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Gay News issue 159, November 2004 (13)

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Fashion Report - Punto Blanco

Punto Blanco stands for comfort and temptation. Sublime Spanish underwear fashion produced in delicate materials which make it feel alluring. Because of the variety in ranges there are different briefs or boxer shorts available, suiting every single occasion or moment. For winter 2004-2005 the choice ranges from Future Range to City Range... wide choices for every personality.
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CD News

Aventura - Love and Hate

Many import cd’s are rather pricy, but publisher Walboomers privately releases many import cd’s over here, which makes the prices drop about five euros. Is it all rare music they’re releasing? No, not at all, for instance there’s the new cd from Aventura, “Love and Hate,” which was released by Walboomers recently. On the album “Love and Hate” we can enjoy the warm voice of Anthony again. The clip of “Harmanita” we see passing by on The Box regularly.
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Come on, Marquis, jump

When the big boys were back from the swimming pool, the news about the military exercises was spreading like wildfire. At the dormitory the most fantastic stories went round, like an army of Rambo’s and Exterminators had pitched camp in the neighbourhood. ‘They’re going to launch rockets!’ hissed Paulard against his bed partner, a robust boy listening to the name of Franck. ‘And they’re going to dig tunnels underground’ this one increased the effort a bit. ‘I want to see what they’re executing,’ Paulard determinedly announced. ‘And how would you like to get there?’ ‘Walking, of course. I know a path that goes up to the top of hill. Tomorrow we’ll go, immediately after dinner. We’ll have plenty of time to be back before supper.’ ‘It gets dark early, you know?’
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Wining & Dining - Toscanini: a little bit in love

Greece is the cradle of European civilisation. So we will review a Greek restaurant for sure one time. The French cook in a fantastically classical way, without any inhibitions. When you visit someone in France, it most cases it means, including a banquet. While in our polder land the remark “Dinner’s ready” actually means: “Will all visitors please leave now?” This time I choose for my favourite kitchen: Authentic Italian.
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Portfolio - Blue’s Collection Of Lovely Lads

After I’d glanced through “Lads” for just some five minutes, I wanted to eulogize on the Boy. On his seductive eyes and his tender, kissable mouth. On his hairs and the nape of his neck. On his ears. On the jeans which covers him. On his muscles. On his chest, his stomach, his balls and his suckable dick. On his buttocks, of course. And on his vulnerability and his arrogance. On his radiant smile and his arrogance. And on his so-called innocence. On his horniness. For short: on the Boy.
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Manfred Langer and the Rise and Fall of the iT - 13 May 1952 - 21 November 1994

Almost unceasingly you'll hear the comment, that there isn’t much to do nowadays; and especially that it used to be so much better and much more fun in the past. With in the past, one indicates the period of ten to fifteen years ago, when Amsterdam was still a vibrant city, where everything was possible and allowed. While we’re talking about fifteen years ago, the name Manfred Langer can’t be ignored. He was a hot item for the newspapers and the television, because of his lifestyle, but especially for making Amsterdam famous. It seemed like everything he touched turned into a success.
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Sport - Lawrence Grecco’s Photographs of Turkish Wrestlers

“Kispet” is the word for the leather knickerbockers which are worn by the wrestlers during the traditional Turkish oil-wrestling matches. Photographer Lawrence Grecco traveled to the city of Edmire in Northwest Turkey and shot pictures of the wrestle event Kirkpinar. Apollon Press from New York published these pictures in a sumptuous coffee table book, “Turkish Wrestling.” At every page the reader finds a kispet, above which curves, hairy or not, a shining belly.
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Pink Point Chit Chat with Gert Hekma

Earlier this year Gert Hekma, who teaches gay studies at the University of Amsterdam, published the book “Homoseksualiteit in Nederland van 1730 tot de moderne tijd” (Homosexuality in The Netherlands From 1730 Till the Modern Times).

Holland is now one of the most tolerant countries in the world in terms of homosexuality, whilst 200 years ago it was punishable here with the death penalty. What reasons do you give for this development?

“Holland went through a lot of change very rapidly during the sexual revolution. We were lucky that the orthodox churches (Catholic and Reformed) were positive towards gay emancipation.
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Vamos a España

After the wettest August our small country ever went through, I called it a day. I wanted some more sunshine, beautiful men and culture. That’s the reason why I decided to visit the World Wide Web, to find myself a sunny destination for the last weeks of September. After a bit of browsing the choice was easily made: a city trip in Spain.
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Sepp of Vienna Pickled And... Unsalted

Sepp of Vienna is the alias of Sepp Engelmaier, who originates from the north of Lower Austria, but has chosen domicile in the capital of his country, where he studied graphic arts at the “Graphische”; and where he works as a photographer, graphic designer and artist nowadays. From childhood drawing has been his biggest passion and power. In kindergarten he was occupied with cars and the fifties.
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World Aids Day - LoveDance 2004

On Wednesday, December 1, a wide range of organizations presents the second edition of LoveDance, the spectacular final manifestation of the action week Take Care - Living PositHiv. Last year the coalition was united for the first time, to make the Night following World Aids Day a memorable event. After the huge success of last year this second LoveDance will again be an unrivaled party with performances and lots and lots of music.
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Test your sex drive: an online inquiry into the sexual desires of men

With the emergence of the HIV epidemic a lot of research into sexual behaviour of homosexual men was restricted to risk behaviour. Therefore other aspects, like sexual desires, were strongly ignored. To make a change the Institute for Psycho Social Research (i-spr) has started a new online study. This inquiry, executed by the University of Utrecht and the Health Department of the city of Amsterdam, is intended for men who have sex with other men.
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Willem Oltmans, Dutch Journalist, Dies At 79

On Thursday, September 31, the Dutch journalist, Willem Oltmans, passed away at his penthouse in the center of Amsterdam. Oltmans was born in a highly placed and well-to-do family, a fact he certainly didn’t make a secret of. In an interview he said: “You don’t have to tell me about being refined. I’m refined by birth. And birth isn’t for sale, as you know.”
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