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Gay News issue 268, December 2013 (14)

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Mason Wyler Wants to Do Porn Again

Early October, the former porn actor Mason Wyler twittered that he wanted to make his come-back in the world of porn. Mason Wyler was born on January 28, 1984 as James Wallace in Dallas, Texas. He had his first sexual experience, if we are to believe the long contribution on his blog from February 2012, at the age of fourteen with a seventeen-year-old boy he met via “AOL before AOL had any competition [...] It was a time before having pictures of oneself was common [...], and where I had no choice but to trust this stranger’s self description if I wanted to meet him.”
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Letter from Brussels: As Was Said...

Dear Neighbors to the North, As the year is coming to an end, it is time for an anthology of some quotes on homosexuality that were published during the last semester in the Belgian press or on the Internet.
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‘Young People Are More Interested in Fetish Than They Think’

For some time now, Thursday at the Eagle in Amsterdam is Young Eagle night. On Thursdays, this legendary bar in the Warmoesstraat focuses on “Young Guys and guys who love Young Guys.” Music is in the hands of DJ Mally Clark. Reason enough to ask Michael Roks, general manager of the Eagle and its little brother Dirty Dicks, some questions about the Young Eagle night and the rejuvenation of the Warmoesstraat scene.
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Porn Actor Adam Killian Is Moving Behind the Lens

Recently, gay adult film star Adam Killian has been appointed Creative Director for Lucas Entertainment. Killian was born on August 12, 1975 in West Hollywood, California, USA. He has a degree in Dance and Theater from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and made his first appearance when he was around twenty-eight years old with a non-sexual role in Jet Set Men’s 2003 production “The Hole.” This movie was directed by Wash West, who’d reached instant fame two years earlier with “The Fluffer,” an exploration of obsession and power relations set with the adult video industry.
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Pink Ambassadors: A Growing Network

Senior homosexuals and lesbians: it is a group that wasn’t very visible for a long time. Gay emancipation was not their thing. They saw it happening, but often did not feel comfortable with it. The advocates of emancipation were a lot younger and more direct and confrontational than they were. A lot has changed in just a few years. In 2006, some organizations (COC Netherlands, the Netherlands center for social development Movisie, the seniors association ANBO, and the disbanded gay health organization Schorer) decided to do something for this “forgotten group” of homosexual seniors.
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Fashion: (M)Animal Prints

For a respectable brand such as Burberry, it is striking to see that this brand in particular is showing a lot of animal prints. A total mixture of leopard, tiger and cheetah prints. Classic costumes and trench coats become less formal by wearing them with leopard print shoes. Sometimes only the collars are in animal print. Show-stoppers are the trench coats that are completely in leopard print, but it remains to be seen if those will actually make it to the stores.
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International Medical Association Condemns Gay Cures

The World Medical Association (WMA) issued a statement in which it condemns reparative therapies, or conversions. In this statement, the international umbrella organisation calls for sanctions against so-called gay healers, and also condemns discrimination of homosexuals, while pointing out its negative health effects on sexual minorities.
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Neuter Registration Now Possible in Germany

In Germany, babies can now have a neuter gender registration since November 1, 2013. This is an important step for new-borns with gender ambiguity. COC Netherlands is of the opinion that the German measure is ‘a step in the right direction,’ but wants to take it one step further by also making it possible for adults who feel they are neither a man nor a woman. So far, the Dutch government's promise to the COC to investigate this possibility has not been kept.
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French Mayors Have To Marry Same-Sex Couples

The French Constitutional Council judged that French mayors cannot refuse to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. The group of mayors that requested a verdict from the Council will not accept this, and will go to the European Human Rights Court.
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Burly Firefighters as Pin-Up Guys

After 9/11, firefighters are looked upon as true masculine heroes, especially in the United States. Often the consequence of a transformation into an icon of virility is an erotization of the object of veneration. To a certain degree this has also happened with the firefighters. This summer, British satellite television channels showed a commercial - if I remember rightly for a bingo website that mainly targets women - which featured a muscular man, stripped to the waist and with a stupid gigolo grin on his face, while the text “Hot” is projected over him in large characters.
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Another Bear Pride in Amsterdam Next Year

During Gay Pride 2009, Dikke Maatjes en Netherbears organized Amsterdam’s first ever Bear Pride. Unfortunately, that was the first and only edition so far. Five years after this first Bear Pride, the founder and organizer of the Amsterdam Fetish Pride Michael Roks took the initiative to found and organize next year an Amsterdam Bear Pride from March 20-24.
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Men from the Alps on the Wall: For the Last Time?

German fashion company Benno von Stein has a modern, black version of the traditional “Lederhose” in its collection. Benno von Stein describes leather as “seductive” and its designs as an expression of their “love of leather, the very first material to clothe humankind - a material which infuses every sense, and satisfies every need.” They “have never had the slightest intention to clothe the masses, because our garments are only intended for a select few.”
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Cruising the Mediterranean Sea with La Demence

The fourth edition of La Demence Cruise is about discovery, bringing the participants to some hidden treasures of the Mediterranean Sea, where large cruise ships cannot come. La Demence will sail with the same ship as last year: Zenith, a medium-sized cruise ship, currently undergoing renovations, that will be completed just in time for this adventure.
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Hellun Zelluf and Associates Honored in Amsterdam Museum

Since World Aids Day on the first of December, the Amsterdam Museum will prominently showcase a number of new acquisitions till January 31st. They are costumes worn by the legendary Hellun Zelluf, the stage name of Geert Visser (1960–1992), in the illustrious “Gay Dating Show.”
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