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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 233, January 2011 (13)

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Porn DVD Review

Sebastian’s Double Fuck Weekend

Which bottom-boy doesn’t dream about surrendering to his horn bag nature for once, and allow a range of men to abuse him as their sex toy? This fantasy is exactly what Sebastian, a young, white, bleach blond Brazilian is experiencing in March 2009 in Rio de Janeiro. With a shaved butt and pubes he’s well prepared for his escapades. Over the weekend he meets up with five big-dicked guys who are ready for action.
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Spotlight: DJ Ana Paula

During the last years a brand new DJ has burst onto the international gay scene, rocking the world’s best gay clubs with her amazing energy and music style. DJ Ana Paula has become one of the main references of the so-called new gay house scene. The ingredients of her unique clubbing recipe are a huge musical background, great tribal and Brazilian beats and, of course, an incredible ability to connect herself with the crowd and set the dance floor on fire.
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Fashion - ES Collection

To start the year well and actually put your new year’s resolutions to sport more into action, the sportswear collections of the Spanish brands ES and XTG will be a great push for you to keep it up this year. The ES Collection has modernized men’s underwear fashion thoroughly in just four years, it’s available in over thirty countries. They’ve a shop on the Zeedijk in Amsterdam as well.
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Letter from Brussels - As They Said

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Another year is over. Another year older too. Time for a few remarkable quotes from 2010 on gays and everything around it.

“My private teacher told me you could only find out if you were gay by trying it out. So we did, and afterwards he told me how courageous I was, which made me feel I was special, a member of a little club.” (Cinematographer Joachim Lafosse, in a testimony as a victim of pedophilia, in ‘De Standaard’)
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Holland Grabs Silver At Mr. International Rubber Contest

It was an amazing weekend, from the 5th till the 7th November, when the fourteenth International Mr. International Rubber Contest was held in Chicago and the Dutch delegate Roger appeared from nowhere and jumped to the second place! Nine men from Canada, Germany, France, Italy and the United States fought it out for the coveted title. This was the largest number of contestants in the history of Mr. International Rubber.
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Calenders - The Beauty of the Alps

In my younger days one could spot on the facades of dilapidated cinemas the announcement of movies such as “Yodeling under Tyrol Skirts” or “With my Alp Horn Between Your Alps” or similar naughty titles. The incidental gay movies of the time were rather heavy-handed, so I don’t think there’s a gay version of these erotic comedies. Which doesn’t mean the famous German Lederhosen have no erotic or fetishist aspect.
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Fifteenth anniversary fetish shop Black Body on new location

Fifteen years ago Black Body opened its doors. The men’s fetish gear store specializes in rubber but has also collections of leather, sportswear, toys and all kinds of other fetish accessories. The rubber collection is unique and for a large part specifically designed, through internet Black Body has acquired international fame as a quality brand.
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Refusing new diploma to transsexual discrimination

The University of Amsterdam is making illegal distinction by refusing a new diploma to a transsexual. That is the verdict of the Commissie voor Gelijke Behandeling (Committee for Equal Opportunity) on the case of Justus Eisfeld against the university. The verdict is in line with the opinion of Minister Van Bijsterveldt for Education. The UVA has changed its stand and will issue a new diploma for Eisfeld.
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Reaching old age with HIV requires extra energy of researchers, care providers a

Ten-point plan of action of the HIV-Association Netherlands for 2011 – 2014

People with HIV live long; a positive result of the effective combination therapy. There are many 40+, 50+ and elderly people living with HIV. This group will grow quickly over the next few years. A longer life comes with a few consequences. People with HIV are more susceptible to several chronic ailments, as a result of long-term HIV-infection and HIV-medication, on top of the normal effects of aging. So people with HIV more often develop comorbidity (the combination of multiple chronic diseases) at a relative young age.
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Pia Dijkstra defends gay seniors

D66 (liberal Democrat) mp Pia Dijkstra is very happy that the D66 proposal (see inset) to support gay seniors has been supported all through parliament. Only the SGP (Strict Reformed Party) voted against. Gay seniors often face exclusion and bullying. They often feel they need to hide their sexuality.

To counter this Masterplan Pink 50+ was designed. The necessary funds for this successful project were in danger but D66 was able to secure it after all, with the help of GroenLinks (Greens), Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals) and the VVD (Liberals).
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Inequality for gays and lesbians in EU

In some member states of the European Union gays and lesbians are still forced to live in complete anonymity. They experience discrimination at work or when renting a home. They are increasingly confronted with violence. These are the three main findings of the European Agency for Fundamental Rights that were presented today to the European Parliament. The agency conducted its research on homophobia, transphobia and discrimination on sexual identity over the past two years.
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Pass system for coffeeshops also in Amsterdam

Amsterdam will also have to introduce a pas system for visitors of coffeeshops. Parliament rejected a proposal of SP (Socialists), PvdA (Social Democrats), GroenLinks (Greens) and D66 (Liberal Democrats) to allow ‘for example Amsterdam’ the freedom to adapt their own approach of the coffeeshops. The government wants to turn the coffeeshops into closed associations, only accessible to adult Dutch people that have a pass. Foreign tourists will not be able to visit the coffeeshops anymore.
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Armed gays don't get bashed

Bash Back!

Bash Back! is a network of radical, anarchist and anti-authoritarian queer projects within the United States. Formed in Chicago in 2007 to facilitate a convergence of radical trans and gay activists from around the country, Bash Back! seeks to critique the ideology of mainstream LGBT movement, which the group sees as assimilation into the dominant institutions of a heteronormative society. Bash Back! is noticeably influenced by the anarchist movement and radical queer groups, such as ACT UP and Gay Shame, and takes inspiration from the Stonewall and White Night riots.
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