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Gay News issue 224, April 2010 (12)

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Comics - Maltreated, but Forever Young (2)

The Adventures of Alix and Enak (II)

“They have become a kind of couple, which is a bit embarrassing.” Jacques Martin gives the impression that the homo-erotic image of Alix and Enak bothers him. If so, it would be logical henceforth to avoid all reference to homosexuality. But whoever reads the albums with attention cannot fail to remark that they contain ever more allusions, sometimes veiled, to this passion. And not just in the historical series we are scrutinizing here.
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Pink Point - Just Like In The Movies

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

“April wears a white hat” springs to mind when I cycle to Pink Point in the morning with snow covering the road. It is a little strange, the temperature well above freezing, not a cloud in the sky. Locking my bicycle on a lamppost, I notice that the snow suspiciously looks like foam.
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Porn DVD Review - Cody Kyler And Pals Spoil Black Men In ‘Mixxxed Nuts’

When I spotted the cover of “Mixxxed Nuts” on the internet, depicting a charming Caucasian young man being embraced by a black gentleman, I was intrigued. The back of the DVD aroused my curiosity even further, noticing that this young man has a very nice butt on which the other gentleman eagerly rests his hand. Which excesses will those two indulge in? It would be easy to get an answer to this question. Some days later, the postal services delivered “Mixxxed Nuts.”
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Is A Blow-Job Just As Bad As Smoking?

In France at the end of February, there was much to do about the presentation of a plan for a provocative campaign to prevent smoking by youngsters. Even though the posters in question were not out on the street yet and hadn’t appeared in any magazine or newspaper, French Minister of Family Affaires, Nadine Morano, was already considering a possible campaign ban. “There are other ways to warn youngsters about cigarette addiction,” the minister declared.
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Letter from Brussels - Hypocrite

Dear Neighbors to the North,

The following news probably did not make the Dutch (or Belgian) front pages, although: you never know.

An American senator, a member of parliament for the state of California, admitted to being gay in a radio interview. The confession of the republican Roy Ashburn does have an unusual aftertaste. The man in question was, in his capacity as senator, a notorious opponent of gay rights.
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Style 2010 Paris

Over 2009, France has seen a four percent decline in clothing sales. With sales totalling thirty billion euros, the French clothing market does remain one of the largest players in Europe. Nevertheless, the French refer to last year as an “Annus Horribilis.” According to Dutch bank ING, high-street sales will not make a full recovery from the global crunch until 2015. But which players will survive?
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Circumcision against HIV does not help

It was thought that the circumcision of men could possibly reduce the number of HIV infections. A new study, however, shows that the effect of circumcision of homosexual men is almost non-existent.

Earlier studies in Africa
Studies that were carried out in Africa supposedly have proven that circumcised men have 60% less chance of catching the HIV virus compared to non-circumcised men. They presumed that the foreskin would be extremely sensitive to the virus.
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Major Robert Mapplethorpe Retrospective In Düsseldorf

Robert Mapplethorpe, who was born in 1946 and passed away in 1989, is one of the few artists who truly deserve to be known far beyond the borders of the art world. Mapplethorpe dominated photography in the late twentieth century and paved the way for the recognition of photography as an art form in its own right; he firmly anchored the subject of homosexuality in mass culture and created a classic photographic image, mostly of male bodies, which found its way into commercial photography.
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European Court sentences Poland for discrimination of gay couple.

The European Court of Human Rights has condemned Poland for discrimination of a gay couple on grounds they were not treated unequally to a married straight couple. Piotr Kozak lived with his partner for nine years when he died in 1989. The rental agreement of the home of the couple was registered to his partner and, after his death, Kozak wanted to transfer the agreement, so that he could continue living there. Despite of the fact that Poland gives some rights to cohabitating partners, Kozak’s request was denied by the authorities.
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Christian printer is allowed to refuse Gay Sport

The refusal to print towels with text that refers to a gay sports tournament is not discriminatory on grounds of homosexual judgement. The Dutch Equal Treatment Commission, the Commissie Gelijke Behandeling (CGB) made this decision in a court case between the foundation Stichting Gay Sport Nijmegen and textile printer Konavo from Nieuwe Tonge.
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Exhibitions About Gerard Reve’s Years In Greonterp And Weert

On March 7, Teigetje & Woelrat (Willem Bruno van Albada and Hendrik Lambertus van Manen), former lovers of Dutch author Gerard (Kornelis van het) Reve, opened a photo exhibition about their Greonterp years in Tresoar, the Frisian Historical and Literary Center.

On Wednesday night November 12, 1969, Reve and Teigetje, in Amsterdam to celebrate Teigetje’s birthday, met the boy who would be nicknamed Woelrat.
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Popular Representations of Homosexuality in Contemporary Indonesia

On Wednesday April 21, Bram Hendrawan will give a Mosse lecture titled “The Spectacle of ‘Deviant Sexuality’: Popular Representations of Homosexuality in Post-Suharto Indonesia.” In the last decade, following the fall of President Suharto’s authoritarian New Order regime in 1998, Indonesia has been witnessing the emergence of new public discourses on homosexuality.
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