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Gay News issue 150, February 2004 (9)

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In the New Issue of Gay News 344 April/ May/ June 2020

The continuing popularity of the Musical

“Finally it’s coming!” Romeo & Julia, the music and dance spectacle of Gérard Presgurvic is coming to Holland. After a triumphal tour through France, Belgium and Canada this original French production will be shown in three big Dutch cities: Rotterdam (Luxor Theater), Amsterdam (Heineken Music Hall) and Breda (Chassé Theater). Only these three theatres are big enough to accommodate this huge production.
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The HQ basement (23)

Several days went by. Martin had lost count of the days. They were all alike. Lowe or Reighly would bring him his meals three times a day. At the end of each day they came and tied his hands and legs to his cot so that he lay immobilized during the night. In the daytime he could move around freely in his cell, wearing nothing but his very tight briefs
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Film & DVD news

Behind the Scenes

The myth about the Greek hero Achilles almost became reality at the set of Troy. Achilles was immortal, except for his Achilles tendon. He died because of a stab by a spear in his well-known tendon. Brad Pitt, who’s playing the part of the brave Achilles in Troy, was injured by his ankle during the shoots; isn’t it a coincidence?!
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Walter Kundzicz' Champion Studio

It's a remarkable development that nowadays, when you can find depictions of every perversion imaginable on the world wide web, the interest in the rather innocent erotic photography of pre-emancipation days is on the rise. Frequently the pictures of almost forgotten photographers get a second life in beautiful monographs. Recently we received Champion, dedicated to the studio of Walter Kundzicz.
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It's Hot... It's Beautiful... It's Called Instigator

A few days before Amsterdam Leather Pride started the most extraordinary coat we've ever seen appeared in front of our door: bell-shaped, made from some kind of long-haired wooly artificial fur, and wit colors fading from pink fo white. Inside was Michael Thorn, editor-in-chief of Instigator, who wanted to show us this magazine, because it's now being distributed in Europe by Mr. B.
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Twenty Years - Martin Arz

January 18 the Faubourg Gallery celebrated the start of the exhibition Golden Queers by Berlin artist Rinaldo Hopf. Hopf uses his paintings to create the historical tree of life of every gay person. He celebrates male beauty with his works, but he also tries to pass on some kind of (sub)cultural historical notion. Hopf's paintings are characterized by the use of gold leaf, which creates an illusion of frescoes or icons, but with a touch of Pop Art.
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An Escape from Winter, a Visit to Egypt

“Egypt, a gift from the Nile” was the way the Greek classic historian Herodotus described the mysterious land of Pharaohs and pyramids. The Nile was and still is the lifeline of Egypt. It can bring prosperity or famine. The yearly flood covers the land with fruitful Nile-silt. The Nile also destined the life of the ancient Egyptians; they studied and analysed the river.
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Kvir, A Russian Gay Magazine

While Russian gay men risked imprisonment hardly a decade ago, now they dance at nightclubs, surf Russian language websites, or celebrate their "commitment" in a church. Yet unlike in the west, they can't stop by the nearest kiosk to leaf through a rack of gay-oriented publications. But maybe this situation will change. Last August the first issue of Kvir ("Queer") was published. It is the brainchild of Ed Mishin.
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Gay Krant’s Wonder Pill for a horsedick

In our last issue we published an article about erection pills and we also tested the different remedies. During the production process of this issue we discovered the Gay Krant published a real erection special edition. Editor-in-chief Henk Krol apologises in this issue for the inaccurate coverage around a naughty priest he had published in an earlier issue. He had to rectify by order of the judge.
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