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Monday 25 May
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Gay News issue 210, February 2009 (11)

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Reese Rideout’s ‘Controversial’ Election As Man Of The Year

Last month I concluded an article about the wedding between porn stud Brent Everett and Steve Peña with a cry from the heart of Alan from Florida on “With all the gay for pay straight college dudes out there I find it inspiring that there are real gays making gay porn and living happy gay lives. More power to them. Long may they run. Together.” This had hardly made it to print as a row started over the election of Reese Rideout as Man of the Year by male nudity magazine “Men.”
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Pink Point - Go For It

True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument.

I must admit that I hardly notice most visitors of Pink Point. I’m often surprised by how much I forget of a day. All aspects of my bike ride in the morning I’ve forgotten completely by the time I cycle home again. Your eyes and your mind filter all information and most of it is chucked out again. Still, there are few people you will not easily forget. I was chatting to a colleague when a guy stepped into the kiosk.
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Letter from Brussels - Election Fever

Dear Northern Neighbors,

I don’t know exactly what the situation in Holland is like, but here in Belgium a public personality should be rather careful if, for example, they want to criticize our fellow citizens of immigrant descent. Freedom of speech or no freedom of speech, the Center for Equal Opportunity and Racism Watchdog will not hesitate to file a complaint. Before you know it you’re in a correctional courtroom.
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Portfolio - Workmen Love Doing Each Other @Work

We’ve all had our fantasies about hunky window cleaners stepping into our bedroom to wash us instead of the stupid windows, or let us wash their butts if that’s more your taste. Or that when you go inspect the renovation of your house you find the workers filling each other’s holes instead of the walls’? We all know the cliché that workers whistle after every woman, but who’s to say if that’s not just a decoy to quickly go inside and get off together for the rest of the afternoon.
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Trouble and Sweat

Suppose you’re gay and you hold your lover’s hand while you’re cycling home. Somebody in a car yells out: “Fucking Poofs!” What would you do? Exactly, you’d write a book about gay people in professional sports! At least, that’s what Huub ter Haar from Nijmegen did. He portrayed ten, mostly former, top sportsmen and asked a few sports celebs to write a column. He bundled it all in 127 pages of trouble and sweat with the title “Gelijkspel” (Draw).
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Fashion - Diesel & Punto Blanco

Diesel Mowie

Diesel’s empire is constantly growing: after clothing, accessories and perfume, the label now also boasts motor helmets. Last October Diesel launched the “Mowie Helmet” at a trade fair in Cologne. This unisex helmet was produced by AGV and designed by the Diesel Creative Team; it’s available in XS to XL.
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Robert Stern’s Conversations With Philip Johnson

Many know him by his trademark round glasses with the heavy dark frame, or by the portrait Robert Mapplethorpe made of him in 1978: Philip Johnson (1906-2005), the most influential American architect of the twentieth century. His career as not only an architect but also curator, collector and much more, covers the long period from the from the early 1920s to his death in 2005.
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Minister Plasterk Withdraws Subsidy Onze Weg

Minister Plasterk has decided to withdraw the subsidy of €50.000 to the orthodox Christian gay organization Onze Weg (Our Path) after all. The minister states this in a short letter to parliament. The subsidy of another group RefoAnders is still subject of discussion. Earlier Plasterk had said there was no reason to come back upon subsidy decisions for these groups but evidently he changed his mind.
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And That Was 2008 ......

Gay News Columnist Chris Andreas takes a good hard look at homo-Amsterdam’s highs and lows in 2008.

2008 started off rather badly with the closing of the gay hotel and jack-off bar Stablemaster on the Warmoesstraat on January 1st. The council had been reluctant to renew their license in their misguided effort to sanitize the red light district and that coincided with the end of the rental contract for the hotel. Bye bye to Amsterdam’s only full time naked bar.
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VVD Amsterdam Presents Large-Scale Action Against Anti-Gay Violence

The VVD (liberals) in Amsterdam have recently presented their plan of action against anti-gay violence, with the title: ‘Hands off our gays’. They have ten measures to curb the increasing intolerance. The reason is of course that a recent research of the University of Amsterdam shows that homophobe violence is of a serious and structural nature, in spite of enormous efforts of police. The researchers say the main cause for anti-gay violence lie in how males relate to their own masculinity and sexuality.
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Minister Verhagen Calls Nuncio To Explain Pope’s Statements

Minister Maxime Verhagen of Foreign Affairs has asked the papal nuncio to The Netherlands Mgr. François Bacqué to explain the resistance of the Vatican against the plea for human rights and sexual orientation and gender identity. Verhagen has told the nuncio that Holland was not amused. He also expressed his worries about some statements the pope made in his Xmas address.
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