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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 290, October 2015 (15)

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Men Together

“Greek philosophers, risen from the dead, desired ephebes, a rain of rose petals, poetry... Orgies in the manner of the Marquis de Sade... Fusion and release. The angels of Sodom celebrated their obscene rituals by means of lengthy and varied pleasures.”
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Menswear Paris 2015-2016

The French capital Paris will invest fifty-seven million Euros in the fashion industry. This investment is meant to give the Parisian fashion industry a boost over the next five years. With this, Anne Hidalgo, the female Mayor of Paris, wants to ensure that Paris remains the capitol of fashion, and she will do anything to make sure it will.
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Gay Monument in Warsaw Demolished

The Tolerance Rainbow in Warsaw, Poland, has been removed. Since its unveiling in 2012 during Poland's EU presidency, the monument has been a symbol for tolerance of homosexuality. The monument was 9 meters high and 26 meters wide, and was created out of artificial flowers.
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Half of British Youth Not ‘Exclusively Straight’

When asking the British to put themselves on a ‘sexuality scale’ from exclusively straight to exclusively gay, almost a quarter indicates they are not 100% percent straight – and among youth from 18-24, this percentage has even risen to 49%.
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Keith Haring: Politics for Everyone

Everyone knows the happy little figures by Keith Haring, but many people got to know the other side of his work during the AIDS crisis. Long before he died of AIDS in 1990, he was world-famous and one of the most well-known gay artists. And not just in the United States. His first exhibition in Europe took place in Rotterdam, as early as 1982. This city now hosts the exhibition “Keith Haring: the Political Line!”
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Security Council Hearing on Anti LGBT Violence by IS

Last August, the US and Chile have organised a hearing for the members of the Security Council of the United Nations on the violence against and the executions of LGBTs (or those who are mistaken for them) by Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.
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Reijers World: Pillow Talk

“Doris, can you come over here?” Barney Rapp asked. She was singing with his band and was still in her teens. Her grandparents on both sides were immigrants from Germany, and her full name was Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff. “We have to do something about your name,” Barney said. He had just heard her sing the song “Day by Day.”
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Project ZuiderBurg – Food For Thought

The individuals behind Project ZuiderBurg are photoshop-artist Gabriel Batenburg and photographer René Zuiderveld. Although they were already connected through Facebook, they actually met for the first time in the streets in the center of Amsterdam.
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The Black Body Story - In 20 Years From ‘Rubber Only’ To ‘Fetish Wear for Men'

End October, it will be twenty years ago that fetish store Black Body opened its doors. When Rick Souwerbren started his business in 1995, he had never suspected it would become this successful. The business has grown, and even though there were ups and downs throughout the years, Black Body is flourishing as never before. High time for a conversation with the driving force behind this business celebrating its twentieth anniversary.
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Amsterdam Leather Pride 2015

Of course people with a preference for leather clothes have “always” been around, or for the rough men who wear certain clothes for their profession, for instance cowboys with chaps, police scouts with high leather boots or motor cyclists in their leather jackets. This last group got an exciting icon in Marlon Brando in the 1953 movie “The Wild One,” while in the subcultural circuit, the drawings of Tom of Finland present a wide selection of exciting men in (professional) leather.
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Call for Symptom Check Acute HIV Infection

Especially at the early stages of HIV, ‘the acute HIV infection stage,’ the virus can easily be passed on. To prevent further spreading and for the sake of the health of people with an HIV infection, it is of the utmost importance to start with HIV inhibitors at an early stage.
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Children with Gay or Lesbian Parents Healthier

A recently held Australian study shows that children with gay or lesbian parents are physically and emotionally healthier and have a better relationship with their parents than children with heterosexual parents. The study was conducted by the University of Melbourne.
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Fourth US State to Ban Conversion Therapy

The fourth US state is going to ban therapy that claims to change gays or lesbians into straights. The governor of Illinois has signed a new law to accomplish this. Other states that have already implemented such laws are California, New Jersey, Oregon, and the District of Columbia.
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Abolition of Gender Registration in Amsterdam

Gay interest group COC Netherlands is of the opinion that the city of Amsterdam's decision to strike gender registration in forms as much as legally possible, is a step in the right direction and a good example for other Dutch municipalities.
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Letter from Brussels: Catholic Terror

Dear Neighbors to the North, American county clerk Kim Davis is still in jail at the time this column is going to press. She was sent to jail because of her continuous refusal to process marriage licenses by same-sex couples leading up to their wedding. It’s contrary to her Catholic beliefs.
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