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Gay News issue 264, August 2013 (18)

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Reijer's World: Peggy, a Lesbian at the Petrol Station, ‘Shall I Fill You Up, Ma

VPRO radio had asked me earlier to discuss “Ook Zo,” but often, I did not think the reason was that pressing. “Ook Zo – Mooi Zo” was a radio show I made for some years with Diane de Coninck in the early eighties for VPRO radio. It was aired on Friday night at 20:00 p.m. On average, 350,000 people tuned in.
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Fetishism: Love of the Special

Why is it that the term fetishism still evokes sniggers? And why is it that psychiatrists and most people still think it is a pathological abnormality? Gert Hekma explains the image and argues in favor of a society that is more open to fetishism.
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Letter from Brussels: Travel Warning

Dear Neighbors to the North, Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Union, Eleanor Sharpston, speaks plainly. Asylum seekers who will be prosecuted because of their homosexual preference in their home country, should be recognized as fugitives by the European Union. And rightly so.
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Shugar: The New Oriental Movement - Share Yourself!

Shugar is the name of a new party evening at Paradiso and can be best described as hundred percent oriental, ethnic, contemporary, hip, raw, pop and urban. Shugar’s first edition will take place on Saturday, October 12.
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Hannah’s Experiences as Child of a Gay Couple and a Straight Woman

‘We Know Your Secret!’ Hannah (21) grew up in a co-parenting construction of a gay couple and a straight woman. “I liked living in two houses, I was used to it, and was never homesick on school trips. And I learned how to plan!” Steven had a strong desire to have children, but his partner Jan did not want any.
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Working on Safe Sex in the Ukraine

Even though it is likely the Ukraine will adopt anti-gay legislation, LGBT organisations and activists bravely continue their work with support of COC Netherlands. They support a community centre and developed a unique safe sex campaign.
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Many French gays cannot get married

Many French gays cannot get married, despite the fact that gay marriage is now legal in France. Over 15 million gays cannot get married to their French partner. This was announced recently. France signed an agreement with several countries that makes it impossible for French homosexuals to marry their partner from one of the countries with which the French entered into an agreement.
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Pink Saturday 2015 in Maastricht

In 2015, Pink Saturday (Roze Zaterdag/Roze stad) will take place in Maastricht for the third time. With an impressive bid and a very thorough presentation in Maastricht, the organisers managed to overwhelm the executive committee of the Stichting Roze Zaterdagen Nederland.
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Inspectorate to Oversee Compulsory Education

The next five years, the Dutch Inspectorate of Education will carry out a large-scale investigation on the implementation of compulsory education on LGBTs in primary and secondary schools. A large majority in the Dutch Lower House voted in favour of a bill to that effect by MPs Pia Dijkstra (D66) and Tamara Venrooy-Van Ark (VVD).
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18th Amsterdam Leather Pride October 24 till 27

Leather and fetish lovers can really let themselves go at the end of October during Amsterdam Leather Pride. They can indulge themselves at this event, which is organized for the eighteenth time in our capital.
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Double Exhibition in Antwerp about Georges Eekhoud

With a wealth of photos, books, diaries and letters from their own collection, as well as other European archives and libraries, the “Letterenhuis” and the “Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Conscience,” both in Antwerp, present a double exhibition on the live, work and the special social engagement of author Georges Eekhoud.
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U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

“Today’s decisions are a great step forward for #MarriageEquality. Grateful to all who fought tirelessly for this day,” former American president Bill Clinton twittered after the American Supreme Court gave two verdicts on June 26, which will bring equality in the status of the marriage of same-sex couples a lot closer.
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Queer Hero, William S. Burroughs’ Life of Sex and Drugs

In 1960, the American writer William Styron met his fellow-countryman and colleague William S. Burroughs at a jazz & poetry night in Paris. He would later describe him in a letter as an “amazing person with an intense and crazy face, and a tailor-made suit that seemed to be from the twenties, with a shit-colored raincoat [...]. He reminded me of an old and nasty dyke.
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European Male Art Meeting in Mannheim

From the 3rd till the 11th of August the European Male Art Meeting (EMAM) will be organized in the German city Mannheim. This art event is, as the name indicates, entirely dedicated to the topic “Man.”
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Drag Olympians Arrive En Masse in Amsterdam

It has been confirmed that the ninth International Drag Queen Olympics will return to Amsterdam once again during this year’s Gay Pride. On Friday, 2nd of August the top drag queen and king competitors from around the globe will battle it out in the world’s premier sporting event for drag athletes.
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Louis van Gaal in Canal Parade

For the first time in history, Dutch football , including national coach Louis van Gaal, and president of the Dutch Football Association Michael van Praag, will participate in the annual Canal Parade of the Amsterdam Gay Pride. The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) announced this.
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Artist Gert Kist presents surprising photo technique at Gay Pride exhibit

Artist Gert Kist presents a surprising photo technique at Gay Pride exhibit, Frisse jongens op oud hout (Fresh Boys on Aged Wood) - gorgeous young boys in an assiduous, wooden surrounding. Photography artist, Gert Kist applies a tantalizing new technique for his newest collection. Eduard Planting Gallery will exhibit the work, alongside that of Hans Withoos, during Gay Pride, entitled New Romantics.
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Amsterdam gay pride 2013

The Unification of the Rainbow Flag and the Pink Triangle During a Pride Full of Exuberance and Reflection Three hundred and fifty thousand visitors at the Canal Pride Parade; four days of street parties with forty-five thousand visitors; eighty-nine outdoor bars; two hundred thousand beers; four football fields of dance space; ten outdoor stages; three million beats; one hundred and twenty events in nine days.
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