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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 230, October 2010 (13)

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Pink Point - Don’t Forget The Neighbors

I’m outside the bar “Le Baroque” in Brussels having a beer with a feeling of déjà vu. Is the atmosphere here taking me back? Certainly, I know that feeling of peace and quiet and security. Yet, I have to dig deep to match the sensation. Of course, my early years in Amsterdam, the Reguliersdwarsstraat. How is it possible that nowadays, Brussels, the city where the language battle is fought out so intensely, can have the peaceful ambiance of a gay street in the city center? Rue marche au-Charbon, or simply the Kolenmarkt in Dutch, has the spirit of Amsterdam of yesteryear.
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Porn DVD Review - Horny Splurges In A Dive

A couple of years ago, I was having an after-hour drink with some men in a bar in the early morning. After closing time, the owner liked to relax with some alcoholic refreshments, regular customers and “approved” passers-by. That morning, an attractive Frenchman who fell into the last category, kept looking at me with lustful eyes. Probably slightly tipsy, I don’t remember how the situation developed, but at a certain moment someone simply said “fuck!”
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Circuit Festival (Barcelona 2010)


It has been called the largest European International Gay & Lesbian event. This year, the Circuit Festival saw its third edition, full of culture, dance, tourism and leasure, on different locations in Barcelona and Sitges. There were more than 35 parties and 20 events for more than 55,000 people from all over the world. The Circuit Festival consisted of three parts: The Circuit Festival for gay men, the Girlie Circuit Festival for ladies and the Circuit Bear and Butch, for real men!
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Letter from Brussels - Generally Hypocritical

Dear Northern Neighbors,

An American court has ended the Pentagon policy of “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” which – in brief – forbade the army leadership to ask (future) soldiers about their sexual preference, while being open about their homosexuality was illegal for gays and bisexuals, at the risk of losing their job. A district court in California ruled this policy “unconstitutional.” Since the implementation of this policy, 12,500 gay and bisexual soldiers were made redundant.
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Come and get cozy at Cozy Bar!

Cozy Bar aims to please a wide variety of tastes by keeping it simple: no theme, no attitude, and everybody is welcome. Jokingly referred to as ‘mother approved’, Cozy Bar is a small venue in the heart of the city offering Jupiler on tap, a variety of other beers and mixed drinks straight from the USA. You certainly do not have to bring your mother, this is still a gay bar after all.
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Fifty Years Of Education And Entertainment In 'Bravo'

In the early seventies, a diverse and colourful number of pop artists broke through with extravagant stage acts, vivaciously using make-up, among others things. Even though the musical styles of David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Gary Glitter, Lou Reed, Slade, or T. Rex had little in common, their stage presentation was reason enough for some Dutch music journalists to use the term “nichtenrock” (fairy rock) next to the Dutch translation of the English umbrella term “glam rock.”
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Style 2010-2011 Paris

The luxury industry is gradually recovering, after surviving the disastrous year 2009. With last year’s spending decrease of 7.8% to 153 billion euro, 2010 finally offers better prospects. French luxury conglomerate L.V.M.H, owner of Givenchy and Louis Vuitton, recorded a turnover increase of thirteen percent in the first quarter of 2010. “Yet we still need to be careful,” company CEO Bernard Arnault says.
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Discriminatory act a thing of the past?

COC Netherlands is extremely happy about the private member's bill that wants to dispense with the 'enkele-feit'-constructie in the Dutch Equal Rights Act. The bill was recently submitted by Boris van der Ham, Member of Parliament for D66. The bill can count on a large majority in the Dutch Lower House, as it is co-signed by the VVD, PvdA, SP, and GroenLinks. With this bill from Van der Ham (D66), Anouchka van Miltenburg (VVD), Jasper van Dijk (SP), and Ineke van Gent (GroenLinks), a section of the law that was used to expel homosexual students and teachers from faith-based school, could now become a thing of the past.
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Protest against violence

On Sunday the fifth of September, over a thousand people assembled on Dam square to protest against increasing anti-gay violence. The protest was organised by action group “Right to Feel Safe," after a wave of violent incidents against gays and lesbians in last couple of months. From Dam square, the participants marched to several spots where gays have been harassed or beaten up. There, posters were nailed up with information on the incidents. The protest march continued walking through the Kalverstraat, along the Spui, to end at the Gay Monument on Westermarkt.
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Ban on homosexuality in US army unconstitutional

An American federal judge, Virginia Philips of the District Court in Riverside California, has stipulated that the ban on open homosexuality in the American army, is in violation of the American constitution. She thinks the 'don't ask, don't tell' principle should be put to a stop.

13,000 people fired
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Transsexual wants new certificate from University of Amsterdam

A former student of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) has filed a complaint with the Dutch Equal Treatment Commission, Commissie Gelijke Behandeling (CGB). The transsexual, who became a man right after finishing his degree, wants a new degree certificate from the UvA. According to a spokesperson of the CGB, it is the first time the commission handles such a dispute. The case comes up for the CGB on the fifth of October.
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Police commander of Stonewall Riots passed away

Seymour Pine, commander of police during the Stonewall Riots in 1969, died Thursday the third of September in a nursing home in Whippany, New Jersey, at the age of 91. The protest against police actions from the Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village in the summer of 1969, is generally considered the start of the modern gay movement. Seymour Pine was a vice-squad police commander of New York’s Lower Manhattan police force. With a team of eight police officers, he led the Stonewall Inn raid on June 28, 1969.
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Leatherpride Amsterdam: Get-Ruff (28 October – 31 October)

From 28th - 31st October 2010, Amsterdam will be host for the 15th edition of one of the most famous gay fetish weekends in Europe - Leatherpride Amsterdam.

For the second year, the whole weekend will fall under the banner of Get Ruff with various events, parties, shops, bars and restaurants all coming together to make this the biggest Leatherpride Amsterdam has seen.

As a start to the weekend, the Main Sponsor - RoB is hosting a party for it’s 35th Anniversary.
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