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Gay News issue 340, December 2019 (17)

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In the New Issue of Gay News 344 April/ May/ June 2020

The Antwerp Brilliant Games were... Brilliant!

During the Halloween weekend the second edition of the Antwerp Brilliant Games took place. Apart from the sports events several social events also form an important part of this weekend.
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Veronica magazine names Veronica Inside Analyst 'Funniest Dutch Celebrity'

René van der Gijp has been named the funniest Dutch celebrity by readers of the magazine. According to the winner and former football player the jokes in football talk show Veronica Inside are often vulgar, usually quite inappropriate and "on the edge of decency".
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Legal Protection for Transgender and Intersex Persons against Discrimination

Since last month, intersex and transgender persons are explicitly protected by law against discrimination. A bill introduced by D66, PvdA and GroenLinks came into force.
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Peppers Bass Player Flea Sought Gay Direction because of Strict Father

Bassist Flea from rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers started looking for his homosexual side at a young age in response to his strict father’s ideas. That is what the musician reveals in his upcoming autobiography Acid for the Children.
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Huge Settlement for US Gay Police Officer

An American police officer, who presumably missed out on a promotion 23 times because he is gay, has won a lawsuit against his police force in the US state of Missouri.
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Student Life: A Nice Specialty Beer is always Popular

It’s December. The trees are losing their leaves and are almost bare, Saint Nicholas is approaching, and we cannot get “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey out of our heads.
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Letter from Brussels: In the Media

Dear Neighbors to the North, With the end of 2019 nearing, it is time again, as is tradition, for a Flemish media overview of quotes from well-known and less well-known Flemish people on our fascinating GLBTQI community.
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Adjiedj Get your Gun

It is trendy to write or have an autobiography written about your life, even when you’re not half-way through it. Athletes or former athletes, for instance, but also former politicians and self-proclaimed Dutch celebrities have the tendency to do this. Trend watcher and explicit gay man Adjiedj Bakas (1963) now joins their ranks.
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Your Daily Male 2020, Award-Winning Male Art Calendar Prohibited on Facebook

It is a tradition by now. “Your Daily Male,” the only male-art tear-off calendar in the world, is now in its fifth edition and published by Galerie MooiMan in Groningen. Fifty-two international artists have contributed to a colorful tear-off calendar in which the male takes centre stage. The calendar weighs more than two pounds and is four centimeter thick.
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La Demence brings 10th edition of The Cruise

The party institution La Demence is not only celebrating this autumn its thirtieth anniversary of parties in Brussels. Next summer it will also, from July 5 till July 12, 2020, be celebrating the tenth edition of “The Cruise” aboard Royal Caribbean’s elegant “Explorer of The Seas,” a trip not to be missed!
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The only Gay in the Village . . .

Give kids a fighting chance . . . .to further develop themselves. Give them knowledge, so that they can develop themselves, because every child has received the gift to enrich diversity in this world. Children are the future and we are their example.
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Sixteenth Arosa Gay Ski Week

Arosa Gay Ski Week, which will be held from January 18 till January 25, 2020, is known as Europe’s favorite winter pride festival. Hundreds of gay men and women travel annually to Arosa, Switzerland in January, for the friendly week-long celebration, supported by locals and the community.
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The Joyous Month of December

I’m actually in Spain writing this, on the island of Gran Canaria. It is late October, and there is unrest in the Catalonia region. While watching the news reports about the rebellious region, I wonder where from Spain Saint Nicholas is actually leaving for the Netherlands with his steamboat. Valencia? Malaga? Or the rebellious Barcelona?
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New Stars and Old Hit Acts in Seventh Season Symphonica in Rosso

Again this year, a series of sparkling shows from “Travestiecabaret Amsterdam" are scheduled. The ingredients are the same, with live songs, self-written or adapted, cabaret-like sketches, and variété. Topped with glitter and glamour. Preferably with a wink and a hint of oh-la-la... Organizer Koos van den Berg, also known as Coco Coquette, explains.
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The beautifull film And then we Danced

The GLBT community in Georgia, where homophobic and transphobic organizations belong to the mainstream, is literally being hit hard. The fear of being banished was deeply felt by cast and crew when “And Then We Danced” was running in Cannes for the Queer Palm.
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Young Queer Homeless People in The Netherlands

“Well, if it isn’t Mr. Writer.” Next to me I sense Hans Verhoeven’s smile. We welcome each other as buddies. “Getting straight to the point, are you aware of the GLBTI homeless youth in the Netherlands?” Through the dim light in Club Akhnaton, where the Mister Leather election is being held this year, I can see that the expression of his face is changing.
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Eagle & Web come with Gay Sportswear and Sneaker Fetish Events in Amsterdam

Since June 2019, The Netherlands has a new Mister Sportswear, Anton. Our Mister Sportswear has been very active since his election, traveling Europe and participating at various Pride events and marches.
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