seem so obvious.
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A Treasure-trove Of Vintage Gay Graphics

In his recently published ‘Beneath the Skin: The Collected Essays’, John Rechy makes some remarks about the importance many people assign to the Stonewall Riots for gay emancipation: “Overnight, the legend declares, gay liberation was born [...]. The truth is that the riot at Stonewall was only one event, one battle in the long war for sexual freedom. Used as the point of separation, the myth of Stonewall falsifies history.
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Arthur Rubinstein - 1887-1982

The Greatest Chopin Performer of the Twentieth Century

Since his death in 1982, at the age of 95, the musical and personal reputation of Arthur Rubinstein has been revalued. Such posthumous new views are perhaps the inescapable result of an almost universal popularity, but in spite of all the attempts to de-mythologize him, for many Rubinstein remains the greatest Chopin player of the last century. When Rubinstein started to program Chopin around 1900, many critics found his renditions too dry, too objective, and too precise without poetic emotion. Busoni, Hofmann, and later Rachmaninov received similar reviews.
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7 - An Extraordinary Experiment In Communal Living in Brooklyn

There’s a neighborhood in New York called Brooklyn, and it’s not just the neighborhood that has a Dutch name (Breukelen), there are some Dutch street names there as well. Close to the Brooklyn Bridge and near the water of the West River lies the Middagh Street, named after a lady of Dutch heritage who used to own a windmill there. A truly artistic commune lived there from October 1940 till the summer of 1941 in a house at number 7.
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Wining & Dining - Puyck: East, West, South Best

This time I had my taste sensors aimed at Contra 73, Camperstraat 24-26 in Amsterdam-East. Since all the staff there is exclusively gay it looked like a promising night. As I studied the menu in advance though, I decided to change my plans. Dutch shrimps with cocktail sauce (E 9.50), Tournedos “Stroganoff sauce” (E 19.50), frog legs Provinciale (E 9.50) and a pork fillet with vegetable spaghetti and Gorgonzola sauce (E 19.50) made me think of times too long gone. I decided to invite my friend elsewhere.
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Health - The Many Faces Of HIV

There are large differences between HIV positive people. They all have their individual HIV history that defines their future perspective and their emotional state. In general their life expectancy is rather good, but not for everyone. Their future also depends largely on future developments. And unfortunately those are unknown. Discussions within the Hiv Vereniging Nederland focused last year on the issue whether an HIV infection is a chronic disease or not. Half of the discussion group thought it was while the other half completely disagreed.
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Fiji Imprisons Australian Tourist For Having Gay Sex

Blue skies and seas, a radiant sun, palm trees, beautiful beaches and excellent diving locations; Fiji has everything to make it an exciting holiday destination. Although, it’s advisable to have some knowledge of the laws also, as a retired Australian university lecturer experienced recently. In early April, Thomas Maxwell McCoskar, 55, was sentenced to two years in prison for having sex with a local man, 23-year-old Dhirendra Nadan. McCoskar told the magistrate that he didn’t know it was illegal in Fiji to engage in homosexual acts, The Fiji Times reported.
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Member of Parliament Caught On Camera Having Gay Sex

A member of the Scottish Parliament has been caught by a security camera while having gay sex with an aide on the grounds of Holyrood Palace, the parliament building in Edinburgh. The MSP has not been named, but The Scotsman newspaper reports that he may face charges for “lewd and libidinous behavior.”
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No Legal Ban On Barebacking

The Dutch Minister of Health, Hans Hoogervorst, doesn’t consider a legal ban on bareback parties, he replied to parliamentary questions by a conservative Christian party. However, he thinks that cities could make rules to prevent the promotion of bareback parties in public places. The parliamentary questions were asked with reference to statements made by Jan van Wijngaarden in a recent study on the history of HIV prevention in the Netherlands.
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Minister Removes Gay Marriage From Information Video

The video production about the Netherlands, which can be used by migrants who are planning to move here as a preparation tool for the entrance examination, is now also available in a censored (expurgated) version. From this version images are removed of a beach with topless women taking a sunbath, a marriage ceremony of two men, and a pop concert.
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