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Gay News issue 156, August 2004 (19)

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In the New Issue of Gay News 344 April/ May/ June 2020

Gay Pride Sao Paulo

On Sunday June 13th, almost one and a half million people assembled to participate in the eighth Gay Pride March of São Paulo. Very soon it became clear that they were part of something unique, because never before had so many people taken part in a Gay Pride Parade, not even in Canada or the United States. The demonstration was opened by the Mayor of São Paulo, Marta Suplicy, a fervent champion of legalization of same-sex marriages.
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Outgames and Gay Games Delay Registration

Rivalry reaches ridiculous new heights

In the ongoing saga that has become the international gay sports movement, both Gay Games Chicago and rival World Outgames Montreal planned to open their registrations simultaneously in the first week of June. However both organizations have suffered delays and at the time of going to press, neither had yet opened.
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Film News

Shall We Dance Premiere Postponed

Just as with TV, the summer is a dull season for the visitor of the cinema. Many repeats and few new films, unless you’re having a lot of kids but that sorrow won’t be gone with a visit to the cinema. Many children’s movies with only incidentally something that’s worth watching. For the fans here’s the first setback: The new movie of Jennifer Lopez wasn’t considered to be a hit during the pre-release. The producers therefore decided to move the premiere of Shall We Dance towards October.
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Hair-growth-remedy conquers Europe

A full tuft of hair thanks to Propecia your whole life

Ever lasting youth you get from the pharmacy! The modern man can look back with laughter on the frustrating infirmity of old age from the last century: decreasing potency and a bald(ing) head! Both infirmities belong to the past thanks to new drugs. The blue pill (Viagra) will help if required almost every aging man to produce a rock hard erection. For the unlucky twenty percent who seem to be resistant to Viagra there is a chance of ninety-five percent that the new erection pill Levitra is effective, so no potency worries for the maturing man. And for a full tuft of hair you swallow Propecia.
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Memoirs of a Gay Teacher

Peter van Maaren, the writer of the strongly autobiographical book Mijn meester is homo (My teacher is Gay; unfortunately a translation is not available) has worked as a teacher for a VMBO (pre vocational education) school of the Regional Educational Center (ROC as they are called in Dutch) in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam. From the beginning of the eighties he had chosen to come out as gay and didn’t want to hide the fact that he’s homosexual.
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Ron Lloyd Loves Muscle Hunks

When I visit a gay porn shop occasionally, I notice mostly videos (and nowadays DVDs) containing hot fuck sessions between two or sometimes even more guys. And that's exactly what porn is all about in my opinion. Watching porn is basically a voyeuristic occupation and doing this one wants as much value for money as possible. Usually I put the initial sucking and wanking scenes on fast forward.
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Come on, Marquis, jump

“It’s the Mistral that makes the children so excited,” master Gothon said after dinner to his colleague Claude Nazin, who complained about it’s-one-of-these-days, “and there is also a new moon.” “I don’t know what’s wrong with them, but this afternoon when I dictated them ‘The cat gets cream from his master’, they all spelt cunt in stead of cat. I gather that this Pulard stirs them all up.”
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Pink Point Chit Chat

Hennie Klein Gunnewiek is a volunteer for both Pink Point and GALA, a foundation which, amongst other things, organizes events on the Homomonument.

"Working at Pink Point I see how intensely the monument is used every day. Classes of school children eat their lunch on the podium triangle, there are nearly always flowers on the triangle in the water. And lots of tourists come to ask information about the monument. They are often initially disappointed with the Homomonument. They expect something bigger (like the phallus on the Dam?) and they only see the podium triangle.
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Christopher Street Day Berlin

Twenty years ago already, I made my first trip to Berlin. In those days I was hitchhiking, and sometimes it took two days. It was a world journey to get myself over the iron curtain into the separated city of the famous wall. But hey, there was no free public transport card for students in those days, and being a student I had to travel low budget. In Berlin it was always one big party which went on for twenty-four hours a day. As a young student from The Hague I considered (gay) Berlin to be Mecca.
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QBoy - Out, Proud and Very Loud

