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Gay News issue 152, April 2004 (12)

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Faubourg - Wim van Gerven & Fanny Kiezenberg

From March 21 until April 10 the Faubourg Gallery shows recent works by Sacrevoir. This is the pseudonym of the German artist Heiko Noack, who knows how to capture with extreme sensitivity the vulnerability and subtle beauty of adolescence. On April 18 the opening of an exhibition with recent works by Wil van Gerven will take place.
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Fitness - The preparation and the start of a work-out

Until now in the Gay News fitness series there was a beginner who wrote his first experiences down. That’s one side of the story. Let’s now have a look from the other side, the personal trainer with a lot of practice experience. The first item I would like to pay attention to is "the costs", because there was nothing written about it in this column so far. Like for many things in life, also here you could say, you can make it as expensive or keep it as cheap as you would like to.
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Film News

Behind the scenes

Controversial Passion of the Christ

While watching the movie, a middle aged woman from Wichita (USA) died of a heart attack, watching the scene of the Jesus’ crucifixion in "The Passion of the Christ". According to the local network KAKE-TV the movie was stopped immediately and the woman was taken to a hospital, unfortunately too late. The doctors couldn’t tell if it was the emotional scene which caused the heart attack. At Ash Wednesday, Mel Gibson’s controversial movie had its premiere in America; it already attracted many visitors.
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Carandiru - Touching movie by Hector Babenco

Director Hector Babenco, known for his movies Pixot and Kiss of the Spiderwoman made a movie about the most notorious prison in Brazil, Carandiru. The film became a big hit, but against expectations, it wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award. However, the movie won a lot of prizes at the Cannes Film Festival. Carandiru was the biggest prison in South America, located in São Paulo, with seven thousand inmates although it had room for only four thousand prisoners.
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Portfolio - All American Jet Set Boys

When you're discussing porn, usually it will primarily be about the so-called "stars". When you're talking to real aficionados the talk might also turn to producers such as Falcon or Bel Ami, or to directors such as Jean Daniel Cadinot or Chi Chi LaRue (although I doubt anyone will be able to name some of her productions offhand, because she's more famous as a persona).
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Wining and Dining - Walem: Threefold Nice

In the beginning of the eighties one of the first Grand Cafes in Amsterdam opened it doors. It was named "Het Land van Walem", and situated opposite of the former residence and workshop of Dutch gay fashion designer Frank Govers. When "the small doll" used to have his breaks there, everybody could enjoy his vicious thoughts. Situated next to Morlang - which also still exists - the difference between the two places was like Scheveningen (Morlang) and Zandvoort (Walem).
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Gays in macho occupations

'I consider my crocodiles and boa constrictors to be my friends'

Not all gays are occupied as hair dresser, nurse, flight attendant or model. Also in the typical men’s world you’ll meet gays, who will tell their story in this column.

Ferry Torrez is a strong, big, tough, 35-year-old artist, who’s internationally performing under the name Les Torrez, it’s a show with his huge boa constrictors (pythons), crocodiles and bird spiders.
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Style 2004 - PARIS

During five days the summer presentations for the male collections closed with in total thirty nine shows. An opportunity for many designers from different countries like Spain, Japan and Belgium. Paris still seems to be an international fashion laboratory; it’s the city where trends are set, headed by designers like Helmut Lang, Hedi Slimane, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Nowadays, they mainly have to prompt men to buy clothes. Innovating cloths in a rather difficult market. Still disgusted with the just ended war in Iraq, all designers decided to ban all items with a military look out of their collections.
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How gay-minded is the Amsterdam Tourist Board?

How the Amsterdam Tourist Board (formally and nationally known as VVV) completely fails when it comes to providing gay information, which is completely free available in large amounts; but instead they provide gay tourists with a map which costs two euros which contains no gay information at all, and next to this they also act up as moralists. Here is the sad story of two tourists who were looking for gay information in Amsterdam.
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Short News

Many Gay Youths in Northern Ireland Have Attempted Suicide

A recent survey commissioned by the Department of Education in Northern Ireland shows that almost a third of gay youth have tried to kill themselves. The survey involved 362 persons under the age of 25, from both rural and urban areas. They were asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire on-line or on paper.
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Rare New Infection Disease

Twenty-five men from the party scene in Amsterdam and Rotterdam have caught the sexually transmitted infection disease LGV (Lymphogranuloma Venereum). According to medical experts we are dealing with a rare situation, in Holland we never had a break out of this rare infection before. The decision has been made to act up together and to fight this disease. In all cases, it has occurred among men with homosexual sex contacts, mainly in the party scene.
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Homosexuality Among Animals Is Common

In this election year in the United States, the discussion about gay marriage seems to become more important every day. As we all know President Bush is vehemently opposed against the idea, and also his Democratic opponent, John Kerry, doesn't want to grant gay couples to right to marry although he want's them to have all the benefits married couples have. Outside of Washington the battle continues. In an increasing number of cities and states gay marriages are more or less officially celebrated.
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