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Gay News issue 158, October 2004 (14)

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Billy Bean Goes The Other Way

When baseball player Billy Bean decided at age 31 that he wasn't going the stay in the closet any longer, his coming-out received national news coverage in the United States. In his autobiography "Going The Other Way", published last year, he tells about the long way he had to go before he could make this decision. At a certain moment he felt he "couldn't bear any longer the constant fear of exposure, the anti-gay remarks of teammates and coaches, and the exhausting, grinding pressure of being someone I wasn't."
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La Michel Part Two: A Drag Queen Working As A Prostitute And As An Artist, Betwe

La Michel is one of the most famous Dutch drag queens and was born in Oudewater in 1933. As a little ten-year-old boy he was giving blowjobs to German soldiers in return for food and drinks so that he could keep his mother alive. At the age of fifteen he already had caused so many sex scandals in the village that he decided to run away from home. He ended up with a circus; while there he met a rich gentleman from The Hague whit whom he lived for five years. After the dead of his boyfriend he started to appear in drag at chic parties in The Hague. Afterwards he performed in night clubs in The Hague and also later in the Moulin Rouge at the Thorbeckeplein in Amsterdam. In those days law strictly forbade drag performance so Michel had to move into the world of prostitution to make money.
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Come on, Marquis, jump

Claude supervised the boys who were playing on the football field of the school, being warmed by the last rays of the winter sun. That afternoon Gothon had left with the big ones for the swimming pool in Nyons. Most of the boys were running around the lawn, like predators following their prey, some played hide and seek in the bushes. Pascal was sitting at his feet and Claude stroke with a dispersed hand through his hair. The lad was humming away, with his eyes focussed on the ground, fascinated about what was going on between the blades of grass.
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Pink Point Chit Chat

A series of interviews with people at Pink Point, the gay information kiosk at the Homomonument.

Amsterdam Pride held its official opening in the Amnesty International building this year. And for the second time Amnesty entered a boat in the Canal Parade. Their theme this year was completely devoted to Jamaica. A short talk with Ingrid Vledder from Amnesty International.
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Homostudies - Bestiality and Homosexuality in Sweden

The major accomplishment of Jens Rydström in his study on Swedish bestiality and homosexuality is the confirmation of Michel Foucault’s theory of the change from a legal system of forbidden acts to a medical system of marginalized identities in the first volume of Histoire de la Sexualité (1976). Swedish courts routinely condemned “unnatural fornication” (as male and female homosexuality and bestiality were called since the law reform of 1864) as a criminal offense till the early twentieth century.
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Style 2004-2005 Paris

The market for luxurious fashion commodities is still growing. Fashion might not be one of the bare necessities of life. However, it’s used to define an identity, something people more and more feel the need for. Besides, the richer people become, the more they spend on luxurious goods. The most important growth market appears to be in Asia nowadays. During the opening of the Louis Vuitton Flagship store in Tokyo, the biggest in the world, there was a sale record broken to the tune of one million dollars, in only one day! Even Christian Dior has booked remarkable sales in Asia and America. Apparently not all the luxurious branches are susceptible to economical depression.
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Film News

While the days are drawing out, the number of new movies increases. Let's have a look what the cinemas have on offer.

Actor Danny Glover Arrested

The American actor Danny Glover was arrested in Washington D.C. at the end of August. Glover participated in a protest march against the persistent violence in western Sudan. In his speech the star made his strong criticism towards the Sudanese government very clear. Glover therefore was arrested and accused of violating the public order. The 58-year-old Glover is well-known for the four "Lethal Weapon" movies. In this very successful movie series he forms forms an unconcerned police couple with Mel Gibson. Despite the advanced ages of these two main characters, there are rumours of a fifth part.
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Wining & Dining - De Engel

Recently a colleague of mine asked me how it’s possible that I’m always awarding big A’s in this column. He has frequently other experiences in culinary Amsterdam. One of the main reasons I gave him, is my optimistic vision which is above average. Every half empty glass is eventually also half full! Of course I’m making use of my well informed sources. In addition I have improved my taste buds strongly during the last twenty years. And last but not least, once a month I grant my readers a culinary tip not only to read but also to visit. But believe me, if we ever eat somewhere having negative experiences, I will not hesitate to dip my crown pen into vinegar.
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Cruising - Just Looking for Mr. Right Away

Cruising, just ask your friends and acquaintances and you’ll get the same explanation: to chat up, looking for a sex partner, etc. It seems like it’s all known, however, as it is for everybody: you’ll have to learn it, and there are more and more youngsters nowadays who don’t know (yet) how to chat up. The knack of chatting up is not to be taught by reading; however we can put down the possibilities and especially line up the risks. Over the last years there has developed - next to the traditional park, the dark room or the sauna - also the phenomena of online chatting and there are other possibilities for sexual contacts now. Is it really that great? What are the difficulties? We have lined up some possibilities for sex in the outdoors.
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Ohm Phanphiroj's Rough Stuff

It’s commonly known that many elderly queers make sex trips to the Far East, because the boys over there are so nice to older men and surrender with a good grace to their lusts. If these gentlemen for once put their mind at all to their little obliging sex animals, they’re sometimes so narrow minded, that they assume those guys have always been hungering for their white quivering meat. As for as these selfish fantasies are concerned "Rough Stuff" by Thai photographer Ohm Phanphiroj will certainly strike these sex tourists a horrible blow. Phanphiroj’s interests are not into fat, sweating and in money bathing Westerners of age.
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World Outgames and Gay Games Registration Open

Both Gay Games Chicago and World Outgames Montreal opened their registrations last month after weeks of delays. Montreal has since seen 500 sportspeople from all over the globe register for the event in 2006, which is on track with their original forecast. Those planning to go to the Montreal games are advised to register early. Not only is there a 25% discount for people registering before the end of this year, but they are guaranteed a place at the Games.
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Members Blue Diamond Society arrested in Nepal

More and more people spend their holidays in the far out-of-the-way places of this world. Gays have to be conscious and aware that homosexuality isn’t accepted everywhere. In Nepal there is a maximum penalty of ten years in prison for every form of “sexual behaviour against nature” with no exception to the rule, when it comes to foreigners. That’s why it’s not a big surprise to find out that there’s only one gay bar in Kathmandu. However, there is a group actively fighting for emancipation, the Blue Diamond Society, which occupies itself with AIDS prevention and human rights, like those of homosexuals.
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Dutch Gay Writer, Gerard Reve, Honored With Work Of Art

The Amsterdam neighborhood Betondorp (Concrete Village) celebrates its eightieth anniversary this year. Several well-known Dutchmen grew up in this unique quarter, the most famous of them undoubtedly being Johan Cruyff. Also the brothers Karel and Gerard (van het) Reve, both celebrated writers, have spent their youth here. On September 5 a monument was unveiled to commemorate this fact. The work of art is called "Rue des Reves" and designed by Steffen Maas.
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Tineke Thielemans & Peter Colstee

The Faubourg Gallery shows paintings by Riccardo Rossati and bronze sculptures by Tineke Thielemans until October 17. Thieleman's statues tell stories, in which the body or parts thereof carry a message. The present day plays an important role in the conception of her works. Looking at her sculptures requires the will to give one's imagination free rein.
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