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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 220, December 2009 (13)

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Short Story - My Initiation As Bottom-Boy

The sex shop was filled with people armed with porn, paying for vibrators and dildos with credit cards. I hadn’t been out to the sex shop in weeks. But now I had fucking on the brain and wanted someone else’s dick in my hand for a change. I wanted to see what was up, who was new. There were a few new guys at the video booths in the back, but no one I wanted to fuck and no one worthy enough to hum on my dick.. They were mostly old timers, men whose faces I had laid eyes on I don’t know how many times.
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Kiehl’s Supports AIDS Organizations With Profit Hand Cream

For this coming winter we would like to highlight two of Kiehl’s amazing products. The first is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. This moisturizing cream was tested in harsh conditions. Mountaineers of the “Greenland First Ascent” expedition have tested the cream and found their skin perfectly hydrated all through the day, even when temperatures were extremely volatile.
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Porn DVD - The Lascivious Splurges Of Prisoners According To Alexander

“Prison Breakers” came out in spring already but it was only after I’d read on Alexander’s website that, indeed, there are a lot of jail inspired porn movies but, “the prison cells seem to have been done by Martha Stewart and it’s less than hot,” I thought it’d be interesting to check out how Alexander had tackled this. He is a master in finding the right locations.
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Pink Point - It Will Do

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

I can’t deny that from the moment I knew I’m homosexual, I was also aware of the fact that I’m a real Size Queen. When I was in Berlin just recently, I discovered that it’s also not just about length, it was easily three fists high, but even more about girth. The most exciting part of exploring for the ultimate size is the start. Jeans’ crusades, so to say.
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Calenders - Twelve Months Of Virility From New York City

“Trends in Ecology and Evolution” recently discussed scientific research which showed women choose different mates when they’re on the pill. Women who ovulate naturally, those who don’t take oral contraceptives, choose more masculine, dominant and competitive mates; more cocky in short, as a Dutch newspaper put it. These qualities are also passed on to the offspring.
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Letter from Brussels - Top Banker

Dear Northern Neighbors, You undoubtedly already know I’m a bit skeptic when it comes to gay marriages. For me the arrangements for registration were enough of a safeguard against hassles with break-ups, sales and deaths, et cetera. I’ve also made my claim public that most gay marriages in Belgium are passport marriages; seven out of every ten gay marriages in Belgium are between a European and a non-European. Who can top that?
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Suspect of assault on chatting gays caught

The police arrested a man in Amsterdam suspected to have robbed some other men after contacting them on a gay chat site. The suspect approached men on internet with the nickname Mark, Christiaan or Christiano. In one case he made a date with a guy in Amsterdam-Oost. He showed up with a mate and forced their way into the house.
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Gay Business claims damages from city

The Gay Business Amsterdam foundation (GBA), which organized the Gay Pride in Amsterdam for years, is claiming 140.000 euro in damages of the city council.

Treasurer Peter Kramer of the GBA confirmed the report in the Volkskrant. This came after a ruling of the Raad van State (High Judicial Council) that mayor Job Cohen was predisposed in his choice for licensing the events for Gay Pride in 2007.
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Paul Freeman’s Men Hunt In Australia’s Outback

In the past we’ve put the spotlight on to Australian photographer Paul Freeman’s “Bondi” series several times already. After four books of celebration of the unpolished gorgeous man, no standard models to be seen, in the cityscape of Sydney, he thought it was time for a change of scenery. He turned to the deserted heart of the continent. How he does it boggles me, but again there were mouth-watering men just waiting in groups to be photographed.
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Make-Up For Men

Men will have to get used to the idea that make-up is no longer the exclusive territory of women. Now that piercings, tattoos and body decoration have been adopted as acceptable for men, make-up will inevitably follow suit and gays will as usual be the early adapters...
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Aids News

Parliament ought to prevent the cuts on aids policies

The Ministry for Third World Aid is planning to cut aids budgets to accomplish half of their projected cuts. Dutch aids organizations think this is completely irresponsible and incomprehensible. Preceding the debate in parliament they’ve sent a public letter calling to halt this move. The cuts will mean over 100.000 people will not get the necessary medication in order to stay alive. Government is also not planning to invest in vaccine research.
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US lifts ban on travelers with hiv

After 22 years the US is finally lifting the ban it had installed for travelers suffering from hiv or aids. In 2010 a new law will come into effect the American president Barack Obama stated at the end of October.

For over twenty years visitors with an hiv infection or aids were treated as a threat to American society, Obama said. But if the US wants to be the world leader in the battle against hiv and aids, we have to act accordingly, the president added.
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Obama signs hate crime prevention law

After almost a decade of lobbying by the American gltb movement and fierce debates in Congress the American president Barack Obama has activated the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act with his signature. This legislature enables federal authorities to prosecute violent crimes inspired by hatred of the victim’s sexual orientation, gender identity or handicap, especially when local authorities fail to do so.
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