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Gay News issue 153, May 2004 (16)

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Film & DVD News

Behind the scenes
Life of Brian as Antidote for Passion

The Monty Python movie "The Life of Brian" is back at the American cinemas. The satiric movie about a putative messiah should be the answer to Mel Gibson’s controversial movie "The Passion of the Christ". On Good Friday "The Life of Brian" went in reprise.
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Sportswear and footwear

The sportswear you are going to use when running has to be functional. The clothing needs to satisfy the demands of the sport and the sportsman. To choose clothing which satisfies all demands, you first need to know what the demands are. The demands have to do with the type of body, the weather and the situation.
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The Films of John Travis

Recently I noticed the album "The Films of John Travis" on the top shelves of several bookstores, although it appeared some years ago. This doesn't matter of course, since "a dick is a dick is a dick," to adapt the famous line of Ms Gertrude Stein. And why should someone not enjoy the sight of the incredible dick of Kevin Dean in 2004? Kevin Dean, the name makes you dream.
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Feuilleton - Come on, Marquis, jump

Although Strato of Sardes was not asked for at the final examinations for grammar school, Joris Vescht, third year art-history student and swotting at the Sorbonne for two semesters, knew what he was doing when he went aboard the TGV no 435 with destination Montélimar, local authority of the department of the Drome and capital of nougat.
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The Adventures of Joe Boy

Which young queer guy didn't dream that the heroes of his boys' books and comics would go a little further than some innocent romping or a friendly arm around a pal's shoulder? In my youth I was addicted to the series The Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dickson. I always imagined these teen detectives, who were a little bit older than this avid reader of their adventures, as very handsome American boys.
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Vertigo: a Surprising Sensation

Slowly but for sure spring is coming. The dead wood grows and turns into green. That’s why we decided to aim for the Vondelpark (the green lung of Amsterdam) this month. In 1864 a commission planned a park to ride and walk through near Leidseplein. The architect Cuypers (known for Central Station and the Rijksmuseum) was lobbying for a statue of the Dutch seventeenth century poet Joost van den Vondel in that area in those days. So from 1880 on the park is officially named "Vondelpark".
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Holiday Traveltip - Voice-mail more expensive than your air journey!

KPN (the Dutch phone company) has wrecked many shareholders financially. The so-called customer friendly company KPN unfortunately has found out more ways to earn dirty cash: by the ignorant holidaymaker. We're not sure how foreign companies work, but the following might also apply to them and therefore we've translated this look at the world of telephone capitalism.
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Kuyichi Jeans

Kuyichi is the name of the Peruvian god of the rainbow. The legend tells us this god of the Taquile Indians once got angry and took all the colors from them away. By weaving beautiful blankets, the Indians regained the colors of the rainbow.
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Commotion in Amsterdam's Queer Henhouse

With the selection of Amsterdam as host city for the Gay Games 1998, the gay businesses decided it was time for an institution which already exists in many other gay metropolises, a Gay Business Association (GBA). Unfortunately they selected Siep de Haan as their secretary who is not himself the owner of a gay business, but a teacher of mathematics. However, he has a big mouth and knows how to organize things.
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Dangerous Fruit: Grapefruit and Medicine

Eating fruit or drinking fruit juice seems to be healthy, though with grapefruit you have to be very careful. Grapefruit contains a substance which can react quite strong on your medicine or other devices, sometimes with lethal effects. Grapefruit is not only found in grapefruit juice, but also in other drinks and some diet pills. That’s why a lot of people don’t know they’re engulfing grapefruit!
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Prohibiting Gay Marriage Not Justified Canada Says

After the verdicts of some state courts and the action of the mayor of San Francisco to perform marriages between same-sex couples, several states in the United States are working on legislation prohibiting same-sex marriages. At their northern neighbour, Canada, the situation is completely te opposite.
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Boy George Pays Out in Libel Case

In June 2000 George O'Dowd, better known as popsinger and DJ Boy George punched Andrew Thompson, an employee of the now-defunct London gay club Sweet Suite. In November 2002 he claimed in a magazine interview that Thompson deserved to be hit because he had insulted him. A month later Boy George repeated the allegations in his "Sunday Express" column.
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Egyption Government Continues Arrests of Gay Men

In a recently published report the US-based Human Rights Watch said the Egyptian government is continuing to routinely arrest and torture men suspected of homosexual activities. The report In a Time of Torture: The Assault on Justice in Egypt's Crackdown on Homosexual Conduct documents the increasing repression suffered by Egyptians and foreign residents.
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Barcelona Meets Amsterdam at ArtLaunch

Friday May 21, ArtLaunch presents the second edition of the Queer Capital Specials at De Melkweg, Lijnbaansgracht 234A in Amsterdam. After the successful fusion between Berlin and Amsterdamt on March 19, it is now Barcelona’s turn. The city where every year the prominent Sonar Festival of Electronic Music is staged and where ArtLaunch has found several promising acts.
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Gay Games Battle Heats Up

The battle has well and truly begun for the hearts, minds - and wallets - of gay sportsmen and women worldwide. The Federation of Gay Games announced in early March that Gay Games VII will be held in Chicago from 15th July 2006, just two weeks before the "other" Games, to be held in Montreal.
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US Protests 'Torture' of Gay Murder Suspects

On March 19, the lifeless body of 42-year-old Mexican newspaper reporter Roberto Mora was discovered. He had been stabbed twenty-six times. On March 26, American Mario Medina, 23, en his partner Hiram Oliveros, 28, were arrested by the police. Police and prosecutors claim that Medina stabbed Mora in a misplaced fit of jealous rage, because he believed his domestic partner was having an affair with the married father.
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