The twenty-five-year-old Marcos Brito Mesa alias Qboy, descended from Basildon, Exeter, explored his preference for boys at a rather young age; according to himself he had his first sexual experience when he was eleven-years-old. The exploration of his predilection for rap and hip-hop, for gays a rather unusual style of music was kept waiting for another few years.
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Empire of Catering Tycoon Kooistra Under Fire

From the fifteen establishments, catering-tycoon Sjoerd Kooistra owns in Amsterdam, there are ten under threat of closing because of a possible rescission of their exploitation-licenses. This appears from the facts of the department for licenses considering the hotel and catering industry of town district Centre. At the end of June Mayor Job Cohen declared war against the so called ‘Kooistra-Method’: from now on applications for exploitation-licenses will be turned down because of the many bankruptcies within the Kooistra-conglomeration.
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Larry Kramer Denounces Ronald Reagan's Silence About AIDS Epidemic

"We mustn't speak ill of the dead." After Ronald Reagan's death on June 5th, most people obeyed this rule. But for anyone who has followed the AIDS crisis in the last twenty-five years, it should hardly come as a surprise that Larry Kramer aired a different opinion. Kramer - author of the thought-provoking "Reports From the Holocaust. The Making of an AIDS Activist" (1989) - is the evil genius of the AIDS establishment, the American government, and large parts of the gay movement.
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Wild One Marlon Brando

Anyone who remembers Marlon Brando, who passed away on July 1 at 80, primarily as Don Corleone in "The Godfather" or some other role from his later days, might not know that early on in his career he played the part of a teen rebel in "The Wild One" (1954). This movie had a tremendous impact on American youth culture.
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GLB Walking and Search Tour Through Antwerp

This summer the GOC (a centre for meeting and reception) in Antwerp is organising the first GLB Walking and Search Tour in Antwerp. This unique tour specially made for homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals will take you along different GLB places in Antwerp all by the use of a completely written out walking guide.
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Same-Sex Marriage in Spain

Recently the Spanish parliament has passed a bill which urges the new government to change the laws in such a way that a marriage between same-sex couples will become possible. It is expected that the parliament will pass these changed laws sometime next year.
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Kerry, Edwards, and the gay vote

Now that presumed Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry has chosen John Edwards as his running mate, the Democratic ticket is complete. Gay men and lesbians can expect a good deal of support from Kerry and Edwards this campaign season - except when it comes to same-sex marriage. They must begin the artful dance of courting undecided voters- a very powerful slice of the electorate who might just make or break this election.
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Butt Magazine Rescues Sex Icon Peter Berlin From Oblivion

Gay men of a certain age will remember the German sex symbol Peter Berlin. Berlin (a pseudonym) made two commercially produced films, "Nights in Black Leather" and "That Boy", which "no one" has ever seen. His fame is based on his self-portraits, which were published world-wide. Berlin is now in his sixties and lives as a reclusive in Los Angeles.
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NaviGAYtion, the world’s biggest Gay Party

Saturday August 14, from 14.00 hrs the famous yearly NaviGAYtion party will take place at the Willemsdok in Antwerp. Ten big luxurious party boats will sail in and out for the Party People, making a water dance through the canals and ports of Antwerp. Each boat will moor again after one hour and fifteen minutes. It’s going to be world’s biggest boat ballet. Some boats can make a complete turn on the spot and the captains will adjust their sailing proficiency for the joyous day.
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Faubourg - Look At Me!

From August 1 the Faubourg Gallery exhibits works by the German painter Michaël Müller and the Dutch artist Wim van Heeswijk. The latter is primarily known as a painter, but this time he shows his scuptures. Müller gave this exhibition the title "Schau mich an - Look At Me". But contrary to what this title might suggest, his poetic and realistic portraits don't cry out to the viewer: Look at me!, but invite him or her to get involved with the possibilities, emotions and stories of the people depicted.
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