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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 142, June 2003 (9)

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The HQ basement (15)

The commander pointed at G. “Gag him and hang him upside down.” Still dizzy from his intense orgasm, Martin looked at the commander's powerful body towering above him. He laid still and waited tensely for what was going to happen. The commander bent over and stroked Martin's chest and stomach, smearing his cum over the freshly shaven skin. Martin felt how full his bladder was with the piss Reighly had made him drink. “Please Sir, I have to piss”, he said. “You will, when I tell you to”, the commander said calmly.
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Out Now

Spiritual life in a glass house

For Ricky Martin, sexuality is to be kept strictly behind closed doors. And indeed, why should it be anybody’s business, besides yours and your sex partner’s, what you’re doing in your bedroom (living room, dungeon, outdoors à la George Michael, etc). But as long as nobody has caught Ricky without his undies engaged in some hot sexplay in a public place of some sort, we’ll probably never know where his fancy reaches out to: gay, straight, a mix of both, or, who knows, the dog nextdoor.
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Wining and Dining

Bar restaurant 5

Amsterdam has a new star in town. It is not Brad Pitt or Jennifer Annisten as you may be thinking. No, it is the new bar restaurant 5. This restaurant will change the way Amsterdam looks at dining and European cuisine forever. Finally an eating and drinking establishment that caters to the client’s every desire. The restaurant, if you could not already guess from the name, has a 5 theme. They offer five of everything; five appetizers, five entrees, five desserts etc.
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Film Review

Gay romance from France

Recently, to get Le Roi Danse released in Dutch cinemas, ArtiFilm was founded. Which goes to show Holland has its own share of impassioned film lovers willing to give a film a chance when other distribution companies aren’t interested. In June the French movie Presque Rien by director Sébastien Lifshitz will be released, a gay movie released in 2001 which finally will also be playing Dutch cinemas thanks to the efforts of Hans and Piet of ArtiFilm.
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CD News

The passion of Paul McCreesh

A simply brilliant, stunning recording. With ‘only’ eight topnotch vocalists, this recording sweeps with its crystal clear, dramatic performance two centuries of performance-practice-dust off of Bach’s timeless masterpiece. In McCreesh’s own words: “There’ll probably always be performances that use choruses of three hundred!
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Sensitive soldiers

The cover of the latest Bruno Gmünder photobook Views by Kobi Israel shows an untidy group of young guys in their undies. Legs wide, they squat seductively or drape themselves over what might be an army vehicle against a brooding dark evening sky, sipping their tea with vacant, staring eyes. Some have a dogtag gracing their sculpted hairy pecs. Here and there a tattoo is showing, lots of white tangas and cool hairdos.
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Same time, Same Place....

Halfway the eighties, the Amsterdam Jacks introduced the first ‘safe sex jack off parties’ in Amsterdam. These steamy communal jack-off nights showed that safe sex could also be hot sex and were an absolute success. In undies or Adam’s costume, dozens of young and older guys spent a night of hot sexy fun together. But some ten years ago these parties seemed to have gone out of style and silently disappeared from local nightlife.
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Eyewear 2003

Location: Docklands in Amsterdam
Date: February 15
Temp. outside: -10 C.
Temp. inside: tropical
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Gay Life in Salvador, Brazil

For Dutch gays who’ve had it with once again Gran Canaria or Ibiza, a visit to the exciting Brazilian town Salvador might offer new and stimulating vistas. Salvador, capital of Bahia, in Northeast Brazil at the Atlantic coast. With its tropical sea climate, the mercury on the coldest day of the last 300 years indicated 21 C. In summer, December - February, temperatures can rise to some 35 C. But the seawinds bring in an ever welcome cooling breeze. For centuries Salvador was the transfer harbour of the Brazilian slave trade. These days the city calls itself proudly the black city of Brazil.
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