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Friday 24 May
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Xavier van Beesd (18)

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The first issue of “Mein schwules Auge” (My Gay Eye) was published in 2003. It is an annual full of entertaining, but also stimulating gay erotic stories that are presented together with an exquisite selection of equally exciting male art and photography.

mrt 2019       
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On Friday, February 24, bridge 210 was officially named after Bet van Beeren during a ceremony in Amsterdam. The bridge crosses the Oudezijds Achterburgwal between the Korte Stormsteeg and the Korte Niezel, around the corner from bar ’t Mandje on the Zeedijk. The festive inauguration took place on February 24, as that day ’t Mandje celebrated its ninetieth anniversary.

apr 2017       
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When it was announced in the spring of 2014 that the Finnish postal service would issue later that year a series of stamps featuring the work of Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen, 1920-1991), people reacted with disbelief in blogs. A lot of people thought it was a hoax.

feb 2015       
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August 4, 1972. Shocked and furious, author Gerard Reve wrote to actor Willem Nijholt: “if I ever notice you are associating with blacks, and allow them to dishonor you, I will kick your ass, you understand, I will crush your handsome hands on the floor and pour hot fat, drippings and all, into your bum.” The actor wasn’t such an ardent writer as Reve. He probably also knew he had to take Reve’s verbal outbursts with a large pinch of salt.

jan 2015       
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Pointer Sisters to Perform During Opening Ceremony - Many somewhat nostalgically still remember that first week in August 1998, the “eight days of friendship” in which more than seven hundred thousand gay men and lesbians from all over the world came to Amsterdam to participate in or watch the Gay Games. It was the first year the Games were not organized on the North-American continent.

jun 2014       
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At the opening ceremony of the fourth Gay Games, in 1994 in New York, a video message from former Olympic diver Greg Louganis played an important part. After a gracious dive, he swims to the other side of the pool, and, among other things, says: “I’ll be there in a couple of days, back on the diving board joining other gay and lesbian athletes from around the world. [...] This is our chance to show ourselves and the world how strong we are as individuals and as a community. Welcome to the Games! It’s great to be out and proud.”

feb 2014       
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Early October, the former porn actor Mason Wyler twittered that he wanted to make his come-back in the world of porn. Mason Wyler was born on January 28, 1984 as James Wallace in Dallas, Texas. He had his first sexual experience, if we are to believe the long contribution on his blog from February 2012, at the age of fourteen with a seventeen-year-old boy he met via “AOL before AOL had any competition [...] It was a time before having pictures of oneself was common [...], and where I had no choice but to trust this stranger’s self description if I wanted to meet him.”

jan 2014       
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In recent years, a rather large number of athletes has come out of the closet, both in Europe and in the United States. It seems that men in team sports are less inclined to be open about a different sexual preference than men in individual sports, but it is no longer true that the world of sports is a bastion of fearless heterosexuality. This was never true for the film industry in Hollywood, but yet there are very few American television and film actors who are open about their homosexuality.

okt 2013       
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During the Cannes film festival the independent Queer Palm was also presented. The Queer Palm celebrates a movie from one of the various categories in the festival. A film that addresses homosexual issues in an exceptional manner. The jury consists of film professionals, journalists, and film festival organizers. The award was presented to the makers of “Stranger by the Lake” during a festive.

aug 2013       
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“Today’s decisions are a great step forward for #MarriageEquality. Grateful to all who fought tirelessly for this day,” former American president Bill Clinton twittered after the American Supreme Court gave two verdicts on June 26, which will bring equality in the status of the marriage of same-sex couples a lot closer.

aug 2013       
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On Friday the 19th of October, the eve before the HustlaBall, the HustlaBall Award Ceremony took place at the KitKat-Club in Berlin. These are the only European porn awards, installed four years ago. Consumers have a large say because they can vote for their favorites online and their votes count for one-third in the final competition.

dec 2012       
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From the 12th of July Steven Soderbergh’s movie “Magic Mike” will be in Dutch cinemas, two weeks after it opened in the United States. The media in the States are showing teasers with juicy details on the production, which is set in the world of male strippers.

jul 2012       
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On Friday the 21st of October the HustlaBall Awards were presented aa the first part of the HustlaBall at Berlin’s KitKat-Club. These are the only European porn awards and were granted three years ago for the first time. Consumers are rather important in this contest because they can vote online for their favorites. The battle is therefore not decided by the industry’s topmen.

jan 2012       
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In the United States the Second World War had a huge demographic impact, as many young men, after having left their homes to fight for their country, didn’t go back to their birthplace upon return but decided to try their luck in one of the big cities. The awareness of freedom of these boys, and the increased independence from their family’s supervision, were indirectly also cause to the birth of an active gay movement. While some of them focused on joining the political and social changes, others concentrated on conquering and exploiting erotic freedom.

jun 2011       
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In the February 2007 issue of “Gay News” the then editor-in-chief concluded an editorial about whether some subjects are not fit to print in gay publications, with some thoughts about the question whether we “should pretend bareback porn doesn’t exist, just as in the American gay porn industry actors who’re involved in bareback productions get a ‘Berufsverbot’ from the mayor studios [...]

mrt 2010       
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In “L’Homo,” a one-off Dutch gay magazine that appeared in spring of 2009, 43-year old, HIV-positive Anthony admits: “I like sex without a condom better, especially when I’m being fucked. I’m not specifically looking for bare sex, but when it happens I do like it better. With a condom it starts to irritate after ten minutes, without I can keep going for hours.”

feb 2010       
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Time and again you’ll hear that the sports world offers very few role models for athletic guys who discover that they fancy other guys. This might still be true with regard to active professional sportsmen, but the last years sees a growing number of autobiographies by professional sportsmen who come out after they’ve ended their career.. Aside from some early exceptions such as American football player David Kopay’s 1977 memoirs, this trend started with the touching autobiography “Breaking the Surface” (1995) by Olympic diver Greg Louganis, ho celebrated his coming out during the 1994 Gay Games in New York.

mei 2007       
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At the end of the seventies, even at the beginning of the eighties, gay sex life bloomed as never before. Gone were the days of secretively and carefully trying to live out your hottest fantasies. Anything went, everything was possible and it all happened. No wonder of course, sexual liberation not only enabled gays to openly show their sexuality, it also created an atmosphere in which they felt not ashamed anymore to publicly hunt for sexual encounters.

jan 1970       
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