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Gay News issue 244, December 2011 (14)

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Porn DVD Review - Lords of the Jungle

In 1998 Oslo’s Gay & Lesbian Festival used a poster with an image of Tarzan dangling on a liana holding Jan in a tight grip to his side. This struck me as remarkable because in the Tarzan cult there has not been any homoerotic hint ever since Edgar Rice Burroughs created the hero in 1912. Probably also because Tarzan meets the American Jane Porter as a young man already and she’s the one and only in his life from then on.
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Book Review - Churches Out of the Closet

Suppose I’m gay and Reformed-liberated, would I have use for a little booklet that lists in which church I’m allowed to get married with my partner? I don’t think Wielie Elhorst, chair of the LKP (national Dutch umbrella organization for churches and homosexuality) and Tom Mikkers, secretary of the Remonstrant Brethren, thought of this when they fabricated the colorful and titillating little book “Coming Out Churches,” despite the English title published in Dutch by the way.
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Body Styling - Piercings In A Nutshell

Humans like to decorate themselves. Both the tattoo and the piercing have an extremely long history. The 5000 year old ice mummy Ötzi, discovered in an Austrian glacier in 1991, not only showed remnants of what must have been tattoos, but also had several holes in his ears of some ten millimeters. Ear piercings have practically always been around in Europe.
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Short Story - Rough Whoring In An Alley

The alley was dark, but the man could still see the silvery threads of precum strung over the boy’s face. The man’s cock danced against the roof of a very talented mouth as he steadily pumped himself back and forth to the rhythm of rap music from a nearby car. Standing against the wall, the man’s back supported him, and due to his suit coat, the roughness of the bricks didn’t touch him. His pants pooled around his ankles, his bare hairy legs spread as much as they would allow, and the boy’s hands clutched his bare flesh.
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Gay-Straight Alliance network launches gay history website

Early November the Gay-Straight Alliance pupil network of COC Netherlands launched a gay history website: With accessible information on 4000 years of history on lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBTs) the website offers pupils and teachers guidance on how to discuss sexual diversity in schools.
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HustlaBall Awards - And The Winner Is .....

On Friday the 21st of October the HustlaBall Awards were presented aa the first part of the HustlaBall at Berlin’s KitKat-Club. These are the only European porn awards and were granted three years ago for the first time. Consumers are rather important in this contest because they can vote online for their favorites. The battle is therefore not decided by the industry’s topmen.
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Letter from Brussels - Development Aid

Dear Northern Neighbors,

This time no news from Brussels or Belgium, but from London. The British prime minister David Cameron wants to stop all development aid to all countries which still have not taken homosexuality out of their criminal laws, countries which are persecuting gays and lesbians. With only a few words he speaks of quite a few third world countries in Africa.
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Fashion - Jewelry For Men

S!LK Jewelry

The Dutch jewelry label S!LK is inspired by the chemistry of intriguing Asia and her collection of silver jewelry supports the community trade of this continent. With a firm dedication to Fair Trade these robust pieces are handmade and of high quality natural materials. The jewelry is designed in Holland and made by craftsmen in Asia.
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The Short But Turbulent History Of ‘Destroyer’ Magazine

“Mainstream gay culture dresses up its kiddie porn in a pretense of serving teens,” Philip Guichard claimed in his article “I Hate Older Men” in the “Village Voice” of June 27, 2000. The author was only about nineteen at the time and elaborates on his bold statement with: “As nice it is to believe that magazines like ‘XY’ and ‘Joey’ are actually consumed by gay teens, it’s obvious to me that the shirtless kids in provocative poses who fill their glossy pages are there for older men to masturbate to.
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Gay teacher wins first court case

The District Court found Duran Renkema, the gay teacher contesting his dismissal from a Reformed primary school, was in the right and ruled that he should be able to resume his work at once. Another case, at the Committee for Equal Opportunity, is still underway. The ruling also says that the school failed to have an open and clear conversation with Renkema, about whether he thought his new relationship with a man would infringe on his functioning as a teacher. So the school had no extra circumstantial arguments, which is needed if you want to fire a gay teacher.
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COC has suggestions for Leers for a better immigration policy

COC Netherlands sent thirteen suggestions for a better asylum and immigration policy for lesbian women, gay men and transgenders (LGBTs) to minister Leers (Immigration and Asylum) and to parliament. This is in response to the research paper on the LGBT asylum policies in the European Union: Fleeing Homophobia, which was composed by the Free University Amsterdam and COC Nederland.
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Flemish Artists Danny Cobbaut and Philippe Timmermans Show in Groningen

From Saturday the 19th of November Gallery MooiMan presents “Vlaamse Verwondering” (Flemish Wonderment), an exhibition of paintings by Danny Cobbaut and statues by Philippe Timmermans.

It’s the second time Danny Cobbaut (1966) shows in Gallery MooiMan. His paintings are clear and expressive. He says he’s made “official portraits” of a number of models. The men pose in a sitting position, sometimes naked, sometimes dressed.
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Global Times, Global Debates? Same-Sex Marriage Worldwide

On Friday, December 16, David Paternotte of the Sociological Institute of Brussels’ Free University will speak about “Global Times, Global Debates? Same-Sex Marriage Worldwide” as part of a lecture series of the Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality (ARC-GS) of the University of Amsterdam.
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World AIDS Night - Lovedance

Thursday 1st of December

As soon as the sun sets in Amsterdam on Thursday the 1st of December the World AIDS Night events will set the night on fire. Ten of the city’s leading clubs and concert halls dedicate their programs that night to the fact that more and more people in our nightlife community are faced with HIV/AIDS in their lives. They do this with sparkling parties, with programs full of art and culture, with performances, and a lot of music.
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