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Gay News issue 235, March 2011 (13)

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Letter from Brussels - The Child Wish: Egoism, Despair or Altruism?

Dear Northern Neighbors,

A few weeks ago Flemish viewers of the current affairs program “Koppen XL” saw the Belgian-French couple Peter and Laurent (the broadcast is now also on Youtube: The lovebirds got married a few years ago in Brussels and later moved to the southern regions of France, to Lodève.
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DVD Review - Third Season of ‘’t Schaep’ Most Successful

Long, long ago Dutch television broadcasted a very popular comedy called “’t Schaep met de 5 poten” (The Sheep with 5 Legs). This series was revived a few years ago and turned out to be very popular again. Who wants to get an impression of a certain kind of Dutch humor, shouldn’t miss the third season, “’t Spaanse Schaep” (The Spanish Sheep), which even has a gay angle. The only problem might be that the DVDs don’t have English subtitles.
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Immigrants - ‘Loyalty To Your Own Community Comes First’

The number of Frisians of immigrant descent is relatively small: one out of ten in Leeuwarden, while it’s one in three in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. In the rest of Friesland the percentage will even be much lower than in Leeuwarden. This can be a disadvantage for the individual immigrant gay man or woman: there are fewer activities, networks are much smaller, and people are often lonely. That’s why it is so important to address homosexuality in Friesland especially.
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Porn DVD Review - Ashley Ryder’s Unbelievable Anal Skills

One of the more remarkable things in gay history is that the porn industry had its first real breakthrough in the United States. Not just because this country is so puritan still, but also because sodomy even remained a criminal act for much longer compared to Europe. California for example, the state where porn production had – and still partly has - its center, probable mainly because of the nice climate, sodomy laws were only banished on the 6th of May 1975.
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Film Review - João Pedro Rodrigues’ ‘To Die Like a Man’

According to Wikipedia “Morrer Como Um Homem” (To Die Like a Man) was partially based on the life of Joaquim Centúrio de Almeida (stage name: Ruth Bryden – a famous drag queen from Lisbon), but interviews with the director, João Pedro Rodrigues, don’t mention it. He does mention the fact that his personal meetings with transvestites and transsexuals, and the stories they told him, influenced the script.
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Art - Ron Amir’s Disconsolate But Exceptionally Impressive Stories

Sometimes Rotterdam seems to be much farther away from Amsterdam than, say, Tel Aviv, to mention a relevant instance: we are looking for the studio of the young painter, Ron Amir, who originates from Israel... As yet the TomTom hasn’t been able to locate the keyed in address. It’s cold, it drizzles and I want coffee! Thanks to the iPhone we’re navigated through a godforsaken industrial zone to a former soccer canteen... where maybe, long, long ago, the naughty soccer players toughly celebrated their 3-0 victory of DWS under the showers... But now I’m digressing terribly.
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Men’s Wear 2011: Milan

The Italian fashion industry heaves a collective sigh of relieve. After the turnover dropped with fifteen percent over 2009 the Camera della Moda Italiana reported a gain of 14.6 percent in the second third of 2010. With an annual turnover of 100 billion the Italian fashion industry is essential for the Italian economy.
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Leather Land - Intimate

A TV channel was looking for panel members for a new program on sex. I talked about sex on TV before and one of the female editors asked me to come around for an interview. Perhaps I was what they were looking for. I thought it would be just an introduction, so I was a little shocked when they took me to a room with a spotlight and a camera installed. “No, it’s really only an introduction,” the editor assured me.
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Illinois introduces partner registration

Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois signed the law to make partner registration possible for same-sex couples. It had passed in the Senate of Illinois with a great majority. Illinois, the home state of president Barack Obama and also home to the largest LGBT community in the US, is introducing a form of partner registration comparable with the British civil unions. ‘Today’s an important day in the history of our state,’ said governor Pat Quinn at the signing ceremony. ‘Today we show the world that the people of Illinois believe in equality for all.’
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European Commission to research charges of gay discrimination in Poland

The European Commission is going to check whether the Polish authorities are discriminating gays that want to get married abroad. This was published via the Polish media last Wednesday.

The Polish LGBT –interest group Campaign Agains Homophobia (KPH) claims to know of concrete cases where the Registration Office refuses to issue special documents to gay men and women, which they’ve requested in order to be able to get married to someone of the same sex in another country.
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COC: measure from government agreement should be scrapped

One of the measures part of the coalition agreement of the government is making it impossible for many lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) to start a life in Holland with a foreign partner. That’s why it needs to be scrapped. With this central demand the COC had a meeting with Minister Leers of Immigration and Asylum.
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Number of reports of Gonorrhea and Syphilis keep going up in Flanders

In spite of prevention campaigns sexually transmitted disease figures keep going up amongst the gay community of Flanders. This is primarily the case for Gonorrhea and Syphilis. The worrying trend can be derived from figures the Flemish minister of Public Health, Jo Vandeurzen, and the Flemish Agency for Care and Health made public.
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Club Trash - Antwerpen

After a long and fruitless quest for a suitable location in Amsterdam, Trash decided to go on tour to Antwerp, the beautiful city on the Schelde River.

In Antwerp Trash found a home in an old station complete with dungeons. The location has a lounge, a dance floor, private corners and playrooms; two coat checks, a changing room, parking and open from 11pm till 6am.
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