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Wednesday 03 Jun
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Gay News issue 201, May 2008 (12)

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New gay radio and tv stations in the air

Holland now has a new gay tv station: OUT-TV. The digital service is mainly aimed at gay men’s lifestyles. OUT-TV will present its own talk shows, as well as news programs, art-house cinema and new tv-series. On the 11th of April the station will go online in Holland. To watch the programs you have to pay 10 euros per month. What do you get for it? Films like Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Mambo Italiano and others we’ve seen years ago. The other programs on lifestyle and entertainment consist of spin-offs of well-known formats and productions of sister stations in America and Canada
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Letter from Brussels - Shame On You, Mr. Kouchner

Dear Northern Neighbors,

It took four months. Four months for the French Council of State, the constitutional court in France to declare a ministerial briefing of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner “illegal.” Only then did minister Kouchner withdraw this infamous briefing, which was an affront to gay human rights.
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Brief uit Brussel - Foei, foei, meneer Kouchner

Lieve Noorderburen, Vier maanden duurde het. Vier maanden vooraleer de Franse Raad van State, het grondwettelijke hof in Frankrijk, een ministeriële omzendbrief van de minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Bernard Kouchner als “onwettelijk” bestempelde. Pas toen schrapte minister Kouchner zijn beruchte omzendbrief die een regelrechte aanfluiting van de mensenrechten voor homo’s was.
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Skin Care - Masculine Beauty 2008

Nivea for Men Extreme Comfort

Nivea for Men worked for over two years on the development of Extreme Comfort to perfect the formula. A sophisticated combination of micro technology and natural ingredients makes for an ultra smooth shave without irritating the skin. The Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel prepares the skin and prevents abrasion. It softens the skin tissue so the razor slides super fast over the chin.
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Fifteen Years GALA

GALA (Gay and Lesbian Amsterdam), one of Amsterdam’s most unique gay groups, celebrates its fifteenth anniversary this year. This non-profit volunteer group has been working hard in front of and behind the scenes for many years and has played a crucial role in developing the local gay scene.

GALA was founded in the early 1990s to strengthen bonds between different gay and lesbian organizations and groups and thus to anchor the visibility and emancipation of gay life in Amsterdam.
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Pink Point - Politeness

To The Point - True stories from Pink Point, the gay and lesbian info kiosk at the Homomonument. See


In the morning my cat wakes me up. It’s running circles on my belly like mad. Meowing it lets me know it’s hungry and that it’s about time I got up and tend to that primal need. This lady is 21-years-old already and when it comes to getting her way she really takes after her name: Coco. The last few years she’s lost all politeness and sleeping in is not tolerated anymore.
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Homo-erotic Jesus causes artistic row

An exhibition of the 80-year old artist Alfred Hrdlicka of homoerotic paintings of Jesus and the apostles in Vienna has upset religious people in Austria and the rest of the world. The artist is exhibiting his work in the museum of the Roman Catholic Stephan’s Cathedral in Vienna, of all places, and with the approval of Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn.
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New Travel Guides and Photo books

37th edition the gay travellers bible offers rapid orientation to all the most important locations for the gay tourist addresses, tips and information for more than 160 countries worldwide. With over 22 000 addresses the Spartacus covers all the highlights for the gay man. Whether you are looking for an extraordinary hotel, the hottest clubs the most exciting gay beaches or the most populair bars, you will find all this and much more.
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Netherlands wants US to drop their travel ban because of hiv

The Netherlands are lobbying so that Europeans with hiv or aids can travel to the United States. In 1986 the Americans started to ban these people as a threat to public health. D66 (Democrats) wants to address this so Alexander Pechtold asked questions in parliament. The answer he got showed the support from Minister Verhagen (Foreign Affairs). The MP thinks the time is right to raise the issue as Europe and the United States are negotiating a new visa-policy.
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Openly and Safely Gay

In The Hague it should be possible to be openly and safely gay. Alderman Bert van Alphen (Welfare, Public Health and Emancipation) makes this statement in his paper Gewoon Anders (Just Different). He describes how the municipality will promote the emancipation of gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Many youngsters of immigrant descent have trouble coming out of the closet. They often get in serious trouble with their families.
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Mehdi Kazemi possibly safe in England after all

The Iranian Mehdi Kazemi, who was refused asylum before, can probably stay in Great Britain. Vice-minister Nebahat Albayrak said this during a debate in parliament on the 4th of April. Albayrak has spoken to her British colleague on the matter. A majority of D66 (democrats), GroenLinks (green), SP (socialists), PvdA (social democrats), CU (Christian union), VVD (liberal) as well as the PVV (ultra right) demanded the 19-year old Kazemi not be sent back to Iran. The Christian democrats were not home as usual.
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EU scraps gays from directive

The European Commission scraps discrimination on the basis on homosexuality, age or religion from the new anti-discrimination directive. The European Commission will present watered-down legislation in June to address resistance from a number of EU countries. The directive of today is aimed at discrimination in work situations; the new directive is mainly about goods and services but only mentions discrimination of handicapped people. The spokesperson of the Czech commissioner Vladimir Spidla (Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities) confirmed this today.
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