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Friday 24 May
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We can’t ignore it any more: the theme of the Amsterdam Canal Parade is, of course, “Remember the Past, Create the Future.” We are extremely pleased with this theme at A.S.V.Gay, as it ties in extremely well with what we actually do as a student’s union.

apr 2019       
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January was the month of New Year’s resolutions and reflection. Let’s drink less, have fewer hangovers, and spend less money. Less than two days into the New Year, and all of these good intentions are out of the window. Let’s try again next year. But which intentions remain? More parties, more excitement, more fun people to meet! YES.

mrt 2019       
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At the time of writing, the last days of 2018 are counting down, and at the same time we can look forward to a New Year full of beautiful events and activities! The ninth board of A.S.V.Gay is in its third month now, and has already had a wonderful time with great experiences.

feb 2019       
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The Amsterdam Gay Student Association A.S.V.Gay is a union that each month, organizes special drinks, fantastic parties and socially relevant activities. This was no different the end of last year!

jan 2019       
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With winter fast approaching it takes some getting used to the colder weather after such an exceptionally hot summer. Luckily for us we have the A.S.V. Gay (Amsterdam Gay Student Union Gay) to help us get through the coming months with a large selection of activities for our members, as well as our weekly get-together every Wednesday, which provides the perfect opportunity to take a break from the somewhat mundane weekly study routine.

dec 2018       
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A.S.V. Gay’s general meeting took place on October 2, 2018. From this day on, we are now officially the ninth board of student association A.S.V.Gay. Fantastic! Now, we can finally get started with our plans and ideas.

nov 2018       
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As summer truly is over now, and the classes and endlessly long working days are awaiting us, it is time for the “changing of the guard” at GLBTQ+ student association A.S.V.Gay. Board of Directors #9 will take over from Board #8 at our general members meeting on October 2.

sep 2018       
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In recent months, A.S.V.Gay had the pleasure of having a full and great schedule. We were bestowed the great honour to speak at the Remembrance Day commemoration at the Homomonument. For the first time in the history of our association, we travelled to Manchester by plane.

jul 2018       
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Spring Has Arrived! In February and March, we have welcomed new members of A.S.V.Gay, almost all attending our introduction weekend. The theme was “Gays in Space,” and so the program was filled with activities such as lightsaber fighting and landing on the moon. Our traditional beer relay was also scheduled, including bananas and biscuits, as well as our infamous “wild” evening.

mei 2018       
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A.S.V.Gay’s first trip of the year! Last January, we went to Düsseldorf for a weekend with a group of about forty-five people. As this trip was in the form of a car rally, our destination was not known in advance. We only knew that the weekend’s theme would be “James Bond,” so naturally, most teams wore matching outfit.

mrt 2018       
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With a few remaining beers running through my bloodstream and a light thumping feeling in my forehead, I look back at a successful night. The first open drink as the new chair of Amsterdam’s most fun GLBTQ+ student association, A.S.V.Gay, is an accomplished fact. The introduction period is in full swing. New members and everyone who is interested could get a first taste of our weekly drinks.

okt 2017       
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Some weeks ago, A.S.V.Gay celebrated its seventh anniversary. We had a toast on our anniversary at our weakly drink with a shot of our notorious drink, the Troika. The Troika shot is inexplicably linked with A.S.V.Gay: pink, sweet, and a little spicy. We drink it too often, and drink too much of it, just as Sambuca gets too much when you are over twenty years of age.

mei 2017       
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A.S.V.Gay’s winter months are almost, but not entirely behind us. After all the wonderful activities organized by the committee members over the past few months, it was our job as the board to put the members in the limelight at the Day of the Committee. The day is meant as an opportunity to give thanks to it.

mrt 2017       
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After a busy Christmas period seeing family and friends, the members of A.S.V.Gay will be united in one of the greatest cities of our southern neighbor country, Antwerp. Traditionally, the travel committee organizes a trip around Christmas. If the trip is as fun as it normally is, the members can again fall back on mucky but fun anecdotes for weeks.

jan 2017       
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It was that time of the year again. In September, the new students were welcomed to A.S.V.Gay, the Amsterdam student society for GLBTs! The highlight of our introduction is the “ontrozing” (“pink hazing”), the weekend in which you make at least fifty new friends. But what is this introduction all about?

nov 2016       
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A.S.V.Gay?! Most of the gay people we bump into and tell about our student union don’t get much further than “it must be something gay.” This is in fact already quite a lot, because straight people invariably simply hear the letter “g” (in Dutch) rather than gay, so you have an advantage.

aug 2016       
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