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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 216, August 2009 (11)

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Travel ban hiv-positive people to US lifted

The restrictions for hiv-positive people wanting to travel to the US will probably be lifted at the end of the year. The administration of Obama has taken further measures to abolish the ban. Last summer Congress already passed a law, which president Bush signed. It was too late however, to have it come into effect before the end of his term.
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Gay Prostitution In Germany, 1871-1933, Part 1

Alfred Schuler opened his eyes wide in 1903 when in the “Blätter für die Kunst” he came across a poem which had been written and dedicated to him by Stefan George. In it, the twentieth century was criticized by the spirit of Manlius, a boy who around 300 AD had applied himself to “the lowest profession you hardly dare to mention”: “Anointed with Persian perfumes I used to go about this gate by night, and give myself to the soldiers of the emperors!”
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Beautiful Gay Advertising

Unfortunately we don’t see much commercial advertising specifically aimed at the homosexual community on the Dutch market. The cosmetic industry has no qualms advertising in gay magazines in other countries, so why then do they ignore the Dutch market?
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Discover Manchester

Manchester doesn’t immediately conjure up images of a flourishing gay community and nightlife. We usually go to London or Barcelona for that. Why is it that so few people are aware of the fact that Manchester has a rich gay history, a gay-friendly local government and a very extensive gay scene? You will most definitely not be “the only gay in the village” in Manchester.
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Pink Point - Crusade

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

A wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon. I’m arranging the drinks in the fridge - a habit I developed when I worked in a supermarket for half a morning when I was sixteen years old. After I noticed what filling shelves did for my cuticles I was out of there with the speed of light. I have my back to the entrance when a friendly voice asks me whether I like to read.
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Letter from Brussels - Yasmine

Dear Northern Neighbors,

Flanders’ best-known gay icon has passed away. Singer and VRT anchor Yasmine, born Hilde Rens, has taken her own life on Thursday 28th of June. Some newspapers used the phrase: “Left this life.” Everybody prefers to avoid the harsh “killed herself,” or even worse “suicide.”
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Distress and Despair in the Streets of Iran

Open Letter By the Network of Homosexual University Students of Iran

To The International Community

The insurrection which started after the Iranian elections seems to have been roughly stamped down by the Islamic leaders, and has almost completely disappeared from the headlines as Gay News goes to press.
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Prejudices On The Playing Field

The city of Enschede commissioned communication consultant Danny de Vries to compose a “prejudice team”: a soccer team with every player representing a certain stereotype.

Danny de Vries: “Every first Friday of the month gay disco ’t Bölke in Enschede organizes a business café. It was where Alderman Ed Wallinga last month formulated the question: how can we address homosexuality in the soccer world? We need to break the current taboo.
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Belgian lesbian icon Yasmine passed away

The singer and television host Yasmine died at 37. She was going through an emotionally rough period because of her pending divorce from her wife Marianne Dupont. This is possibly also the reason for her suicide. Yasmine, whose real name was Hilde Rens, had a two-year old daughter Ella Louise with Marianne Dupont, who was publicly known as the winner of a television program.
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De Baarsjes launches Pink Manifest

Local council de Baarsjes (Amsterdam) has unanimously adopted a motion to develop a manifest on social acceptance. The PvdA (Social Democrats) had taken the initiative for the motion to improve social acceptance and fight homophobia.

COC Amsterdam chair Dennis Boutkan addressed the local council to underline the necessity of the initiative. “The position of gay citizens of Amsterdam is under pressure, so we have to act now to improve visibility and send out a strong signal.”
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Court in India scraps colonial sodomy laws

A judicial court in the Indian capital Delhi has ruled that homosexual acts between adults are no criminal acts. With this historic ruling the court overturned the one-and-a-half century old colonial sodomy legislation. The gay community in India says this is India’s Stonewall but the ruling will most probably be challenged.
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