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Thursday 28 May
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Gay News issue 207, November 2008 (11)

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Short Story - Gang Banging A Blond Bottom

I’ve finished university three years ago now, but every time I walk near the student sports field I get a flashback to the hottest night of my life, when three of my soccer buddies and I fucked this one little guy. I’m 25 now and I like to bar-hop and get my share of tricks, but I doubt I’ll ever have an orgy like that again. You think about it: four hunky soccer players and one cute nerd who couldn’t get enough jock dick. The nerd loved it but so did we - the queer soccer players. To me, it was our reward for having the guts to join the student soccer team. We were two sets of friends and at the team recruitment day we recognized each other right away.
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Alexander pictures: Tommy Lima’s Sexcapades

In the previous issue of Gay News we quoted a New Zealand man, who discovered the Ward Baths in Rotorua and described them as a “Gay Heaven,” in which he experienced “four years of utter sexual pleasure with hundreds of randy men.” Most of us have experienced the horny pleasures a gay sauna sometimes offers, but for the those unfamiliar with this universe, and the ones who want to take the sultry steamy atmosphere home, we recommend the Alexander production “Bathhouse Exxxtasy.”
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Pink Point - Tolerance

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See

Although the integration of Muslim citizens is still a hot topic in both Dutch and Amsterdam politics, we notice at Pink Point that more and more Muslims are finding the way to our gay information shop. We are long beyond surprise when a girl with head scarf enters the shop to inquire about the girls’ nightlife. Gay Muslim boys we see more often lately as well.
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Pinkstergemeenten 'genezen' homo's en seropositieven

COC Nederland heeft met ontzetting kennis genomen van de stellige uitspraken van voorgangers van Pinkstergemeenten in Trouw dat homoseksualiteit en hiv door gebedsbijeenkomsten te 'genezen' zijn. 'Homoseksualiteit is geen ziekte en hiv moet je aan een echte dokter overlaten', zegt Wouter Neerings, voorzitter van COC Nederland. 'Yvette Lont beweert zelfs ronduit dat hiv-genezingen voorkomen tijdens healingconferenties die zij organiseert, Yvette Lont is voorganger van een pinkstergemeente, "Tijdens healingconferenties bidden we voor lichamelijk zieken" en " Hiv is door God te genezen, net als homoseksualiteit, " aldus Lont - ik daag haar uit met de bewijzen daarvoor te komen', zegt Wouter Neerings.
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Pentacostalists ‘cure’ gays and hiv-positive people

COC Holland was shocked to hear members of the Pentacostalists claim in newspaper Trouw that they were ‘curing’ homosexuality as well as hiv infections through prayer. ‘Homosexuality is not an ailment and you should treat hiv with a real doctor,” COC chairman Wouter Neerings says. Yvette Lont claims without hesitation that there have been cases of recovery and dissappearance of the vrirus at her ‘healing conferences’. “During our conferences we pray for our physical ailments to be healed, hiv can be cured by God, just like homosexuality,” says Lont. “I challenge her to prove that,” says Wouter Neerings.
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Observations Worth Listening To In Gerrit Komrij’s Mosse Lecture

On September 17 Gerrit Komrij delivered the Mosse Lecture in the main branch of Amsterdam’s Public Library. A week later the text was published in the leftish weekly “De Groene Amsterdammer.” Because not all readers of “Gay News” will have attended the lecture or read the text, it seems worthwhile to highlight some of Komrij’s observations. He might have unfolded a self-willed, and some people will even say archaic, point of view, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t say things which are worthy of consideration.
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VVD: ‘Address problems with Muslim countries’

Muslims are like all other religious groups free to believe or practice as they like as long they keep within the law. Discrimination of women or gays is illegal. Governments of Islamic countries that don’t honor human rights should be reprimanded. These are a few statements from a paper by the Liberal parliamentarian Henk Kamp. He thinks the Islam should be acknowledged as a main religion and that it’s important to know that the Islam is more than a religious faith; it’s also an identity and a loyalty that surpasses everything else
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Chinese hiv-virus increasingly resistent

According to Chen Zhiwei, director of the Aids Institute Hong Kong, there are more and more hiv infected Chinese find that their type of virus is already resistent to the available drugs. There are currently seven different types of cocktails available in China while there are over twenty existing ones worldwide. Researchers are trying to find out whether the resistent viruses are indeed spreading and how fast. If this is the case These patients can no longer get effective treatment in China.
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Letter from Brussels - Who’s Going To Be Joseph? A Faggot Of Course!

Dear Northern Neighbors,

With the first crisp Autumn evenings I always get this cozy nest feeling. The desire to climb into a comfortable chair with a warm blanket overrides the one to go out into the Brussels’ nightlife looking for some passing pleasures, and as my arm gets a bit tired holding up a book, I keep the remote control close at hand.
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Christian Democrats refrain from formal protest, for now

Christian Democrat parliamentarian Jan Jacob van Dijk sees no reason to undertake action against Minister of Education Plasterk. He does think the minister should keep his hands off the legislation granting schools freedom in their personnel policies. There should be no adaptation for homosexuals, in favor or otherwise. Van Dijk says this in response to a call in Nederlands Dagblad from Harry van der Molen and Geert Meijering, chair and vice-chair of the Christian democrat youth organization CDJA in protest to a letter of the minister in which he says religious schools are not allowed to refuse gay teachers.
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Masculine Beauty 2008-2009

Kiehl’s Since 1851

Men are often the best and most loyal customers when it comes to beauty products. Kiehl’s (the highly recommended New York pharmacist) has been developing specialized men’s skin products since 1950. Now it’s introducing Facial Fuel Anti Wrinkle Cream, a protective cream especially developed for men. Not greasy, moisturizing and revitalizing.
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