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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 229, September 2010 (11)

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Porn DVD Review - Sex As An Act Of Revenge

A few months ago a mentioned in passing Michael Lucas’ “Revenge,” in which Matan Shalev gets it from Rafael Alencar, after he’d seduced Rafael’s romantic interest Jesse Martin with his lap dancing art to a night filled with erotic excesses. Matan is obviously enjoying the physical punishment so that Rafael spits at him: “You like that, don’t ye?” forcing the masochist Israeli into submission with his formidable dick. Matan happily surrenders.
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Pink Point - The Old Days

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument.

“In the old days everything was better,” my grandmother used to say. “In the old days beetroot tasted like beetroot,” she said, forgetting the period they replaced the beetroot with flower bulbs. Maybe “the old days” are over-romanticized. One thing I’m sure of though: in the old days things were clearer. Gay, straight, in my grandmother’s time they’d never heard of bisexual.
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Short Story - A Horny Cop And A Sweet Student

Michael Staal opened the door to the room he’d rented out to a student and strode in, all confidence and brawn. Closing the door behind him, he flicked the door with one gloved finger and let his eyes crawl over the figure of the guy on the bed in front of him. The man wore a blue uniform that held every curve of his muscular body, unlike the boy on the bed who appeared naked except for the gleaming white jockstrap that hugged his round ass.
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COC urges for speed of police investigation of blackmailing case

The blackmail case in West Brabant appears to include more victims than the five gays that have come forward up until now. COC Netherlands is urging the police to speed up their investigation so as to end these practices as soon as possible.

In May a group of Moroccan teenagers were exposed for blackmailing gays in Bergen op Zoom. Two of them are in custody; a third is still fugitive. The District Attorney says more people could turn out to be involved.
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Letter from Brussels - Electoral opportunism

Dear Northern Neighbors,

I just read an article about how a gay Brit was bashed in the center of Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. Badly injured. The next homophobe incident in what once was the gay capital of the world.

Still, don’t get me wrong, but there is something positive about this fact: it made the national press in Holland. It’s something that doesn’t happen here in Brussels when a gay man is hospitalized after having been attacked.
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Movies & TV

El Cuarto de Leo

“El Cuarto de Leo” is Enrique Buchichio’s (Uruguay 1973) first feature movie, earlier he made the smaller films “En La Plaza” (2004) en “Noche Fría” (2007). The story is about Leo, a sympathetic young student in his twenties, who lives in the center of Montevideo where he rents a small room. He’s in a relationship with Andrea but they’re having (mainly sexual) troubles. Andrea advises him to go to a psychiatrist.
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Style Milan 2010-2011

The Italian fashion sector is licking her wounds after the disastrous times the global economic crisis caused. Customers with a budget are returning slowly to the various shops and turnovers are going up. “Let’s say things can only get better after 2009, which was not that good,” said president Mario Boselli of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. “Recovery has started but it’s slow.”
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Hidden camera discloses double life gay priests

A journalist of the Italian magazine Panorama has caught three gay priests in Rome’s gay nightlife with a hidden camera. The priests were also filmed while having sex with an accomplice or the journalist.

This Panorama story surfaced via an email yesterday even before the magazine was out, but it has been confirmed. The Panorama site now shows the video images. Panorama – owned by media tycoon and prime minister Silvio Berlusconi – calls the exposed double life of the gay priests ‘very disturbing.’
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Montenegro votes for extensive anti-discrimination law

On the 27th of July a large majority in the parliament of Montenegro accepted an anti-discrimination law, which also includes discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. With this law Montenegro meets one of the conditions to become a member of the European Union but real social acceptance of LGBT people is still far off.

The new legislation was accepted with 67 votes in favor, 6 votes against and 4 abstentions.
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Hivos-Homophobia meter: '10% wants to lock gay people up’

The Homophobia Meter of the Humanist Development Organization shows that ten percent of the population thinks gays deserve punishment – a little time in jail will turn them around. A similar percentage is against formal rights for homosexuals.

These are a few of the results of the Homophobia Meter, which could be filled out the past months on the Hivos site. Marijke Haanraadts of Hivos: ‘Shocking,’ because ‘the visitors of our site are not representative.’ The Hivos spokesperson means to say she thinks the real percentage of homophobia in Holland will be even higher.
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Haarlem Pink City 2012

The Stichting Roze Zaterdag Nederland (Pink Saturday Holland Foundation) has announced that the city of Haarlem will be Roze Stad in 2012.

This means Haarlem will organize Roze Zaterdag on the 7th of July in 2012, and will also organize a variety of other activities as Roze Stad throughout the year. Haarlem just managed to beat Leeuwarden in the election competition.
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