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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 112, December 2000 (6)

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Sublime enthusiasm for SM and fetish

Stepping into one of Europe`s biggest leather and rubber stores is an experience in itself. And talking to owner Henk Albronda about his profession turned out to be fascinating. His enthusiasm and love for SM would even bring a rhinestone queen to deck herself out with whips and leather.
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Though the first electric tattoo machine dates from 1891, tattooing the body is an age old practice. The Egyptians did it already 2000 years before the guy from Nazareth was born, but also in the Chinese, Japanese and Indian cultures tattooing has a long and impressive history. In many cultures tattooing isn`t just used for decorating the body, but also for protecting people from diseases and accidents. Or it can be a status symbol or indicate membership of a group. Each culture attaches different meanings to tattoos.
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A 'fun package' of international gay films

The "Roze Filmdagen" (Pink Filmdays) once again this year offer a full program with international gay and lesbian (short) films and documentaries not playing in the regular" cinemas. All together 80 productions, a "fun package" so to speak, for the lover of films centering on the theme of homosexuality.
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Disasters, Stretching, Rubber

On the P of Perversions follows Q and unfortunately that letter has little to offer as far as perversions are concerned. The only word I could find was Queening. Which doesn`t mean you`re turning somebody into a queen, which would`t be a perversion but a profit to our gender. No, it means that a woman (and in this case she`s the queen) sits down on the face of a man as a form of submission. With her ass up his nose or her cunt in his mouth. According to my source it`s a European perversion. In Amsterdam gay circles I`ve never heard of something like it.
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Delicious dark

For the Gay and Lesbian community, Amsterdam has long been a Mecca of sorts. It`s a city that takes homosexuality completely in stride. Unlike many big cities, Amsterdam`s vibrant nightlife runs seven days a week. It is not uncommon to witness same-sex couples walking hand in hand through downtown Amsterdam and even rarer to see people react to it as being anything out of the ordinary. Gay marriage, something the homosexual community in most other countries of the world can only dream of right now, is a reality in Holland. While it may have lost its place as the unofficial Gay capital of Europe to the emerging Berlin or London, Amsterdam still ranks near the top of any list of Gay cities of the world. Millions of visitors come every year to enjoy the freedom and fun and of those, many choose to stay. Over the next few months, this series will explore Amsterdam through the eyes of people who have opted to leave their native countries to make Amsterdam their home.
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Danny Pintauro calls his own tune

The history of sitcoms is rich an varied. Sitcoms always last half an hour. An unwritten law in television land, which starts from the assumption that the average viewer will not be able to keep up his concentration much longer to take in the staple ingredients of puns and misunderstandings. How many sitcoms did you see? And how many do you remember?
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